Who is Lauren Kyle, Connor McDavid Girlfriend, Family, Parents & Siblings

Connor McDavid biography

Sportblis presents you with some amazing facts about Connor McDavid. Our article covers Facts about his Girlfriend (Lauren Kyle), Family (Parents & Siblings), and much more.

Connor McDavid is a Canadian professional ice hockey centre who captains the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League (NHL). He was born on the 13th day of January 1997.

Because of his consistent and wonderful style of play, many fans are already wondering whether he is in a relationship. If their speculations are true, who then is Connor McDavid Girlfriend?

Apparently, McDavid is not left behind when it comes to the area of love. He is as good at romance as he is on the ice rink. Hence, the hockey centre has built a wonderful relationship with Lauren Kyle, his beautiful girlfriend.

Connor McDavid Girlfriend

Do you know?… Connor McDavid has been in a relationship with Lauren Kyle since 2016.  The love birds reportedly met after showing up at the wrong party for one of their friend’s birthday.

Interestingly, they got to know each other and began dating afterwards. It took only a few months before the couple disclosed their relationship to the public via Instagram.

McDavid and his girlfriend live in his 3-story exotic house, which has a sports court where he works on his hockey skills, a bar, a two-person sauna, a home gym, and many more exciting features. Indeed, the lovebirds are having a great time together.

Who is Lauren Kyle, Connor McDavid Girlfriend

Who is Lauren Kyle, Connor McDavid Girlfriend?

Lauren Kyle was born on the 27th day of June 1997 in Toronto, Canada. Hence, she is 6 months younger than her boyfriend.

She is one of the three children born to her father, Paul Kyle, and mother, Sharon Kyle, pictured with her below.

Lauren Kyle parents

Of course, Lauren shares a close bond with her parents and often pays them a visit whenever she is free. As a caring sister, she always keeps in touch with her brothers, David Kyle and Ward Kyle.

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The siblings had a wonderful time growing up together and created the best part of their childhood memories as a team. Although they are all grown up now, they still make out time to meet and create more lovely memories together as a family.

Facts About Connor McDavid Girlfriend – Lauren Kyle:

Lauren Kyle is an excellent interior designer who has earned a name for herself through her many perfectly executed jobs. She runs her personal interior design business and has set up an Instagram account that displays most of her work.

She named her business Kyle & Co. Design Studio and structured it to provide their services worldwide. Perhaps you didn’t know that Lauren Kyle designed McDavid’s notable three-story house, which is an excellent structure.

Do you know?… Lauren Kyle has a dog which she named Lenard (Bernedoodle). Interestingly, she and her boyfriend, has developed a close connection to her pet. Lauren even created an Instagram page to share some cute images of her pet.

Lauren Kyle pet

One more interesting fact about McDavid’s girlfriend is her personality. She’s got a jovial and cheerful character that helps her bond with friends quite easily.

Perhaps her funny little jokes and ability to make people laugh is one attribute that attracted the hockey centre to her in the first place.

Connor McDavid Family:

One of the biggest driving forces that prompted his meteoric rise to fame in hockey is his Family. It appears that the veteran player hails from an athletic household that has a track record with hockey.

Of course, there has never been a time of celebration in his career life that one of his family members wouldn’t be in attendance. Their presence at the arena gives him a boost in confidence.

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Connor McDavid Father – Brian McDavid:

The talented NHL athlete spent his childhood days under the tutelage of his dad. Brian McDavid experienced when it comes to ice hockey. Hence, he made sure he transferred his wealth of knowledge to his son.

McDavid’s father always watched him play against older kids during his childhood days. After each game, he would address all the lapses he noticed in his boy’s style of play.

In due time, Brian became the official coach of his son and led him to win four Ontario Minor Hockey Association championships with the York Simcoe Express.

Connor McDavid Father - Brian McDavid

Do you know?… Connor McDavid’s father is a dedicated fan of the Boston Bruins. He also played ice hockey in high school. Certainly is proud of how far his boy has succeeded in the NHL and would continue to wish him well in the ensuing years of his career.

Connor McDavid Mother – Kelly McDavid:

Interestingly, the hockey player inherited a fair share of his athletic prowess from his mom. Kelly McDavid also had a track record with different sports even before she had her kids.

Back in the day, she played recreational ice hockey for about a year. Afterwards, she shifted her interest towards skiing and found comfort in partaking in the game.

When McDavid’s mother realized that her son has a drive for sports, she wanted him to channel his passion toward skiing. However, the young lad knew what he wanted to do and never gave in to the demand of his mom.

Connor McDavid's mother - Kelly McDavid

Notwithstanding, Kelly McDavid supported her son’s decision and did all she can to see him succeed. Today, she is one of the happiest mothers who has witnessed their kids excel in their careers.

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Do you know?… Connor McDavid’s parents understood his passion for hockey and put him through rigorous training to help him build up his potential. The training was quite tedious that it got their neighbours worried about his wellbeing.

As destiny would have it, his parents’ efforts were not laid to waste, as it has bred the youngest captain in NHL history.

Connor McDavid Sibling – Cameron McDavid:

To crown up our facts about the athlete’s family, he’s got a brother who bears the name Cameron McDavid.  His brother is a talented player who opted to go to university after skating for the hometown Hurricanes of the Ontario Junior A Hockey League.

As expected, the siblings grew up cherishing each other. They had fun and listened to music together. To date, their bond is inseparable and they are always keeping track of what each of them is doing.

Quick Facts About Connor McDavid:

Full Name:Connor McDavid
Connor McHockey
Canadian Super Promise
Date of Birth:13th of January 1997
Place of Birth:Richmond Hill, Canada
Father:Brian McDavid
Mother:Kelly McDavid
Siblings:Cameron McDavid
Girlfriend:Lauren Kyle
Girlfriend Father:Paul Kyle
Girlfriend Mother:Sharon Kyle
Girlfriend Siblings:David Kyle and Ward Kyle (brothers)
Girlfriend Pet:Lenard (Bernedoodle)
Net Worth:$30 million (2022 Stats)
Annual Salary:$2 million (2022 Stats)
Height:6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m)
Weight:193 lbs (88 kg)