Anthony Edwards Biography and Basketball Career Life

Anthony Edwards Biography and Basketball Career Life

Sportblis presents you with the Biography and Basketball Career Life of Anthony Edwards. We can’t deny the fact that he is a talented and promising basketball player to watch out for in the upcoming seasons of the NBA.

Perhaps you didn’t know that the talented number pick of the 2020 NBA draft first fell in love with football.

However, destiny made him trod upon a different part, which resulted in the basketball prodigy we all enjoy watching today. Hence, we present you with a complete Life Story of the prolific NBA star.

Anthony Edwards Biography:

Anthony Devante Edwards was born on the 5th of August 2001 to his mother, Yvette, and his father, Roger Caruth in Atlanta, Georgia.

Unfortunately, the young lad lost his mom and grandmother to the cold hands of death at a very tender age. Notwithstanding, he didn’t lack the care he needed as his elder brother and sister raised him with so much love.

Anthony Edwards Early Life:

As a little boy, the NBA shooting guard enjoyed spending time with his father. Like LaMelo Ball, Edwards learnt a lot of tricks from his dad while growing up. You could say he and his father were best of friends.

When the young American player was only 3, his parents gave him the nickname Ant-man — because he was swift in running. As earlier mentioned, the upcoming basketball icon started up as a football player.

He was so good with the game that he could play at running back, quarterback, and cornerback positions.

By the time he clocked 10 years, Edwards became one of the Best Pop Warner running backs in the country while playing for Atlanta Vikings. To give you a glimpse of his football potentials, take a look at the video below!

Anthony Edwards Basketball Career Life:

Rising to the peak of success in football was not enough motivation to keep Edward in the game. Sadly, football did not give him the sense of pleasure he desires in sport.

Hence, Edwards backed out of football and completely focused on basketball, which he deemed to be more fascinating.

“I could have been a professional football player because I was really good at it. In fact, I was the No. 1 running back in my country at 9 or 10. However, I quit football when I saw my brother playing basketball. The truth is, I thought it looked more fun.”

Following his life-changing decision, Edwards trained extremely hard to improve his skills in basketball. Of course, he did not find it easy to adapt to his new schedule at first.

However, he became better as he continued to train with his elder brother at their grandmother’s house. By the time Anthony Edwards entered 9th grade, he started training under the guidance of Justin Holland.

High School Career:

Do you know?… Anthony Edwards began playing high school basketball at the age of 15. Right about that period, he recorded a tremendous success with the Atlanta Xpress 15, which made consider him a four-star recruit in 2016.

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Edwards originally belonged to the class of 2019 student at Therrell High School, where he first played high school basketball.

However, he soon transferred to Holy Spirit Preparatory School in January 2017, where he completed his high school. In an effort to improve his academic performance, Edwards reclassified to the 2020 class at his new school.

As time goes on, the young lad noticed an improvement in his GPA and test scores. Hence, he reclassified back to the 2019 class in November 2018.

Back in his high school days, Edward helped Holy Spirit Preparatory win several competitive matches and made a name for himself.

On one occasion in 2018, he was rated as the number one recruit in the Top247 rankings by He even made an exceptional performance when he played in the McDonald’s All-American Game, as well as Jordan Brand Classic in 2019.

College Career:

Following his mind-exploding success in High school, Edwards became rated as a five-star recruit, top-five player, and the top shooting guard in the 2019 class.

In fact, Rivals, 247Sports, and ESPN gave him a recruiting rank of 3rd, 1st, and 4th respectively.

The young lad who gave up football for basketball was now beginning to find meaning in his career path as he committed to playing college basketball for Georgia.

Having chosen the Bulldogs over offers from Florida State, Kansas, Kentucky, and North Carolina, Edwards became the best recruit in the modern recruiting era.

Interestingly, Anthony Edwards made his debut appearance for Georgia on the 5th of November 2019.

Believe it or not, the Georgia freshman made an astonishing performance in his first game, recording a 24 points, nine rebounds, and four steals in a 91–72 win over Western Carolina.

Edwards continues to wow college basketball spectators as he continued to put up a lot of excellent performance. As a freshman, he averaged 19.1 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 2.8 assists per game. Hence, he became the top scorer on his team and among freshmen nationally.

Professional Career:

Anthony Edwards Biography: NBA draft

Following the concluded 2020 NBA draft, Anthony Edwards emerged as the one number overall pick for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Magnificent, right?

Although most Timberwolves fans celebrate his arrival at the team, some basketball lovers think Edwards does not deserve to play the game.

They were pissed off when he said he wasn’t into basketball as compared to football and would leave the NBA if drafted by an NFL team.

Here is Edwards’ reply that got most NBA fans all reeled up after being asked how he became passionate about basketball after being a football player first:

“I’m still not really into it. Yea! I love basketball, It’s what I do. But Football feels better because you can do anything on the field. You can spike the ball or dance if you wish. Also, you may do all types of disrespectful stuff. However, you can’t do any of that in the NBA. You’ll get fined.”

Anthony Edwards Awards and Honours:

The unmatched performance of Edwards earned him the second-team All-SEC and SEC Freshman of the Year honours. Furthermore, Edwards collected SEC Freshman of the Week accolades four times during the season (the most in program history).

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You won’t believe it! But he was also one of the five finalists for the Jerry West Award, which recognizes the top collegiate shooting guard.

Anthony Edwards Family Life:

Regardless of what happens, the NBA star does not take his entire household for granted. He believes he’s got to be there for his family whenever they needed him.

The truth is, Anthony Edwards’ Biography will remain incomplete without worthy mentions of the people that have watched out for him at every stage of his life.

Anthony Edwards Mother:

At the time the Georgian born player got into eight grade, tragedy struck his home. Edwards and his siblings were thrown into devastation as they lost their mother, Yvette, and grandmother, Shirley to cancer within the space of eight months. The sad ordeal happened in 2015.

“Losing my mom was really tough for me because I used to sleep with her a lot. So, I’d not only lost my mother, but I’ve also lost my sleeping buddy.

And my grandma, she was like our backbone and she did everything for us. When we didn’t have money for the lights and other bills, she’ll come through. Yes! She worked at a post office, so she always had money.”

In honour of his mother and grandparents, who both died on the fifth of the month, Edwards wears a No. 5 jersey. Also, he ensures he keeps on smiling because that is what his grandmother had taught him.

The deaths of his two most cherished guardians have motivated him to work even harder on his basketball talent.

Anthony Edwards Father:

For starters, his dad’s name is Roger Caruth. Am sure everyone is curious to know what had happened to his caring father who played an integral role in his early life.

Sadly, Roger Caruth later had a falling-out with his family — hence, he left home and exited their life completely. According to Edward’s sister (Antoinette), their dad has not always been a part of their daily life since then.

No wonder Edwards was raised by his mother and grandmother, as well as his elder siblings. His father was not even a part of his life when he turned into a teenager.

Anthony Edwards Siblings:

Thanks to the efforts of Edwards’ elder brother and sister, he was able to achieve a lot in life. His brother, Antoine, and sister, Antoinette, both have legal custody over him after the death of his parents.

Do you know?… Anthony Edwards’ elder brother is his number one fan even before his rise to fame. Talking more about his family, Edwards has a nephew named Jace. Get to know Anthony Edwards’ family better by looking at their picture below.

Anthony Edwards Biography: siblings

Anthony Edwards Biography — Hobbies and interests:

Aside from his basketball endeavours, Edwards is also working hard to acquire a degree in marketing from the University of Georgia.

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Although the young lad has not yet revealed much information about his hobbies, there is no doubt that he still has a profound interest in watching football.

Anthony Edwards Net Worth:

Before joining the NBA, the revered basketball player had an estimated Net Worth of $70,000. However, Edwards stands to earn a four-year contract deal worth $44.2 million (£33.39 million) under terms of the existing collective bargaining agreement. Hence, his earnings will drastically increase as he makes his mark with the Timberwolves.

Also, with the level of his basketball potential, he’s got a promising future. We wouldn’t be surprised if Anthony Edwards’ Net Worth increase to the point that he gets featured in the list of our Top-20 Richest NBA players of all time in the future.

Anthony Edwards Facts:

Below are a few facts about Anthony Edwards Biography that would help you get a complete understanding of him.

1: Why he Played for Georgia:

He chose to play basketball in Georgia because of his love for his hometown. Here is what Edwards told the media when talking about the reasons behind his decision to play in Georgia;

“After God, family is the most important thing to me. If they’re not happy, I’m not happy. We’re real, real tight because we’ve gone through a lot of stuff. Nobody can break our bonds.”

2. Anthony Edwards House:

Everyone always needs a place where they could relax and rest their head whenever they are tired. Of course, Edwards is not an exception to this rule.

Prior to his professional contract with the Timberwolves, Edwards resides in a beautiful house in Atlanta, Georgia with his siblings. Behold the image of his humble abode.

Anthony Edwards Biography: House


3: Anthony Edwards Pet:

The NBA star has got a great interest in dogs. As a matter of fact, he has a pet that looks quite innocent but seems to be extremely dangerous. You wouldn’t dare go near him whenever he takes a walk with his dog, except you’ve got the balls of superman.

Anthony Edwards Biography: pet

4. Anthony Edwards Girlfriend:

Have you been on the hunt to find out who the gorgeous lady that makes his love-life complete is? Be rest assured that Anthony Edwards can not hide the facts behind the personality of his girlfriend for too long.

Besides, plunging into the limelight of fame in the NBA is one reason why the young player will come voicing out who the lucky lady is.


Thank you for reading our Anthony Edwards Biography and Career Life. Kindly contact us if you find anything that doesn’t seem right with this article. To give a summary but concise briefing of his memoir, take a look at the table below.

Biography InquiriesAnswers:
Full Name:Anthony Edwards
Nick Name:Ant-man
Date of Birth:5th August 2001
Place of Birth:Atlanta, Georgia
Father:Roger Caruth
Mother:Yvette Edwards
Siblings:Antoine (brother), and Antoinette (sister)
Profession:Basketball player
High school attended:Therrell High School and
Holy Spirit preparatory School
College:University of Georgia
Height:6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)