Chelsea FC History And Club Facts

Chelsea FC History And Club Facts

Sportblis presents you with the history and intriguing facts of Chelsea FC. This article is a full coverage of Chelsea’s History, Trophies, and Achievements, Net Worth, Stadium History as well as the club’s Greatest Players and Coaches. Read on as we present you with fascinating information about Chelsea Football Club right from their inception to date.

History of Chelsea FC:

Chelsea Football Club was founded on the 10th day of March 1905 by Henry Augustus Gus Mears, a businessman. Early on, Gus Mears purchased the Stamford Bridge athletics stadium with an initial intension of renting it to an already existing club, Fulham FC. However, his intentions and plans became distorted as he could not seal the deal with Fulham FC. Hence, the idea of creating a new club became eminent as his colleague, Fred Parker consistently persuaded him to keep the Stadium rather than selling it.

Do you know?… After considering names like London FC, Stamford Bridge FC, and Kensington FC, the newly founded club was finally named the Metropolitan Borough of Chelsea. of course, the club would later go on to change its name to Chelsea FC in the nearest future. Notwithstanding, the club utilized its first five years to establish itself. Hence, Chelsea FC became the first club in Britain to gain an average number of 40,000 watching their games.

Joining the Football League, Chelsea worked extremely hard to record success in the Second Division. After displaying an outstanding performance in their second season, they won their promotion into the First Division. However, the club could not maintain a consistent performance thereby they kept on rallying between Division 1 and 2. Notwithstanding, Chelsea recorded a grand achievement by reaching the FA Cup final about 2 decades after their inception.

Chelsea FC First First League Title:

Do you know?… Chelsea won their first major honor, the League Championship in the year 1955. Shockingly, the club had recorded series of poor performance in previous seasons before they made such a huge success. Many football fans were stunned and overwhelmed by what seemed to be a miracle in football history. However, the club still returned to their average performance after enjoying such triumphant achievement.

Chelsea FC Trophies and Achievements:

As it is often said; Nothing good comes easy. The English Football Club remained dissatisfied with its performance in major competitions. Hence, they stepped up their game and worked really hard to bring in big-time players into the team. Over time, their collective efforts paid out and the club has won a lot of Trophies and League Titles since then. The table below gives the summary of Chelsea FC Trophies and League Titles.

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Trophies and League Titles:

UEFA Champions League: 1
UEFA Europa League: 2
UEFA Super Cup: 1
Premier League Titles: 6
FA Cup: 8
League Cup: 5
Charity Shield/Community Shield: 4
UEFA Cup Winners Cup: 2

Chelsea FC Net worth:

The consistent improvement and popularity gained by the English football club has indeed sparked the light of their wealth. Thus, Chelsea FC has been estimated to be worth a whopping sum of €2.576 Billion at the time of writing this history. More so, the club generated an annual revenue of €597 Million in the year 2019. Hence, its Net Worth has sealed its spot as the sixth Richest Football Clubs in 2019.

The Blues wouldn’t have been able to amass such enormous wealth if not for their commercial tie-ups and other endorsement deals. As a matter of fact, Chelsea has made tons of financial proceedings from the sales of their tickets, broadcasting rights, jersey sponsors, and sales of prominent players. Even though nobody is certain of what the future holds, the club still continues to strive in becoming the best football club on the planet.

Chelsea FC stadium history: Stamford Bridge:

Do you know?… The home ground of Chelsea has been in existence even before the creation of the football club. The truth is, the stadium has always been the home ground to Fulham FC before the inevitable separation that took place between the club’s managers and director.

Chelsea FC’s stadium is named Stamford Bridge. The stadium is not actually located at Chelsea. Rather, it stands adjacent to the borough of Chelsea in Fulham, West London. In the 2019/20 Premier League season, Stamford Bridge was ranked as the ninth-largest venue in the with a spectator capacity of 41,837. However, the club is making necessary arrangements to further renovate the Stadium.

Chelsea FC's Stadium, Stamford Bridge
Take a good look at Chelsea’s home ground, Stamford Bridge. ?: Talkchelsea.

Worthy of note, Chelsea FC is one of three Premier League Clubs that have played their matches in the same stadium throughout their entire history. The other two clubs are Liverpool FC and Sheffield United.

Chelsea FC Greatest players of All Time:

Every football club will often boast of the performance of a few exceptional players in their club. Similarly, Chelsea FC has also produced super talented players over the years. Below is the list of five Chelsea players that has made quite an unbelievable performance and contribution to the club.

1. Frank Lampard (2001-2014):

Breaking the record of Chelsea’s top scorer of all time with a total goal of 211, Frank Lampard is quite the talent every club is looking for. As an established midfielder, Lampard has worked so hard to help the Blues record several successful seasons.

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Major Achievements with Chelsea: Premier League (3), FA Cup (4), League Cup (2), Champions League, and Europa League.

Chelsea's all time top scorer, Frank Lampard
Chelsea’s all time top scorer, Frank Lampard. ?: Gumtree.

2. Didier Drogba (2004-2012 & 2014-2015):

The prolific goalscorer has cemented his spot in the list of the greatest players in Chelsea’s history. Not only was he a goal scorer, his timing for scoring was also perfect. Remember his dying minute goal against Bayern Munich in 2012? The goal became Chelsea’s first goal ever scored in a championships League final, and saw them into winning the League Title for the First time in the club’s history.

Drogba would forever be remembered for the outstanding goals that have helped Chelsea win numerous trophies. Without controversy, Drogba became the first man to score in four different FA Cup finals in the competition’s history.

Major Achievements with Chelsea: Premier League (4), FA Cup (4), League Cup (3), and Champions League

Chelsea FC prolific goal scorer, Didier Drogba
Chelsea FC prolific goal scorer, Didier Drogba. ?: Youtube.

3. John Terry (1998-2017):

One of the most successful captains of Chelsea FC is John Terry. During his 700 appearances for the Blues, Terry’s formidable leadership attribute helped him organized his teammates into winning about 14 major trophies. Of course, Terry also has his own downside when it comes to communication. However, his leadership spirit and contributions to the club will forever be remembered in the pages of History.

Major Achievements with Chelsea: Premier League (5), FA Cup (5) League Cup (2), Champions League, and Europa League.

Chelsea's historic captain, John Terry
Meet Chelsea’s most revered Captain in the club’s History, John Terry. ?: Skysports.

4. Gianfranco Zola (1996-2003):

Although he banged only 80 goals during his career in Chelsea, Zola has left an unforgettable impact in the mind of many Chelsea fans. Making a total of 312 appearances for Chelsea FC, Zola showcased a lot of astonishing and impressive skills that left football lovers dumbfounded. Up to date, his back hill goal against Norwich City in 2002 remains sensational and imprinted in the mind of his fans.

Major Achievements with Chelsea: FA Cup (2), League Cup, European Cup Winners’ Cup, and Super Cup.

Chelsea's unforgettable player, Gianfranco Zola
Another unfrogettable player in the History of Chelsea, Gianfranco Zola. ?: Youtube.

5. Petr Cech:

Cech’s gut to never give up is quite commendable. After sustaining a terrible injury, he still got back on his feet and put on several mind exploding performances in football. Petr Cech is the greatest goalkeeper Chelsea FC has ever had and has recorded countless numbers of clean sheets in major competitions.

Major Achievements with Chelsea: Premier League (4), FA Cup (4), League Cup (3), Champions League, and Europa League.

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Chelsea best goalkeeper in History
Petr Cech is the best goalkeeper in the History of Chelsea. ?: Pinterest.

Chelsea FC Greatest Coaches:

It would be unfair if after recognizing the achievements of a few great players we fail to talk about the greatest brain behind the gameplay. Listed below are the greatest coaches that have ever managed Chelsea FC.

1. José Mourinho:

Mourinho is not just nicknamed the Chosen One for bluffing. He has indeed made a remarkable accomplishment with Chelsea during his coaching days with the Blues. Hence, Mourinho is considered as the greatest manager of Chelsea FC in the club’s history.

Major Achievements with Chelsea: Premier League (3), FA Cup, League Cup (3), and FA Community Shield.

The greatest coach in Chelsea's history, José Mourinho
Meet José Mourinho, the greatest coach in Chelsea’s history. ?: Baike.

2. Carlo Ancelotti:

Another manager that has impacted a great change in Chelsea is Ancelotti. As the coach of Chelsea FC, he recorded a percentage win of 61.2% by winning 67 of 109 matches played by the club under his management.

Major Achievements with Chelsea: Premier League, FA Cup, and Community Shield.

Carlo Ancelotti is ranked as the second best manager of Chelsea FC
See how happy is looks with the Trophy. Carlo Ancelotti is ranked as the second best manager of Chelsea FC. ?: Mirror.

Chelsea FC Facts:

In order to wrap up our Chelsea FC History and Club Facts, here are some other important information that would help you get a full understanding about the English Football club.

Fact #1: Chelsea Rival Teams:

Rising up to the heights of fame, Chelsea FC has made a lot of formidable rivals. Their rivalries with big clubs such as Manchester United, Arsenal FC and Tottenham Hotspur FC is quite impressive. An analysis of Chelsea’s rivals showed that Chelsea fans considered Tottenham Hotspur as their greater rival above other clubs. Do you know?… The rivalry between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur is known as the North West London derby.

Fact #2: Numbered Jersey:

Chelsea became the first club alongside Arsenal to play with numbered jersey. The English club first made this advancement when the played against Swansea City in the month of August, 1928.

Fact #3: Player-Managers:

Do you know?… Chelsea FC are the only football club in soccer’s history to appoint three consecutive player-managers. The names of the appointed players are; Glenn Hoddle, Ruud Gullit and Gianluca Vialli.

Chelsea FC Wiki:

Below is a table that gives you comprehensive information about Chelsea Football Club in a concise way. The knowledge-base summarises the entire history of Chelsea.

History Inquiries Wiki Answers
Club Name:Chelsea Football Club
Nick Name:The Blues and The Pensioners
Founded:10th of March 1905
Founder:Henry Augustus Gus Mears
League:English League
Stadium:Stamford Bridge
Net Worth:€2.576 Billion
Owner:Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich
Most Capped Player: Ron Harris
Longest Serving Coach:David Calderhead
All Time Highest Goal Scorer:Frank Lampard
Rivals:Manchester United, Arsenal FC and Tottenham Hotspur FC


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