Derek Stingley Jr. Family (Parents & Siblings), Girlfriend And Facts

Derek Stingley Jr. Facts

Derek Stingley Jr. is an American football cornerback who features for the LSU Tigers. We present you with interesting information about his family (parents & Siblings), girlfriend and Facts.

Derek Stingley Jr. Family:

The young cornerback comes from a family of elite players. Back in the day, his grandpa (Darryl) and father (Derek Sr.) played professional football. They were exceptional in their positions and contributed to the success of their teams.

Growing up in a football-centric family made Stingley Jr. love football unconditionally. Even in his childhood days, the young lad was surrounded by photos and gadgets that enlightens him about football.

Of course, he didn’t lack any facility to play the game as a little boy. Moreso, he looked forward to surpassing the records of his father and grandfather.

Even after hearing about the tragedy of his family in football, Derek Stingley Jr. never gave up on his dream of pursuing a career in football.

Interestingly, his mother and siblings supported his dream. They were always present whenever he takes to the field to showcase his talent in grand style.

The Tragic Injury History Of The Stingley Family:

Although Stingley’s grandfather, Darryl, recorded excellent progress in his career, he was met with a sad career-ending. Back in 1978, he played football as a receiver for the Patriots.

During one of their preseason games that year, a tragic accident that would bring an end to Daryl’s career happened. His head was slammed by the shoulder of Jack Tatum, who was nicknamed “The Assassin“.

The athlete's grandfather injury

The entire phenomenon had Darryl paralyzed from the chest down as two of his neck vertebrae were crushed from the violent collision. Sadly, he never walked after recovering from the entire ordeal and that puts a stop to his football career.

About 29 years later, when Derek was barely five years old, Darryl Stingley died of pneumonia in April 2007. Although Stingley’s father rarely discusses this ordeal with his son, the young lad didn’t allow it to discourage him from pursuing his dreams in football.

When Derek Sr. decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, Darryl never objected to his decision. Instead, he encouraged his boy to go right ahead and play without thinking of his dilemma.

Derek Stingley Jr. Father:

The cornerback’s father, Derek Stingley, was born on the 9th day of April 1971. He was also a football player like his dad.

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Derek Stingley Jr. dad

Stingley Sr. spent nine years of his life playing in the Arena Football League (AFL). After his career days as a player, he started coaching in the AFL in 2005.

Besides playing football, Stingley also played college baseball at Triton College. He was selected in the 1993 Major League Baseball Draft as a centre fielder by the Philadelphia Phillies. There he spent three seasons (1993–1995) in their minor-league system.

As a coach, Stingley often moved about with his son and spent long hours teaching him football techniques. He gave the young lad opportunities to nurture his talent through many training sessions.

Of course, Stingley Jr. enjoyed every moment he spent with his dad because he got to play football and strengthen his bond with his father. Thanks to his commitment and dad’s influence, he has seen his career progress on a positive note.

Derek Stingley Jr. Mother:

Another important personality who had played a vital role in his career development is his mom. Her name is Natasha Stingley, and she has always been a motivation to her little boy since his early career days.

Natasha was a caring mother who ensured she understood what was going on with her four children. She sometimes accompanies Stingley Jr. to watch his performance during training sessions.

When he isn’t performing too well, she would alter some encouraging words to help her son feel motivated once again. It was her usual routine to pat Derek’s hair and let him know that he is doing a great job on the field.

Derek Stingley Jr. Mom

As you must have suspected, Derek Stingley Jr. shares a close bond with his mother, Natasha. Hence, he easily opens up to her whenever he is facing any form of a challenge in his career and personal life.

Derek Stingley Jr. Siblings:

Interestingly, he isn’t the only child that was born to his parents. Apparently, Stingley Jr. has three siblings, namely Isis, Nahjha, and Sanaa.

Although he’s got a shy attitude towards sharing his photos on social media, his mother has taken to her Facebook page to flaunt a picture of him and his sister. Of course, the siblings look quite cute in the photo below.

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Derek Stingley Jr. Sister

Derek Stingley Jr. finds it easy to establish friendships with his teammates because he grew up receiving so much love from his brother and sisters. It’s all thanks to his siblings that he didn’t have to experience a boring childhood.

Is Derek Stingley Jr. Married?

Despite being too young, many of his fans (especially female fans) are constantly in search of his relationship status. On many occasions, people have asked if Stingley Jr. is already married or not.

At the time of compiling these facts, Derek isn’t married to anyone yet. However, he is in a serious relationship that may likely transcend into marriage subsequently.

Who Is Derek Stingley Jr. Girlfriend?

Being a celebrity athlete and having a handsome face is a guarantee that there are many ladies who are hitting on Derek. However, only one beautiful damsel has successfully captured his heart. She is no other than the fitness model, Carley Loup.

Derek Stingley Jr. Girlfriend

Interestingly, Stingley Jr. girlfriend is a fellow LSU student. She has always supported him in his career endeavours since they started dating. Of course, whenever he has a football match, Carley Loup is often present to cheer on him from the sidelines.

Facts About Derek Stingley Jr. Girlfriend:

1. Derek’s girlfriend, Carley Loup, is one of six beautiful children born to her parents, Michelle Carley Loup and Char Louis Loup.

2. She hails from a football-centric family like her boyfriend. Yes, Carley Loup’s father played football as a quarterback for the LSU Tigers from 1991 to 1993. After leaving football, he became an orthopaedic surgeon in Baton Rouge.

3. Carley Loup is often fascinated by fitness activities. She enjoys working out to keep her body fit. Check out the picture below and see her perfectly streamlined body shape as a result of her consistent exercise.

The athlete's girlfriend gyming

How Old is Derek Stingley Jr.?

Derek Stingley Jr was born on the 20th day of June 2001 to his parents Derek and Natasha Stingley in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Judging by his date of birth, he is 20 years old at the time of compiling these facts about him.

How Tall is Derek Stingley Jr.? – Height & Weight:

There is no denying the fact that he’s got the excellent height needed to become a formidable athlete. Just a few months before the 2022 NFL draft, Stingley Jr. still measures up to a height of 6 feet and 1 inch (1.85 m).

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Similarly, he has just about the average for most football players within his age bracket. With a weight of 190 lb (86 kg), Derek could stand his ground against his opponents.

Facts About Derek Stingley Jr.:

1. Early Years And Career Life:

Stingley Jr. attended The Dunham School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. During his high school career, he had 27 career interceptions. As a senior, he was named the Louisiana Gatorade Football Player of the Year.

Stingley Jr. was rated as a five-star recruit and was ranked as the top overall player in his class by He was ranked third by He committed to Louisiana State University (LSU) to play college football.

His college career life

Stingley Jr. entered his freshman year at LSU in 2019 as a starter. As a freshman, he led the Southeastern Conference (SEC) with six interceptions and 15 passes defended and was a first-team All-SEC selection by the Associated Press (AP).

He was also a consensus All-American, earning first-team honours from the AP, American Football Coaches Association, The Sporting News, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and USA Today.

2. Derek Stingley Jr. Tattoos:

The talented athlete has followed in the footstep of Ja’Marr Chase. Just when he began amassing popularity, Stingley Jr. inked some tattoos on his arm. Yes, he loves body art and might ink more tattoos on his body in the ensuing days of his career.

Stingley's tattoo

3. LifeStyle Facts:

Derek Stingley Jr. enjoys living a luxurious lifestyle. We’ve seen him pose to take some pictures with an exotic car.

Indeed, he is likely to stock up his collection with many more expensive rides when he begins to earn a better salary. Research shows that his net worth is an estimated sum of $2 million.

Quick Facts About Derek Stingley Jr.:

Name:Derek Stingley Jr.
Date of Birth:20th of June 2001
Place of Birth:Baton Rouge , Louisiana
Father:Derek Stingley
Mother:Natasha Stingley
Siblings:Isis, Nahjha, and Sanaa
Girlfriend:Carley Loup
Net Worth:$2 Million (As of 2022)
Height:6 feet and 1 inch (1.85 m)
Weight:190 lb (86 kg)