CJ Stroud Parents (Coleridge & Kimberly Stroud) Siblings And Girlfriend

CJ Stroud Parents (Coleridge & Kimberly Stroud) Siblings And Girlfriend

Sportblis presents amazing facts about CJ Stroud’s Parents (Coleridge & Kimberly Stroud), Siblings, Girlfriend, and much more.

Coleridge Bernard Stroud IV “C. J.” is an American football quarterback who plays for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

He was born as the youngest of four children to his father, Coleridge Stroud III, and mother, Kimberly Stroud, on the 3rd of October 2001, in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Stroud was raised at his birthplace alongside his three siblings. He attended the prestigious Rancho Cucamonga High School, where he began his football journey.

He was barely 18 years old when he amassed numerous accolades and attracted the attention of top college and professional teams. In 2019, Stroud was named the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin offensive player of the year.

Of course, he earned the award after passing for 3,878 yards and recording 47 touchdowns. Shortly afterward, Stroud became the MVP of the Elite 11 – an American competition for quarterbacks in high school in the US. 

College Career:

Because of his exceptional performance, Stroud was selected to play in the 2020 All-American Bowl. Stroud’s success on the field has not gone unnoticed.

Hence, he has received numerous offers from top college programs. After discussing with his mom and other family members, Stroud finally committed to play college football at the Ohio State University.

The Quarterback college career

Despite the numerous accolades he has won, the quarterback remains humble and grounded. As he works hard for his college team, he looks forward to playing in the NFL as well as becoming a role model for young athletes.

Given his talent and dedication, there is no doubt that he has the potential to achieve great things in the world of football.

CJ Stroud Family & Ethnicity:

Stroud’s morals are built upon his knowledge of the church because he was raised in a Christian home. As the last child of his family, the quarterback received so much love from his parents and siblings. 

Apparently, he credits his success to the support of his family, coaches, and teammates. More importantly, his family background has been one of the biggest foundations that geared him toward sports.

Players with mixed ethnicities bring a unique perspective and diversity to the world of sports, and CJ Stroud is not left out of the picture.

Do you know?… Jim Thorpe, per­haps the best Amer­ican ath­lete of the first half of the 20th cen­tury, is a dis­tant ancestor from Stroud’s maternal side of the fam­ily.

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Despite the unique challenges and struggles he is bound to face because of his ethnicity, the quarterback can not hide his ancestry. Apparently, his heritage is of African-American descent.

Having a mixed ethnicity gives Stroud the opportunity to represent and connect with multiple cultural communities. However, he is yet to take his chances and explore Africa.

CJ Stroud Mother – Kimberly Stroud:

Behind every successful athlete is a supportive and loving parent; for CJ Stroud, that parent is his mother, Kimberly Stroud.

CJ’s mother has played an integral role in his development as a football player. She has always encouraged him to pursue his passion for the sport and has supported him every step of the way.

Whether it was driving him to practices or attending his games, she has always been there to cheer him on. But CJ’s mother was more than just a supportive parent.

CJ Stroud Mother - Kimberly Stroud
CJ Stroud and his mother, Kimberly Stroud.

She is also an accomplished woman in her own right. She has worked hard to provide for her family and has always put the needs of her children first. 

After she and her ex-husband separated, Kim had to support her family by herself. Despite the demands of being a single mother, she always remained positive and focused on her goals.

What’s more?… Stroud’s mom worked as a property manager to make ends meet. She was quite strategic in her expenses and got a smaller house to live in with her children.

CJ Stroud Father – Coleridge Stroud III:

Coleridge Stroud III is the biological dad of the quarterback. He was a pastor, a successful executive, a coach, and a caring father to his children.

The former football coach dedicated his career to helping young athletes reach their full potential. He has served as a coach at the high school and collegiate levels and has a reputation for being a tough but fair leader.

Despite his busy schedule, Stroud’s dad has always made time for his family. From an early age, the quarterback followed in his father’s footsteps, showing a natural talent for football.

Do you know?… Stroud was only 5 years old when his father (Coleridge Bernard Stroud), put a ball in his hands. This made him the first person to introduce the budding athlete to football. 

Being the father of four children, Coleridge Stroud was vigilant of his kids. He quickly recognized the talent of his youngest son and worked tirelessly to help develop his skills.

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As a result, both Stroud and his dad often spent hours on the field practicing. Thanks to his guidance, Coleridge instilled in CJ a strong work ethic and commitment to excellence at a young age.

The Tragic Tale of CJ Stroud’s Dad:

During his early days, Stroud’s dad was entangled in the world of drug dealers. Of course, his illegal activity had in stock for him serious consequences that he had never envisaged.

In the quest to make money, Coleridge Stroud was exposed to violence and other dangerous situations while dealing drugs. He wasn’t entirely successful in his dealings and was eventually caught by the police.

Stroud’s father served his term in prison and turned a new leaf. He gave up his illegal activities and soon ventured into football as a coach. 

While he diligently fulfilled his duty as a football coach, Coleridge also ventured into ministry and became a pastor. As a result, his wife, Kimberly Stroud, served as his church’s first lady.

Sometimes, old habits die hard, and if you ain’t careful, the person you used to be might overtake the person you’re trying to become. This was the case for CJ Stroud’s father, who ventured into drugs once again.

C.J. Stroud’s Father Goes Back To Prison:

The moment Coleridge Stroud ventured back into the drug world, his marriage came crumbling down. He and his wife, Kimberly, soon went through a divorce lawsuit, which saw them go their separate ways.

In 2016, Stroud’s father was caught and convicted on charges of carjacking and kidnapping. He’s still being held in California’s Folsom State Prison, where he isn’t eligible for parole until 2040.

Despite this unfortunate incident, which left Kimberly taking care of her four children, she and the rest of the family still see Coleridge as a good man. According to Stroud’s mom;

Coleridge Stroud is a very good man. But he made his choices that unfortunately took away his freedom.

CJ Stroud Brothers – Isaiah And Asmar Stroud:

The talented quarterback has two older brothers, Isaiah And Asmar Stroud. From the time he could walk, Stroud took pleasure in competing with his older siblings.

Back then, basketball was his first love and he utilized every little opportunity he has to try out his skills against his brothers. Before matching up to challenge Isaiah or Amar, CJ Stroud will first practice alone.

He often lined up two Little Tyke basketball hoops at the ends of a hall­way. Then, He’d dribble to one hoop, shoot, and do the same at the other basket. Despite his training and skills, he couldn’t win against his brothers.

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CJ Stroud Brother and mother.
Isaiah, CJ and Kimberley (their mom).

There were days when the young lad would run to his mom to report how his brothers were dunking on him. Certainly, those acts of training in his childhood contributed immensely to his growth in sports. 

For the records, CJ Stroud is 8 years younger than Isaiah, and 7 years younger than Asmar. The brothers have always supported themselves in all their endeavors.

CJ Stroud Sister – Cieara Stroud:

Aside from his two older brothers, the quarterback has an older sister who has also cared for him with love. Her name is Cieara Stroud, and she is 3 years older than him.

Interestingly, Stroud and his sister share good memories since childhood. They often joked around a lot and looked out for each other.

Ciera even disclosed that she was a bit of a tough sister who made sure her little brother could fend for himself. Of course, CJ stroud knows how supportive his older siblings have been.

CJ Stroud Childhood
A throwback picture showing the childhood days of Stroud and his siblings (from left: Cieara, Asmar, and Isiah).

It’s all thanks to their sacrifices and love that he has excelled in his athletic endeavors. Indeed, Stroud will continue to cherish all the memories he’s had with his brothers and sister.

CJ Stroud Girlfriend:

Is the 21-year-old star really in love, single, or married? This question is one that crosses the mind of most of his fans each day.

More importantly, a player of his caliber tends to attract many young ladies who fall in love with him unconditionally. Despite his charming look and celebrity status, Stroud has maintained a low-key lifestyle.

Even on his Instagram account, with over 183k followers (at the time of compiling this biography), the quarterback has not posted any picture that depicts his girlfriend or lover.

On this note, we have come to the conclusion that CJ Stroud is single. He is currently focused on his career and has no intention of starting any form of relationship at the moment.

CJ Stroud is single

Quick Facts About CJ Stroud:

Full Name:Coleridge Bernard Stroud IV "C. J."
Nickname:Mr. Filet
Date of Birth:3rd of October 2001
Place of Birth:Rancho Cucamonga, California
Father:Coleridge Stroud III
Mother:Kimberly Stroud
Brothers:Isaiah And Asmar Stroud
Sister:Cieara Stroud
High School:Rancho Cucamonga High School
College:Ohio State University
Height:6 ft 3 in (1.91 m
Weight:215 lb (98 kg)