Chris Jones (Football) Father, Mother, Sisters And Wife

Chris Jones (Football) Father, Mother, Sisters And Wife

Sportblis presents amazing facts about Chris Jones’ Father (Chris Jones Sr.), Mother (Mary Woodhouse), Sisters (Camry and Candace Jones), Wife (Sheawna Weathersby), and much more.

Christopher Deshun Jones is an American football defensive tackle who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL. He was born on the  3rd day of July 1994 to his parents, Chris Jones Sr. and Mary Woodhouse, in Houston, Mississippi, U.S.

The talented athlete was raised in a close-knitted family of five. As the oldest child of his household, Chris ensured he looked after his two younger sisters whenever his mom and dad were away.

Interestingly, his love for football sprang out when he was still a little boy. Despite his love for the game, Chris didn’t get the privilege to nurture his talent until he began playing football in high school.

The defensive tackle played high school football for the Hilltoppers during his days at Houston High School in Houston. He subsequently committed to play college football at Mississippi State University in 2013.

Chris Jones’ Career Breakthrough

While in college, the NFL star poured all his might and commitment into sports and contributed immensely to the success of the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

As destiny would have it, Chris Jones’ exceptional athletic prowess became well-known among pundits and fans of college football.

Moreover, the young lad undoubtedly became one of the country’s top defensive tackles. His outstanding performance on the pitch earned him several accolades and awards.

The athlete's career breakthrough

In 2016, Jones was selected in the second round of the NFL Draft by the Kansas City Chiefs. He made an immediate impact in his rookie season, recording 28 tackles and 4 sacks.

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Over the next few seasons, Jones continued to develop into one of the top defensive tackles in the league, consistently delivering dominant performances and helping the Chiefs advance to several playoff appearances.

In 2019, Jones had one of the best seasons of his career, recording 9 sacks and 15 tackles for loss, which earned him a spot on the All-Pro team. He was also a key player in the Chiefs’ Super Bowl LIV victory over the San Francisco 49ers.

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Jones has continued to be one of the most dominant players in the NFL, earning multiple Pro Bowl selections. He is widely regarded as one of the top interior defensive linemen in the league.

Chris Jones Family:

The defensive tackle has got no reason to worry about loneliness. He’s been blessed with a wonderful family that has done nothing but support his career from the very beginning.

Interestingly, Chris Jones’ parents and sisters also make an effort to watch his games and cheer on him from the sidelines. In this section, we shall give a detailed breakdown of the athlete’s family, starting with his dad.

Chris Jones Father – Chris Jones Sr.:

The NFL star has grown so well to make his dad proud. Like every other son, Jones often wanted to surpass the achievements of his father – which, of course, he accomplished.

He spent part of his childhood in the company of his old man and unconsciously picked up a few behavioural characteristics from his dad (Chris Jones Sr.).

Over the course of his career, Jones has displayed a youthful exuberance that he was believed to have inherited from his father.

Do you know?… Jones Sr. spent much of his life building furniture. Sadly, his blue-collar job has taken a toll on him physically these days. Despite being a respectable and caring father, Jones Sr. missed a large chunk of his son’s childhood.

Apparently, he was arrested and jailed for a DUI (Driving Under the Influence). All this happened when Chris Jones was still in fourth grade.

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Hence, the young lad and his two younger sisters had to live without their dad and rely solely on their mother, Mary. Indeed, their mom handled family matters well until the return of her husband.

Jones Sr. was released from prison when his son was in high school. Of course, he missed a big chunk of his athletic son’s childhood. However, the two of them still maintain a strong father-son relationship to date.

Chris Jones parents
Chris Jones with his dad and mom.

Chris Jones Mother – Mary Woodhouse:

The defensive tackle was fortunate to have a mom with a winning mentality. Jones’s mother, Mary Woodhouse, is the kind of person that isn’t quickly intimidated by her problems.

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When things went south after her husband’s arrest, Mary ensured that the dreams of her children remained unaffected by the entire incident.

She continued to send her kids to school and encouraged them to stay focused on their goals. Thanks to her unwavering support, Mary was successful in raising her son and daughters into reliable people.

Things weren’t exactly easy for Jones’ mom after his father’s arrest. She and her kids lived in different places until her husband returned from prison. Indeed, she is a definition of a strong woman.

Chris Jones Sisters:

Just a few years after his birth, Jones joyfully welcomed the birth of his two younger sisters. They were so adorable that he couldn’t stay away from looking after them.

After all, he was their big bro and had to protect them as the first son of the family. Chris Jones’ sisters are Camry Jones and Candace Jones. They’ve also played an integral part in helping him excel in his career.

Each time he feels discouraged, Jones doesn’t lack a listening ear to talk to. On game days, he feels reassured that his younger siblings and parents are supporting him from the sidelines.

Chris Jones’ Grandma:

Jones’ grandma will never be forgotten in the pages of his biography. She was a pillar of his family and the solace everyone relied upon.

Back in the day, the athlete’s family lived at his grandma’s house, which was located off Church Street – an area of Houston. The house was a 3-bedroom flat measuring about 1,000 square feet.

Nonetheless, it housed as many as 11 people when Chris Jones was still in high school. Over the years, nothing really changed in the house besides some new couches and an updated television.

Jones’ dad had just returned from prison and needed time to re-organise himself. Thankfully, the young lad’s grandma was receptive to her son and grandchildren.

Hence, Jones’ father, mother, sisters, auntie, uncles as well as grandfather all had to live together in the three-bedroom flat.

For a whole year, the defensive tackle slept on a small couch in the living room with his feet hanging off the armrest. Moreso, he developed the habit of attending church with his grandma every Sunday – a practice that has stayed with him to date.

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Chris Jones Wife – Sheawna Weathersby:

Chris Jones Wife - Sheawna Weathersby
Chris Jones and his wife, Sheawna Weathersby.

Aside from maintaining a balanced career life, Chris Jones has also struck a balance in his relationship life. Like Ryan Tannehill and Cooper Rush, the defensive tackle has an exquisite wife named Sheawna Weathersby.

Although it was not known how the couple met, they actually dated for a while before tying the knot as husband and wife on the 1st of January 2014.

Of course, their marriage has seen many turbulent times. However, the love birds remained steadfast to their wedding vows and lived together in love and harmony.

Who is Sheawna Weathersby, Chris Jones’ Wife?

Who is Sheawna Weathersby, Chris Jones' Wife
Chris Jones’ Wife, Sheawna Weathersby.

Being married to the NFL star has brought many eyeballs to Sheawna Weathersby’s private life. Nonetheless, she was a famous personality even before marrying Jones.

The date of birth and birthplace of Sheawna remains unknown despite her husband’s popularity. But her complexion gives a clear proof of her ethnicity.

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On this note, Sheawna Weathersby is of African-American heritage. She’s got curly black hair and brown eyes, which complements her beauty perfectly.

What’s more?… Chris Jones’ wife is a licensed Esthetician and Instagram model with over 18k followers on her Instagram account. She has been an understanding and supportive wife in the athlete’s life.

Chris Jones Children:

The marriage of Jones and his wife resulted in the birth of three beautiful children. The names of their kids are Chris Jones II, Duece, and Carson Dakota Jones.

Apparently, Carson Dakota Jones was born on the 24th of October, 2022. Jones’ wife shared the good news via her Instagram post with the caption, “Carson Dakota Jones 9.28.22.”

Chris Jones Children

Quick Facts About Chris Jones:

Full Name:Christopher Deshun Jones
Date of Birth:3rd day of July 1994
Place of Birth:Houston, Mississippi, U.S.
Father:Chris Jones Sr.
Mother:Mary Woodhouse
Sisters:Camry and Candace Jones
Wife:Sheawna Weathersby
Children:Three (Jones II, Duece, and Carson Dakota Jones)
Position:Defensive Tackle
Height:6 ft 6 in (1.98 m)
Weight:298 lb (135 kg)