Darius Garland Family (Father, Mother, Brothers & Sister), & Girlfriend

Darius Garland Family (Father, Mother & Siblings), Girlfriend & Facts

Sportblis presents you with some amazing facts about Darius Garland. Our article covers Facts about his Girlfriend, Family, Parents (Felicia and Winston Garland), Siblings, and much more.

Darius Garland is an American basketball Point guard who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

He was born on the 26th of January 2000 to his father, Winston Garland, and mother, Felicia Garland, in Gary, Indiana. Garland was five years old when he started playing baseball and basketball.

As he grew older, he gave up on other sports to focus on only basketball. The young lad had high hopes of becoming an NBA icon someday.

Interestingly, his basketball ambition began to materialize in elementary school when he scored his first basket in second grade.

During his high school career at Brentwood Academy, Garland established himself as an exceptional athlete with a promising future in the game. His hard work saw him amassing many accolades as he gradually rose to fame.

The Point guard committed to play college football for Vanderbilt in November 2017. He was yet again phenomenal with his performance and entered the 2018–19 season as the best recruit to ever sign with Vanderbilt.

Garland was a McDonald’s All-American, a five-star recruit, and one of the top point guards in the 2018 class. In the 2019 NBA draft, he was selected fifth overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Point Guard's professional career

Read on as we share more interesting facts about his relationship life and family life. Now, let’s begin with his girlfriend.

Darius Garland Girlfriend:

Becoming a professional player comes with so much responsibility. This is one of the reasons why Garland has paid more attention to his career endeavors than his relationship life.

Of course, his status as an iconic NBA player has attracted so much attention to his personal life. The truth is, many basketball fans have been wondering if Darius Garland has a girlfriend or whether he is single.

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To cut to the chase, the Point guard is not in a relationship with anyone at the time of compiling this biography. While this may be a relief to his female fans who have a crush on him, it doesn’t guarantee any of them the possibility of becoming his girlfriend.

From the look of things, Garland will have to learn how to handle relationship matters by closely observing the lifestyle of NBA stars like Jordan Poole and Kevon Looney. It is only a matter of time before he meets his soulmate.

Darius Garland Family:

The NBA player grew up in a wealthy household, thanks to his dad’s occupation as an athlete. This means that Garland and his siblings didn’t have to worry about financial problems while growing up.

We find it surprising that the Point guard and his father never considered following the same line of work as that of his paternal and maternal grandfathers. Actually, Garland’s grandfathers both served in the US Army.

His family is known to be supportive of themselves. Every member of his household always makes an effort to attend most of his games.

They are his most devoted fans and have helped him boost his confidence when he is on the pitch. It’s quite common to see his parents, grandparents, and siblings cheering and shouting his name at the top of their voice on game days.

Garland always expresses how blessed he is to have a supportive family. Seeing his 85-year-old grandmother travel a long distance to watch his games motivates him to give his entirety into putting up a good fight in the arena.

Darius Garland Ethnicity:

As earlier stated, the athlete was born and raised in Gary, Indiana. Hence, he is a citizen of the United States of America. Judging by his complexion, we can say that he’s got traces of African ancestry in his family roots.

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This means that his ethnicity is of mixed origin, comprising African-American heritage. However, there has been no information stating the precise part of Africa his ancestors hails from.

Darius Garland Father – Winston Kinnard Garland:

The Point guard’s dad, Winston Garland, was born on the 19th of December 1964. He is a former professional basketball point guard of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Back in the good old days, Wiston played collegiate football for two seasons at Southeastern Community College (Iowa) from 1983 to 1985. Afterwards, he spent the last two seasons of his college career at Missouri State University.

The talented basketball player was soon selected in the second round as the 40th overall pick by the Milwaukee Bucks in the 1987 NBA draft. His NBA career saw him playing in five renowned teams for seven seasons.

Darius Garland Father - Winston Kinnard Garland:
Darius Garland with his dad, Winston Garland.

Winston Garland played for the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers, Denver Nuggets, Houston Rockets, and Minnesota Timberwolves, where the rookie Anthony Edwards is making an impact.

Do you know?… Garland’s father appeared in 511 NBA and recorded a total of Points 4,799, 1,433 Rebounds, and 2,421 Assists. Winston’s career expedition has seen him win many awards in basketball.

His jersey No. 22 was retired by Missouri State Bears, where he played college basketball. Interestingly, the exception performance of Darius Garland’s dad was yet again recognised as he was inducted into the Indiana High School Basketball Hall of Fame in 2007.

After retiring from professional basketball, Winston decided to put his years of experience to good use. Hence, he accepted a coaching job at Gary West Side High School in Gary, Indiana and managed the team from 2009 to 2012.

Winston Garland has also dedicated part of his time to training his son. Thanks to his many nights of sacrifices, he has groomed Darius into an excellent player in the NBA.

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Darius Garland Mother – Felicia Garland:

The athlete’s father is not the only one who has paid close attention to his meteoric rise to stardom. His mom, Felicia Garland, has been an integral force that pushed him to break his limitations and become a professional player.

She is a caring mother who has often shown her son how much she loves him. There were times when Felicia would pull Garland aside to fix his hair, smoothen his eyebrows, and offer him a few words of motherly advice.

Darius Garland Mother - Felicia Garland
Darius with his Mother, Felicia Garland and brother, Desmond Garland.

Darius Garland’s mom was with him during the 2019 NBA Draft. When he was announced the fifth pick, he turned to his mother and hugged her before walking to the stage.

Indeed, the point guard is grateful for how she has supported his career expedition. He would always remember how she cared for him both in his childhood and in the face of injury during his collegiate career.

Darius Garland Brothers and Sister:

Darius Garland is blessed with five siblings. He is the youngest of his family and has an older sister, Kacie, with four older brothers, Desmond, Kody, Miguel, and Hilton.

Thanks to his siblings, the NBA star had a blissful childhood. As the last-born son of the family, Garland’s brothers and sister gave him special treatment.

Since most of them were athletes, they made it their duty to teach him a few techniques in basketball while he was still a little boy. At the time of writing this Biography, there has been no information about Garland’s siblings.

Darius Garland Brothers and Sister
Darius Garland with some of his siblings and friends.

Quick Facts About Darius Garland:

Full Name:Darius Garland
Date of Birth:26th of January 2000
Place of Birth:Gary, Indiana
Father:Winston Garland
Mother:Felicia Garland
Older Sister:Kacie
Older Brother:Desmond, Kody, Miguel, and Hilton Garland
Position:Point Guard
Height:6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Weight:192 lb (87 kg)