Drake London Family (Parents & Siblings), Girlfriend And Facts

Drake London Biography

Sportblis presents you with some amazing facts about Drake London. Our article covers Facts about his Girlfriend, Family, Parents, Siblings, and much more.

Drake London was born on the 24th day of July 2001 to his father, Dwan London, and mother, Cindi London, in Moorpark, California. He is an American football wide receiver who plays for the USC Trojans.

The football player is the eldest of two children born to his parents, pictured below. Like many American kids, London was exposed to diverse games from his childhood days.

Drake London parents
Drake with his mother, Cindi London and father, Dwan London.

This made him a multifaceted athlete, who is both good at playing football and basketball. London was so good at both games that Los Angeles Times believed he had ambitions of playing two sports in college.

Drake London never forgets about his place of origin. Time and time again, he’s made it clear that he is homegrown and sometimes wears a black T-shirt that reads; Just a kid from Moorpark.

Do you know?… Aside from being an excellent athlete, London is absolutely a bright student. He often respects the regulations of his school and surrounds himself with good friends.

Drake London Family:

Indeed, London owes his talents in sports to his father and mother, from whom he might have inherited some athletic qualities. Moreso, he cherishes every member of his household more than anything you can think of.

The athlete's family

London wouldn’t have enjoyed celebrating his victories on the pitch if his family members had not shown him their support. Of course, he’s sometimes tricky with the ball.

But he doesn’t spare even his parents or sister whenever he tricks his spectators on the pitch. Seeing his family cheer on him from the sidelines is something that the wide receiver would always appreciate as long as he plays football.

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They are his biggest motivation and the shoulder he can rely upon whenever things go wrong.

Who is Dwan London, Drake London’s Father?

The talented athlete inherited his cute smile from his dad, Dwan London. He is often delighted to have his father watch his games.

Do you know?… Dwan London is the man behind his son’s success story. He’s been training Drake London ever since he was a little boy. Back in the day, London flourished as a flag football running back.

Drake London's dad

But his exciting performance was brought to a premature end, as he could hold his ground against bigger and stronger opponents. Lucky for him, his father had always seen the potential of a successful football player in him since he was in third grade.

Dwan only waited for the day his little boy would ask for his aid before implementing his master plan all along. After London complained to his father about his poor performance, they both began a journey that changed his life completely.

The Rigorous Mission to Succeed:

The moment Drake’s father stepped into his training routine, he began to see better improvements. Dwan began training his son and presenting him with drills as games.

He knew that Drake was still too young to lift weights, hence he didn’t go hard on him from the beginning. During training sessions, Drake London’s dad, subjected him to a specific number of push-ups and pull up.

In due time, they brought a sled or parachute for the young athlete to pull as he ran. Dwan often prodded his son with playful doubts, which constantly compelled him to complete some task.

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He would walk up to him and say; “I don’t think you can do it, but you can try it, I guess.” This simple statement often gets the job done. It would get the wide receiver fired up to complete a task, no matter how tedious it might be.

Drake London Mother – Cindi London:

During the long hours he spent training with his father, London’s mom often prepared snacks for them. Moreso, Cindi London and her husband taught their children to pursue their dreams with good intentions.

As a mother, she is always worried about the welfare of London on the pitch. Nonetheless, Cindi London never seized to remind her son and his sister that there is no shortcut or skip steps to success.

Drake London mom

If they must taste the sweetness of triumphing in their endeavours, then they must work hard for it. Drake London’s parents knew he was good at playing both basketball and football.

Moreso, they even confessed that he was better at basketball. However, they didn’t compel him to choose a sport of their choice. But they gave him the chance to decide the career path he would love to follow, and that made all the difference.

Drake London Sister – Makayla London:

He is not the only child in his family. Yes, London has a beautiful sister and her name is Makayla London. She is a well-fashioned model and an Instagram influencer.

Drake London sister

Makayla London has over 390 thousand followers on her Instagram page. She often uploads her modelling photos on her page.

Drake London Girlfriend:

His handsome looks can never be overemphasized. Certainly, Drake London has all the qualities needed to get himself a cute girlfriend. He’s tall, handsome, brilliant, kind as well as popular in sport.

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However, we find it surprising that there has been no upload on his social media page that proves he has a girlfriend. Perhaps, London is trying to keep his relationship life private or maybe he hasn’t seen his better half yet.

We hope he ends up following the footsteps of Kyle Hamilton and Kenny Pickett in finding a lasting relationship in the future.

Drake London Early Years:

London attended Moorpark High School in Moorpark, California. Interestingly, he was a multi-faceted athlete who played both football and basketball in high school.

In his senior year with his football team, he recorded 62 receptions for 1,089 yards and 12 touchdowns. On the other hand, he averaged 11.9 rebounds, 29.2 points, and 3.8 assists per game as a senior in basketball.

After high school, London committed to play college football and college basketball at the University of Southern California (USC).

College Career:

As a true freshman in football, Drake London started nine of 13 games and recorded 39 receptions for 567 yards as well as 5 touchdowns. As a freshman in basketball, he featured in 3 games and had 3 rebounds.

The wide receiver's college career

However, London returned to his football team in his sophomore year and became one of the team’s top receivers in 2020.

Quick Facts About Drake London:

Full Name:Drake London
Nickname:The 'Megatron'
Date of Birth:24th of July 2001
Place of Birth:Moorpark, California
Father:Dwan London
Mother:Cindi London
Sister:Makayla London
Position:Wide receiver
Height:6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
Weight:210 lb (95 kg)