Brandon Ingram Parents (Donald and Joann Ingram), Siblings, & Girlfriends

Brandon Ingram Parents (Donald and Joann Ingram), Siblings, & Girlfriends

Sportblis presents amazing facts about Brandon Ingram’s Wife, Family, Parents (Donald and Joann Ingram), Siblings, Baby mama and much more.

Brandon Xavier Ingram is an American professional basketball Small forward who plays for the New Orleans Pelicans of the NBA (National Basketball Association). He was born on the 2nd of September, 1997, to his father, Donald Ingram, and mother, Joann Ingram, in Kinston, North Carolina, U.S.A.

The upcoming athlete was the only child born of the union between his parents. However, he has an older half-brother, Donovan, from his dad and an older half-sister, Brittany, from his mom.

Ingram had a wonderful childhood experience in sports. His brother and father were good at basketball. Hence, they had him undergo rigorous basketball training to prepare him both mentally and physically for the future.

The young lad enjoyed many playing time with Donovan and other older kids. Playing basketball from such tender age helped him to improve his potential while staying away from the streets of Kinston, which had high crime rates.

High School, College And Professional Career:

Brandon Ingram soon became a member of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), where he continued to groom his skills in the game. He attended Kinston High School and had an explosive high school career with the Kinston Vikings in North Carolina.

Do you know?… The young lad took his high school team to four straight state championships. He was indeed a phenomenal talent that went on the radar of many scouts. Thanks to his exceptional performance in 2015, Ingram was named North Carolina’s Mr Basketball.

After high school, the small forward committed to play college basketball for Duke University. He enjoyed a one-year spell with the Blue Devils before forgoing his final three years of college eligibility to declare for the 2016 NBA Draft.

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Interestingly, the Los Angeles Lakers selected Brandon Ingram as the second overall pick in the 2016 NBA draft. He played with the Lakers for three seasons before moving to play for the New Orleans Pelicans.

Of course, the NBA star continued to wow his fans while playing with the Pelicans. His phenomenal performance earned him the 2020 NBA’s Most Improved Player award.

The 7th of June 2022 was a dark day for the Pelican star, as he underwent surgery on his right pinky finger and was unfit to play for about 6 to 8 weeks. Thankfully, Ingram is now back on the court, and he is ready to show his fans more of his exceptional basketball prowess.

Brandon Ingram career life
Brandon Ingram.

Brandon Ingram Family & Ethnicity:

Ingram’s career expedition would have probably remained a passing fantasy without the help of his family members. Thanks to his father, brother, and other acquaintances, he got the privilege of learning many skills from childhood.

As a result, he grew into a respectable athlete with so much passion for the game. Ingram has done well to give back to the people who have supported his basketball endeavours.

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Judging by his complexion, we could easily guess that he’s got a mixed ethnicity. Interestingly, his ancestry is of Afro-American descent. Nonetheless, we are yet to uncover the part of Africa that is linked to his heritage.

Brandon Ingram family
Brandon Ingram’s family.

Brandon Ingram’s Father – Donald Ingram:

Having a father who understands the game was a great advantage to the NBA star. Ingram’s dad, Donald Ingram, loves basketball and has given him his full support right from time.

Donald also gained his earliest experience by playing pickup games on the streets. He was so much in love with the game that he worked tirelessly to make it to semi-pro leagues.

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During this period, Ingram’s father also studied hard to have something he could fall back on if basketball didn’t work out. Of course, his decision came in handy when he failed to make it to the NBA.

Thanks to his early career life, Donald Ingram became friends with the ex-NBA star and Kinston native Jerry Stackhouse. Eventually, Stackhouse became Ingram’s coach and mentored him when he reached 8th grade.

Do you know?… Brandon Ingram’s dad became a police officer and local gym manager after failing to make it to the professional leagues. He has left his old job and is working full-time at a welding plant that makes forklifts.

Brandon Ingram dad
Brandon Ingram’s father.

Brandon Ingram’s Dad Supports his Basketball Endeavors:

It appears that Donald Ingram was a high school and a college basketball referee. With his expertise, he groomed Brandon into an exceptional athlete from his earliest days.

Of course, the athlete and his father have a close relationship. Moreso, Donald has made it his duty to attend his son’s games as one of his biggest fans. In 2020, Brandon Ingram’s father gave away 982 pairs of Adidas shoes at Lenoir UNC Health Care, a hospital in their hometown (Kinston).

Brandon Ingram’s Mother – Joann Ingram:

The small forward’s mom is Joann Ingram. She has also been a huge motivator to her son’s basketball career. Ingram’s mother met his dad after her first relationship failed.

Back then, she was single-handedly raising his sister, Brittany Callender, and didn’t believe she would find love again. After meeting Donald, Joann had a change of heart and started a fresh relationship with him.

The couple tied the knot as husband and wife on the 23rd of March 1996. About a year later, they welcomed Brandon Ingram into the world. It is important to note that Donald was also in a relationship that didn’t work out before meeting Joann.

Ingram’s mother attended Kinston High before enrolling to study Business Administration at Lenoir Community College. According to her Facebook page, she works as a manager at Neil Medical. Also, Joann is a devoted Christian who doesn’t joke about matters of her faith.

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Brandon Ingram mom
Brandon Ingram with his Mother, Joann Ingram.

Brandon Ingram Brother – Donovan Ingram:

Donovan is the older half-brother of the small forward. He was born in 1990 to his dad, Donald Ingram, and mother, Kathy Edmondson. Apparently, Ingram started learning basketball under the tutelage of his older brother.

Although Donovan was raised in a different house from Ingram, he usually visits his kid brother on the weekends. It appears that the oldest of the Ingram family also had exceptional talent in basketball.

He was nicknamed Bo and went on to play college basketball for South Plains College from 2008 to 2010. Afterwards, he continued his collegiate expedition at UT Arlington from 2010 to 2012.

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Sadly, Donovan couldn’t succeed beyond his college basketball expedition. Hence, he vowed to help his brother achieve an even greater height of success in the NBA.

Brandon Ingram Brother - Donovan Ingram
Brandon Ingram and his brother, Donovan Ingram.

It’s a known fact that fame tends to separate families, but Ingram is different. He has neither forgotten the efforts put in place by his parents and siblings to help him achieve his dreams nor has he erased the memories of his humble beginning.

Brandon Ingram Sister – Brittany Callender:

As earlier stated, the NBA star has an older half-sister from his mother’s side. Her name is Brittany Callender, and she’s got a lovable personality. Brittany is jovial and enjoys spending some of her time on social media.

She goes by the name @Zillaaa on IG with over 2k followers. Ingram’s sister was also born in 1990 and celebrated her 32nd birthday in July 2022.

Brandon Ingram Sister - Brittany Callender
Brandon Ingram and his sister, Brittany Callender.

Brandon Ingram’s Relationship:

The iconic NBA star has been linked to three different ladies since his rise to stardom. In this section, we present interesting facts about Ingram’s love life, beginning with his high school sweetheart, Tiffany.

Brandon Ingram’s Ex-Girlfriend – Tiffany:

Ingram started his relationship with Tiffany in high school. She was his first love and stayed with him through thick and thin during his high school and college career days.

The athlete’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend went viral due to their height differences. While Brandon Ingram stands at 6 feet 8 inches tall, his then-girlfriend is just 4 feet 9 inches.

Brandon Ingram's Ex-Girlfriend - Tiffany
Brandon Ingram’s Ex-Girlfriend, Tiffany.

Despite their strong love for each other, the couple broke up just a few days before their college graduation. Nonetheless, they remained friends and still communicate often after their separation.

Brandon Ingram’s Ex-Girlfriend – Raelynn Inez:

After ending his relationship with Tiffani, Ingram began dating the American Stripper, Dancer, and Instagram Star Raelynn Inez Barajas. His new girlfriend was born on the 11th of October 1993 in California, USA.

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Brandon Ingram and the L.A. stripper, Inez, began dating in 2018, but their relationship only lasted a little while. During their short time together, the couple tried to keep their love life away from fans.

Brandon Ingram's ex-girlfriend - Raelynn Inez.
Brandon Ingram’s ex-girlfriend – Raelynn Inez.

Brandon Ingram’s Ex-Girlfriend – Amber Washington:

Ingram’s breakup with Inez didn’t discourage him from his pursuit in search of true love. Moreso, he didn’t date her long enough to be emotionally broken by their separation.

Hence, he delved into a relationship with Amber Washington very close to the time he and Raelynn Inez broke up. This raised the suspicions of fans who believed he was dating both women at the same time.

Perhaps Raelynn Inez found out about the entire drama and called a quit on their relationship. Amber and Brandon also didn’t last and soon went their separate ways. It appears that Amber was annoyed that her boyfriend was constantly being linked to his ex and a supposed new mistress.

Brandon Ingram's Ex-Girlfriend - Amber Washington
Brandon Ingram’s Ex-Girlfriend, Amber Washington.

Brandon Ingram Baby Mama – Aaleeyah Petty:

Shortly after his separation from Inez and Amber, the small forward began dating Aaleeyah Petty. Rumours have it that his relationship with Aaleeyah was only a fling.

However, their short-lived relationship resulted in the birth of his firstborn son, Brenton. Ingram’s baby mama, who was born on the 3rd of July 1994, is an American fashion model and fitness enthusiast.

Although their relationship didn’t last long, the partners still communicate very well for the sake of their son. Do you know?… Aaleeyah tried to keep the identity of her child’s father a secret.

Brandon Ingram, Baby Mama - Aaleeyah Petty
Brandon Ingram, Baby Mama – Aaleeyah Petty:

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However, she couldn’t conceal the truth for too long as we soon discovered that the little boy was Ingram’s son. During Brenton’s birthday in February 2022, Ingram didn’t want people to find out that he was at the party.

He told those present at the birthday celebration to avoid tagging him when uploading pictures and videos from the party on social media. Moreso, the athlete didn’t post any images of his time spent with his son at the party on Instagram.

Brandon Ingram Son – Brenton:

Ingram’s fling with Aaleeyah Petty resulted in the birth of his son, Brenton. The cute boy was born in February 2019, after his parents had already broken up.

Although Brandon Ingram doesn’t always upload pictures of his son on his social media platforms, we are certain that he maintains a decent relationship with the boy and takes care of his paternal responsibilities.

Brandon Ingram's Son.
Brandon Ingram’s Son.

The Athlete’s Religion:

Ingram was born into a Christian Family Background. Hence, he was raised in the same faith as his parents.

Quick Fact About Brandon Ingram:

Full Name:Brandon Xavier Ingram
Date of Birth:2nd of September, 1997
Place of Birth:Kinston, North Carolina, U.S.A
Father:Donald Ingram
Mother: Joann Ingram
Brother:Donovan Ingram
Sister:Brittany Callender
Baby Mama:Aaleeyah Petty
Raelynn Inez
Amber Washington
Position:Small Forward
Listed Height:6 ft 8 in (2.03 m)
Listed weight:190 lb (86 kg)