D’angelo Russell Parents, Brothers And Girlfriend (Laura Ivaniukas)

D’angelo Russell Parents, Brothers And Girlfriend (Laura Ivaniukas)

Sportblis presents amazing facts about D’angelo Russell’s Girlfriend (Laura Ivaniukas), Family, Parents (Antonio Russell Sr., and Keisha Rowe), Siblings (LaShawn and Antonio Jr.), and much more.

D’Angelo Dante Russell, also known as D-Lo, is an American professional basketball Point guard who plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves of the NBA (National Basketball Association).

He was born on the 23rd of February 1996 to his father, Antonio Russell Sr., and mother, Keisha Rowe, in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. The young lad grew up playing basketball with his two brothers and neighborhood friends.

D’Angelo Russell Career Life:

Russell’s parents enrolled him at Central High School in Louisville, where he started his basketball expedition. He played for one season (2010-11) before transferring to Montverde Academy in Florida.

The young lad turned out to be a formidable player in his new team. He even played alongside talented athletes like Ben Simmons and helped his team win back-to-back High School National Tournament championships.

With his excellent skill sets, Russell got to play in the McDonald’s All-American Game and other notable competitions. Subsequently, he committed to play college basketball for Ohio State in June 2013.

Do you know?… D’Angelo Russell only played one season of college basketball before he declared for the NBA draft.

After forgoing his final 3 years of college eligibility, the young lad was selected as the second overall pick by the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2015 NBA draft.

His debut game was classic and proved that he’d got a lot to offer his team in the professional league. The ensuing days of Russell’s career saw him playing for the Brooklyn Nets from 2017 to 2019.

He also had a brief stint with the Golden State Warriors, playing alongside clever players like Draymond Green, Kevon Looney, and Jodan Poole.

In 2020, Russell was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves, where he is enjoying his gameplay with young talents like Anthony Edwards.

D’Angelo Russell Family & Ethnicity:

The point guard comes from a close-knit family that has played a significant role in his life and career. Judging by his complexion, it is clear that he’s got mixed ethnicity.

Hence, Russell’s ancestry is of African and American heritage. In this section, we shall share interesting facts about every member of his household.

D’Angelo Russell Father – Antonio Russell Sr.:

Starting off, the athlete’s dad is Antonio Russell Sr. He was a strict father who instilled in his children a lot of respect, morals and values.

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Russell’s dad made sure his kids saw a need to excel beyond the boundary of their neighbourhood. Although his method of parenting was strict, it yielded great results.

Thanks to the resilience and principles of Antonio Sr., both Russell and his brothers didn’t get entangled in the gang-related and drug-infested lifestyle in Louisville.

What’s more fascinating was his efforts and ability to move his family out of the West End of Louisville. Sadly, the marriage between Antonio Sr. and his wife, Keisha Rowe, ended in a divorce.

D'Angelo Russell Father - Antonio Russell Sr.
D’Angelo Russell and his Father, Antonio Russell Sr.

D’Angelo Russell’s Dad Drug Arrest:

According to Fred Kerber of the New York Post, D’Angelo Russell’s parents now live apart on good terms. They’ve set aside their personal issues to help their children excel in their career endeavours.

Do you know?… D’Angelo Russell’s father (Antonio Russell) was arrested in 2015 for drug possession following a traffic stop in Louisville, Kentucky.

It all happened after C.J. Daniels and Renee Murphy of WHAS11 report police pulled him over for not wearing his seat belt.

During the stop, the police officers discovered a water bottle filled with a substance later identified as codeine. Moreso, Antonio had already admitted that he had taken marijuana.

Thankfully, the situation didn’t have much effect on his son’s debut season in the NBA.

D’Angelo Russell Mother – Keisha Rowe:

The talented athlete had a caring mom named Keisha Rowe. Interestingly, he’s not had so many tough experiences with his mother from childhood to adulthood.

Back in the day, Rowe restricted Russell from playing football. She took this action out of her unconditional love for her son. Apparently, the athlete’s mom wasn’t convinced he was strong enough to compete with other kids on the pitch.

Hence, she would ask D’Angelo Russell’s brothers to keep him away from playing football. Nonetheless, if the young lad insisted on playing and sustained a simple scratch, his mother would want to go to the hospital with him.

D'angelo Russell Mother - Keisha Rowe
D’Angelo Russell and his Mother, Keisha Rowe.

Of course, she was an overprotective mom who babied the point guard always. What’s more interesting is Keisha Rowe’s inquisitive nature.

She was completely conscious of the kind of activities that goes on in her neighbourhood. Hence, Russell’s mom tries her best to shield them from the vices that happen around the town.

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There were days when Keisha Rowe would go outside barefooted to figure out what was going on in the neighborhood. No matter how hilarious it may sound, she only behaves that way out of her love for her children.

D’Angelo Russell Brothers – LaShawn and Antonio Jr.:

Russell wasn’t raised in a boring family. He certainly had the privilege of growing up with two older brothers, LaShawn and Antonio Jr.

While D’Angelo shares the same father and mother with Antonio Jr., he only shares the same father with LaShawn. Surprisingly, the point guard didn’t get along with Antonio (his brother) in their childhood.

It appears that the siblings often got into arguments and competitive battles. While Antonio Jr. and D’Angelo got caught up in their heated arguments, LaShawn always excluded himself from the action and remained just a spectator.

D'Angelo Russell Brothers
Meet D’Angelo Russell’s Brother and mom.

What seemed to be tearing the brothers apart ended up creating an inseparable bond between them as they grew older. Now, they are actually best of friends.

My dad always used to say to Antonio, ‘When your brother’s not around, you’re gonna miss him,’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, you’re gonna miss me!’ And I’d use it against him.

D’Angelo attended the same school (Louisville Central – where Muhammad Ali went) with his brothers before leaving for boarding school in Florida (Montverde Academy) at the age of 15.

To show how strong of a bond the three brothers have developed for themselves, Antonio Jr. and LaShawn assured D’Angelo they would follow him wherever he gets drafted.

Back in the good old days, the point guard and his two brothers played basketball at their grandmother’s house using a hoop made out of a milk crate.

It’s all thanks to the influence and support of LaShawn and Antonio that D’Angelo has grown into a better basketball player. As I compile this biography, there has been no information about D’Angelo Russell’s sister.

D’Angelo Russell Girlfriend – Laura Ivaniukas:

Russell is among the numerous NBA stars who are maintaining a great relationship with their partner. Apparently, he is not single but has been in a relationship with his charming girlfriend, Laura Ivaniukas, since 2020.

The love birds have always gone on trips together to enjoy life. D-Lo and his girlfriend have supported each other’s careers since they began dating.

Although they haven’t expressed their intentions to tie the knot as husband and wife, their parents and fans hope the good news will soon pop up on the internet.

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D'Angelo Russell Girlfriend - Laura Ivaniukas
D’Angelo Russell and his Girlfriend, Laura Ivaniukas.

Who is Laura Ivaniukas, D’Angelo Russell’s Girlfriend?

Laura Ivaniukas was born in May 1999 to her dad, Linas Ivaniukas, and mom, Milena Ivaniukas, in Ontario, Canada. Judging by her date of birth, she is three years younger than her boyfriend.

The damsel is one of three children born to her family. She had an interesting childhood growing up alongside her two brothers, Matas Ivaniukas and Regis Ivaniukas, in Oakville.

D’Angelo Russell’s girlfriend is of Lithuanian descent. She also enjoys spending time with her family and has a closer relationship with Regis, her brother. On several occasions, Laura had addressed Regis as her best friend.

What’s more?… The athlete’s girlfriend delved into modeling quite early. She has worked with many outfits in the United States and Canada.

D'Angelo Russell's Girlfriend, Laura Ivaniukas.
D’Angelo Russell’s Girlfriend, Laura Ivaniukas.

Laura has worked with Click Model in New York City, NOMAD Management in Los Angeles,  MNW Models in Toronto, as well as Option 1 Models in Chicago.

As of 2023, she worked as a representative for Elite Model Management Miami (Elite Maimi) and B&M Model Management.

Aside from her modeling career, Russell’s girlfriend is also a health coach, fitness enthusiast, social media content creator, and trained nutritionist. She has amassed thousands of followers on her Instagram.

Laura Ivaniukas created her YouTube channel in 2019, where she shares videos of her workout and exercises with her followers.

Who is D’Angelo Russell Son?

The relationship between D’Angelo Russell and his girlfriend, Laura Ivaniukas, resulted in the birth of their firstborn son. While celebrating their new parenthood status, the couple named their child Riley Jonas Russell.

Fans and pundits are quite happy to welcome the new family member of the Russell household. Below is a picture of D’Angelo Russell’s girlfriend and son.

D'Angelo Russell Son
What a beautiful way to spend quality time with his baby mama and son.

D’Angelo Russell Previous Relationships:

Before meeting Laura Ivaniukas, Russell had been in several relationships that didn’t work out. He once dated former USC Volleyball star Niki Withers and Gabby Engersgaard. Sadly, his relationship with Niki Withers didn’t have a good ending.

Quick Facts About D’Angelo Russell:

Full Name:D'Angelo Dante Russell
Place of Birth:Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.
Date of Birth:23rd of February 1996
Father:Antonio Russell Sr.
Mother:Keisha Rowe
Brothers:LaShawn and Antonio Jr.
Girlfriend:Laura Ivaniukas
Children:Riley Jonas Russell (Son)
Position:Point Guard
Height:6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Weight:193 lb (88 kg)