Deandre Ayton Girlfriend (Anissa Evans), Family – Parents, Siblings & Son

Deandre Ayton Girlfriend (Anissa Evans), Family – Parents, Siblings & Son

Sportblis presents you with amazing facts about DeAndre Ayton Girlfriend (Anissa Evans), Family (Father, Mother & Siblings), and much more.

DeAndre Edoneille Chidike Ayton is a Bahamian professional basketball Center who plays for the Phoenix Suns of the NBA. He was born on the 23rd of July 1998 to his mother, Andrea Ayton, and father in Nassau, Bahamas.

The talented player didn’t spend much time with his biological dad while growing up. He was raised alongside his four younger siblings by his mom and stepfather, Alvin, who treated him no differently from his kids.

Ayton started his basketball expedition at Balboa City School before transferring to Hillcrest Prep Academy. He was pretty phenomenal in his college career days as he committed to play for the University of Arizona.

In the 2018 NBA draft, Ayton was selected first overall by the Phoenix Suns. He was named to the 2019 NBA All-Rookie First Team and made a notable contribution in helping the Phoenix Suns make their first NBA Finals appearance since 1993.

Read on as we unveil interesting facts about his girlfriend (Anissa Evans), parents, and siblings in the section below.

DeAndre Ayton Girlfriend- Anissa Evans:

The Bahamian athlete is like Tyler Herro, who has given his love life the attention it deserves. Of course, his basketball endeavors have attracted many pretty damsels that would want to be his girlfriend.

But only one lady won over his heart. She is none other than Anissa Evans, his high school sweetheart. We all know Ayton was quite popular with the girls since high school.

However, he has been loyal to his girlfriend, who stayed with him from his humble beginning as a high school basketball player to when he got into the NBA.

DeAndre Ayton Girlfriend- Anissa Evans

Although the lovebirds have been dating for a very long time, they only decided to make their relationship public recently. Ayton and his girlfriend, Anissa Evans, have moved in together to live as a couple.

Of course, their relationship has encountered many obstacles. But they both fought very hard to keep their love alive.

Who is Anissa Evans, DeAndre Ayton Girlfriend?

Anissa Evans was born on the 26th of March 2000 to her father, Andrae Evans, and mother, Melissa Evans, in Nassau, the Bahamas. She is one of the four children born to her parents.

Judging by her date of birth, Anissa Evans is two years younger than her boyfriend. Moving on to her education, she attended Jupiter High School and graduated in 2007.

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Anissa Evans

Afterwards, Ayton’s girlfriend continued her education at Queens University in pursuit of her bachelor’s degree. Despite her academic prowess, she ended up amassing fame through her personal work on social media.

As earlier stated, Anissa is an Instagram model and influencer with over 21k followers on her Instagram profile. She’s uploaded some beautiful pictures of herself and loved ones on her social media pages.

DeAndre Ayton Son – DeAndre Obinna Ayton Jr.:

The relationship between Ayton and his pretty girlfriend, Anissa Evans, resulted in the birth of their son, DeAndre Obinna Ayton Jr., born on the 6th of March, 2021.

Following the birth of Ayton Jr., the athlete took his household on a Family Camping Trip. This gave him the privilege of spending more quality time with his girlfriend and son.

DeAndre Ayton Son

DeAndre Ayton Family:

As earlier mentioned, the NBA star wasn’t raised by his biological father. Despite that, Ayton still experienced the feeling of being protected by a father figure via his stepdad.

He lived with his family in a two-bedroom house in the Nassau neighborhood where he was born. Apparently, Ayton’s parents were not well off. Hence, they struggled each day to make earns meet.

Despite their financial challenges, the athlete’s parents still managed to send him to a private school – the Bahamas Academy. It was a measure they had to take to sever his ties from bad influence.

Truth is, the young lad was quite hyperactive and usually followed bad company in his run-down neighborhood. By sending him to private school, his parents managed to get him out of trouble.

Eventually, Ayton came to a realization that he had to be successful to liberate his family from poverty. This became a driving force that propelled him to work hard on his basketball endeavors.

DeAndre Ayton Ethnicity:

Like Ja Morant and Darius Garland, the NBA star is of mixed heritage. His biological father is a Nigerian of Igbo descent. This means that Ayton has got African blood running in his vein.

Do you know?… The Igbos are one of the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria. They are famed for their business skills as well as their variety of soups made from locally grown seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

Similarly, DeAndre Ayton’s mom is of Jamaican and Bahamian descent. For the records, Jamaica is the third-largest island of the Greater Antilles and the Caribbean.

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On the other hand, the Bahamas is a country located within the Lucayan Archipelago of the West Indies in the Atlantic.

DeAndre Ayton Father:

The biological dad of Ayton was never in the picture of his humble beginning. He left the athlete and his mom when Ayton was a little boy.

After staying away from his son’s life for a long time, DeAndre’s biological father tried to reconnect with his boy. This all happened when Ayton became a top high school prospect.

The efforts of his dad didn’t yield any fruit because Ayton considers him a stranger. As I write this biography, Ayton’s biological dad still lives in Londo, Bahamas.

DeAndre Ayton StepFather – Alvin Ayton:

Life would have been more challenging for the NBA star without the intervention of his stepdad, Alvin. He was a plumber who worked very hard to take care of Ayton and his four younger siblings.

Back in the day, Alvin devised a plan that made his children apprentice in his workshop. He often paid them $20 a day whenever they assisted him with work.

Ayton also apprenticed with his father after school. At the end of his first week as an apprentice, he had earned $100 cash. With $100 cash at hand, he could choose to blow it all on gummy worms and sour skittles.

However, Ayton decided to pay his fee for the Bahamas’ premier summer basketball program -the Jeff Rodgers camp.

The athlete’s stepdad (whom he calls his father) has been instrumental in his career development. But he didn’t find it easy when the opportunity first opened up for Ayton.

DeAndre Ayton StepFather - Alvin Ayton
DeAndre with his StepFather, Alvin Ayton.

Do you know?… DeAndre Ayton once disclosed to ESPN that his dad didn’t want him to move to the United States when he got the privilege. This was because the journey exerted a huge financial commitment to the family.

Moreso, Ayton didn’t seem a promising basketball player from the beginning. Even his parents thought he was going to become a comedian.

There was a time when the young lad would entertain his family and friends with his strong sense of humor. Thanks to his mother’s intervention, DeAndre Ayton was able to journey to the US and establish himself as a force to be reckoned with in the NBA.

DeAndre Ayton Mother – Andrea Ayton:

As a little kid, Ayton’s mom and stepfather forbid him from going to nearby playgrounds in hopes of keeping him safe. To make up for this restriction, Andrea and her husband built a hoop and installed it in the driveway outside their house so Ayton could play with his brothers and sisters.

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When Ayton’s parents enrolled him in a private school, he seldom returned home on time. This got his mom, Andrea Ayton, worried. On one particular occasion, she dropped into her car and went searching for him.

Eventually, Andrea found her son at a local gym, watching some older boys play basketball. It was at this moment that Ayton’s mother began to sense his interest in sport. Hence, she and her husband, Alvin, enrolled Ayton in a basketball league through their Seventh-day Adventist Church.

DeAndre Ayton Mother - Andrea Ayton
DeAndre with his mother, Andrea Ayton.

Over the years, the athlete’s mom has supported him through thick and thin. She always put his success before her personal need. Even when Andrea struggled financially, she supported her son’s move to the States in pursuit of his basketball career.

Ayton’s mom has been his most trusted confidant. She always advised him on what and what not to do since he was a little boy. Thanks to her motherly kindness and guidance, the basketball star has grown into a responsible young man.

DeAndre Ayton Brothers & Sisters:

The subsequent marriage of DeAndre’s mom to Alvin resulted in the birth of his four younger siblings. He’s got two brothers, Edward Jr. and Andrew, and two sisters, Tiann and Serenity.

Do you know?… DeAndre Ayton’s siblings and mom moved to Arizona to support him during his high school career days with Phoenix Hillcrest Prep. Despite his grand success, there has been no information about his brothers or sisters at the time of compiling this biography.

Quick Fact About DeAndre Ayton:

Full Name:Deandre Edoneille Chidike Ayton
Date of Birth:23rd of July 1998
Place of Birth:Nassau, Bahamas
Biological Father:N/A
Stepfather:Alvin Ayton
Mother:Andrea Ayton
Brothers:Edward Jr. and Andrew
Sisters:Tiann and Serenity
GirlfriendAnissa Evans
Son:DeAndre Obinna Ayton Jr.
Height:6′ 11″
Weight:113 kg
Net Worth:$35 Million (2022 Stats)
High School:Balboa City School (San Diego, California)

Hillcrest Prep Academy (Phoenix, Arizona)
College:Arizona (2017–2018)
NBA Draft:2018 / Round: 1 / Pick: 1st overall
Selected by the Phoenix Suns