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Cale Makar facts

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Cale Douglas Makar is a Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman who plays for the Colorado Avalanche of the NHL. The Avalanche selected him in the first round, fourth overall, of the 2017 NHL Entry Draft.

Makar was born on the 30th day of October 1998 to his father, Gary Makar and mother, Laura MacGregor in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He was a promising young man whose potential on the ice became visible to his dad at a very tender age.

As the first son of two children, Makar was upright in his dealings and made efforts to live an exemplary life for his kid brother, Taylor. The siblings often stuck together and hard one a blissful childhood watching each other’s back.

Here is a throwback picture of Cale Makar and his younger brother in the early days. Of course, the boys were always happy to be in each other’s company.

The defenceman childhood with his brother

Cale Makar Family:

One classical fact about the average Canadian family is that they often thrive as a nuclear household and Makar’s menage is not left out of the equation. The defenceman never felt an iota of loneliness while growing up.

He went on trips with his parents and brother, played as many games as he wanted, and made friends in school. Makar’s family was always on the lookout for every milestone he achieved. They celebrated with him and encouraged him to do even more.

Who is Cale Makar’s Father – Gary Makar?

It took the support of his entire family members to make his dream on the ice rink come true. However, Makar’s dad, Gary Makar, was the first to discover that his son was meant to play hockey.

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Cale Makar's dad

When Cale was just two years old, his father got him complete hockey gear. It was Gary’s routine to dress up the young lad and take him to a park.

While fulfilling his paternal duties, Gary Makar didn’t allow his work to hinder him from spending time with his son. He observed Cale’s growth gradually and was quick to see the qualities of a great player in his son.

Hence, Cale Makar’s father disclosed his findings to his mom, who equally got the young lad his earliest coaches. Without a doubt, Gary can conveniently boast of successfully raising his boy into becoming a talented hockey player.

Who is Cale Makar’s Mother – Laura MacGregor?

Cale’s mom, Laura MacGregor, is not left out of the picture of his meteoric rise to fame. She didn’t fail to look after her kids from the day they were born.

Laura is like her husband, who believed that their sons can be successful in their aspirations. She never doubted Cale’s strength when he first started his earliest training in hockey.

Cale Makar parents
Cale Makar’s parents, grey Maker and Laura MacGregor.

Whenever he was finding one aspect of his training difficult to cope with, his mother would plead with his coaches to give him more time to adapt.

Her kind gesture often comes in handy as her adorable son get accustomed to such techniques, subsequently. Laura MacGregor is happy that her support yielded fruit with Cale Makar becoming a budding star in the NHL.

She often accompanies her husband (Gary Makar) to the arena to watch their boy perform his nice tricks.

Who is Cale Makar’s Brother?

Cale was raised alongside his younger sibling, Taylor Makar. He is three years older than his brother. Following in the footstep of Cale, Taylor also decided to hone his skills in ice hockey.

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He often looked up to his older brother while making certain decisions. Hence, Taylor played in the Crowchild MHA, where started his career expedition.

After his days in the MHA, the promising young Canadian joined the Brooks Bandits and played with them for three seasons. Interestingly, Cale Makar’s brother was drafted by the Colorado Avalanche in the seventh round of the 2021 NHL Draft.

Cale Makar's Brother

This implies that Taylor is headed to UMass to play college hockey just like his elder brother did years back. It is simply a coincidence that shows how well the upcoming icon is following in Cale’s footsteps.

Cale Makar Relationship – Single, Girlfriend or Wife?

With his ever-growing popularity, fans are constantly making inquiries about his love life. Of course, Makar hasn’t revealed any facts about his relationship on his Instagram page despite having over 100 thousand followers.

Who is Cale Makar’s Girlfriend?

His handsome looks have attracted many beautiful and influential ladies who would love to pose as his girlfriend. Cale Makar also has many secret admirers who wished he could take them as his wife.

However, he is completely focused on his blooming career endeavours. Perhaps in due time, he may consider settling down like Robin Lehner or getting a girlfriend like Connor McDavid. But at the time of compiling this Biography, Cale Makar is single.

Cale Makar Salary & Net Worth Revealed:

Salary 2022

How much does he earn?

In 2021, Cale Makar signed a 6-year contract extension worth $54 million with the Colorado Avalanche. This deal will guarantee him an annual average salary of $9 million.

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Our analysis of his contract shows that Maker will earn a base salary of $8 million while carrying a cap hit of $9 million in the 2021-22 season.

Net Worth

Thanks to his new contract, the Canadian defenceman has seen his earnings skyrocket beyond his wildest imaginations. As of 2022, we have valued Cale Makar’s Net Worth to be a whopping sum of $10 million.

Fun Facts About Cale Makar:

1. Childhood Dreams:

Do you know?… Cale Makar grew up with the aspiration of becoming an engineer. He was so immersed in his own thoughts about the fascinating power of creativity that he wanted to do science all day long.

Even though he was getting famous for playing hockey, his dream of becoming an engineer never diminished until he clocked 10. As long as his desires persisted, the young lad immersed himself in subjects like drawing, maths, science, etc.

In the end, he came to realise that he was born for hockey and gave all his efforts perfecting his skills on the ice without having to bother about other career paths any longer.

2. Cale Makar Nationality And Family Origin:

Although he is a citizen of Canada by birth, Cale Makar’s paternal ancestry is of Ukrainian descent. That could be where he gets his name from — you find it in Slavic countries.

Quick Facts About Cale Makar:

Full Name:Cale Douglas Makar
Nickname: Cale Salad
Date of Birth:30th of October 1998
Place of Birth:Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Father:Gary Makar
Mother:Laura MacGregor
Brother:Taylor Makar
Heritage:Ukrainian descent
Base Salary:$8 million (2022 Stats)
Cap Hit:$9 million (2022 Stats)
Net Worth:$10 million (as of 2022)
Height:5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
Weight:187 lb (85 kg)