Who Is Kaylee Gambadoro, Clint Frazier’s Girlfriend, Family & Facts

Yankees resident bad boy, Clint Frazier is getting tamed down? Yes, it seems to be true. News has been surfacing recently that Clint may have found the love of his life. Let’s jump in to find out a bit more about Kaylee Gambadoro below.

Who is Clint Frazier’s Girlfriend?

1. Clint first posted a photo of he and his girlfriend to Instagram on July 17, 2020 with the caption, “scoop,” which is his nickname for her.

2. Clint himself confessed that his girlfriend Kaylee has helped him from bad boy to one of New York’s best behaved. “went from scranton’s bad boy to now new york’s best behaved because of this one. i love youuuuuu. happy birthday scoop!”

3. Kaylee recently became a pediatric medical professional, which garnered praise from Clint. “i’m so proud of you babe. all the lil kiddos in the world are in the best hands,” he said.

4. Kaylee’s father John is a Sports Radio Host on 98.7 FM Arizona Sports.

5. Kaylee professed her love to her MLB pro boyfriend on Twitter a few days after Christmas. “Being in love with your best friend is the greatest 10/10 recommend.”

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