Freddie Freeman Wife (Chelsea Freeman), Family – Father, Mother & Brothers

Freddie Freeman Wife (Chelsea Freeman), Family – Father, Mother & Brothers

Sportblis presents you with some amazing facts about Freddie Freeman. Our article covers facts about his Wife (Chelsea Freeman), Family, Father, Mother, Siblings, and much more.

Frederick Charles Freeman is an American baseball first baseman who plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball (MLB).

He was born on the 12th of September 1989 to his father, Fredrick Freeman, and mother, Rosemary Freeman, in Fountain Valley, California.

The MLB star grew up loving baseball and was a die-hard fan of the Los Angeles Angels.  Freeman was only six years old when he began playing baseball with older Little League ballplayers from Orange, California.

By the time he clocked seven, he was already playing on a team of nine-year-olds. The trend of playing with older players continued in the athlete’s life until he made it to the professional league.

Freeman graduated from El Modena High School, where he was a third baseman and a pitcher. He was selected by the Atlanta Braves as the 78th overall pick in the second round of the 2007 MLB draft.

The promising First baseman made his MLB debut in 2010 and has won many accolades since he began his splendid career expedition. Now let’s delve into the relationship and family life of the six-time MLB All-Star.

Freddie Freeman Wife – Chelsea Freeman:

Freeman has been quite the responsible gentleman who has found a befitting partner for himself. He met his girlfriend turned wife barely a year after debuting in the MLB.

Hence, Freddie Freeman and his wife, Chelsea Freeman, started dating in July 2011. The first baseman met his wife when she was still in college. Chelsea Goff dated Freeman for more than a year before moving to Atlanta, where he plays baseball for the Braves.

Freddie's wife, Chelsea Freeman

Interestingly, Freeman’s wife was a hardworking woman who didn’t want to burden him with all her needs. On this note, she delved into real estate ventures and began a business of her own.

After dating for almost three years, Freeman proposed to Chelsea Goff on the 19th of January, 2014. He announced their engagement on Twitter and ended up tying the knot with his wife on the 22nd of November, 2014, at St. Regis Bal Harbor in Miami, Florida.

Do you know?… Freddie Freeman’s wife is an Instagram Influencer with over 230k followers. She’s often uploaded pictures of her lovely family on her Instagram account.

Who is Chelsea Freeman, Freddie Freeman’s Wife?

For starters, her full name before marriage is Chelsea Marie Goff. She was born on the 24th of April 1991 to her mother, Pat Goff, and her father in South Florida. Judging by her date of birth, Chelsea is two years younger than her husband.

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Since her childhood days, the pretty damsel has been drawn to the art of modelling. She was so much in love with the profession that it became her biggest passion and aspiration.

Sadly, Chelsea Freeman’s mom wasn’t convinced that her daughter could make a living by pursuing a career in modelling. Hence, she did her best to have Chelsea focus on her studies.

Of course, Pat Goff’s plan worked as her daughter finally dedicated her time and attention to her book throughout high school. However, Chelsea reignited her long-lost passion for modelling when she enrolled at the University of Central Florida.

Chelsea Freeman

On this note, she became diligent in her studies and simultaneously worked as a model in college. Chelsea’s Model Mayhem profile shows that she began landing deals with renowned agencies and magazines in 2010.

She has worked with famous brands like Axe, Harley Davidson, and Ferrari. Freeman’s wife began working as a real estate agent for Keller Williams Real Estate after graduating college.

She soon launched a successful business venture – a stylish clothing line called the Chelsea Freeman Collection – in 2021.

Freddie Freeman Children:

The marriage of Freeman and his wife, Chelsea Freeman, resulted in the birth of three children. Do you know?… Freeman’s first son, Charlie, was born via an emergency C-Section in September 2016.

Although Chelsea delivered her firstborn son successfully, she and her husband realised that having another child would be challenging for them.

To be on the safer side, Freeman and his wife consulted with fertility doctors, who carried out a series of tests and revealed to the couple that Chelsea might not be able to have another child due to complications.

It was quite a disheartening news for the Freeman family. However, he and his partner still tried their best to have another child, but it was all in vain.

Subsequently, the MLB player and his wife yielded to the doctors’ suggestion of childbirth via surrogacy. However, Chelsea soon discovered she was pregnant nine days before the surrogate procedure.

Despite that, they still went through with the surrogacy while Chelsea maintained her pregnancy. It was a win-win situation for the Freeman family, as Chelsea gave birth to their second-born son, Brandon Freeman, on the 30th of December 2020.

A few months later, Freeman and his wife welcomed their third child – Maximus Turner Freeman – born via the surrogate mother on Valentine’s day, 14th February 2021. Interestingly, Bradon and Maximus were dubbed “Twins with a Twist”.

Freddie Freeman Children

Freddie Freeman Family:

Freeman was born to a family with a Christian background. Research shows that he is a sixth-generation Salvationist. Hence, his family has instilled in him Christian values from childhood.

The first baseman’s cousin, Carson Branstine, is a tennis player. This means that there are quite a handful of talented athletes in his family.

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Freddie Freeman Ethnicity:

Being born in California makes him a bonafide citizen of the United States of America. However, Freeman’s parents are from Ontario, Canada. His mother is a native of Peterborough, while his father is a native of Windsor.

Thanks to his parents’ origin, Freeman also holds Canadian citizenship. In a nutshell, the MLB star has dual citizenship. Now, let’s share more interesting facts about his parents and brothers.

Freddie Freeman Father – Fred Freeman:

For starters, the athlete was named after his dad, Fredrick Freeman. Over the years, Freddie has often relied on his father to excel in his baseball expedition.

Similarly, Fred Freeman did what every father would do to help his son succeed in his expedition. He wasn’t a pro baseball player like the dad of Vladimir Guerrero Jr., nor was he as athletic as J. T. Realmuto’s Father.

But, he gradually acquainted himself with the rigorous hurdles of baseball and trained with Freddie when the need arose. The MLB star was usually delighted to spend quality time with his dad.

Freddie Freeman Father - Fred Freeman

Do you know?… The 12-year-old Freddie saved his father’s life two years after the demise of his mom (we shall talk about her death soon).

The athlete and his dad, Fred, were watching the Lakers game on that faithful night when he noticed his father was struggling to breathe. Out of concern, Freddie insisted that they both visit a hospital to see a doctor immediately.

According to the doctor’s diagnosis, Fred Freeman was fortunate to have made it to the hospital that night. If he had gone to bed in that condition, he might have died in his sleep.

It appeared that Fred’s heart was filled with fluid, which caused him congestive heart failure. After receiving treatment, he quit his job as a certified public accountant to take care of his health.

Freddie Freeman’s father has done an excellent job raising his Children well. He will always be their number one hero as long as they live.

Relying on his Dad For Support:

Freeman’s first contract with the Braves came when he was 17 years old. Back then, his father, Fred, had to sign the contract on his behalf because he wasn’t up to the age to seal a legally binding contract.

As he kept growing in his career expedition, the talented player continued to rely on his dad’s aid. Whenever Freddie felt depressed because of a bad performance, he would always turn to his father for consolation.

There was a time he thought he wasn’t good enough for the game and wanted to return home. His father flew over to meet him and study his game. Afterwards, Fred gave his son some advice that helped him regain his passion for the game.

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Freddie Freeman Mother – Rosemary Freeman:

Rosemary Freeman was the first to spot her son’s baseball potential in the family. She was overjoyed when she saw Freddie hit his first home run.

In excitement, Rosemary told her husband they had a home run hitter in the family. Sadly, she didn’t live out her days to see her son reach the pinnacle of his baseball career.

Freddie Freeman Mother - Rosemary Freeman

Freddie was 5 years old when his mom was first diagnosed with cancer in the form of a bleeding mole. She underwent surgery to treat the ailment and survived without symptoms for a short while.

Rosemary soon suffered from appendicitis five years after the surgery. When she visited the hospital and took a few tests, she realised that her worst nightmare – cancer (melanoma) – had returned.

Seeing how much his mom did her best to beat the disease, Freddie thought she would triumph in the end. Sadly, his mother couldn’t win the battle against cancer for the second time.

He was in school in June 2000 when his principal broke the news of his mother’s death. It was hard for the 10-year-old to deal with the pain of losing one of his parents. The shock kept him away from playing baseball for a few months.

The athlete's mom tomb stone

What’s more?…

Freddie Freeman always wears long sleeves in honour of his mom. He also wears a locket that holds a piece of her hair.

Furthermore, the MLB star switched his allegiances to playing for Canada in honour of his mother. He first expressed his desire to play for Canada in 2015.

Freddie Freeman Brothers:

Freeman has two older brothers, Andrew and Phillip Freeman. They have been his most trusted confidants since his mom passed away.

Growing up as the last-born son of the family, Freddie was treated with so much care and affection. His siblings also ensured he had all the necessary equipment to improve his prowess in the earliest days of his baseball career.

Although Freddie doesn’t always talk about them, he’s maintained a great relationship with his brothers over the years. Below is a picture of one of the athlete’s siblings, Andrew Freeman.

Freddie Freeman Brother

Quick Facts About Freddie Freeman:

Full Name:Frederick Charles Freeman
Date of Birth:12th of September 1989
Place of Birth:Fountain Valley, California
Father:Fredrick Freeman
Mother:Rosemary Freeman
Brothers:Andrew and Phillip Freeman
Wife:Chelsea Freeman
Children:Charlie Freeman
Brandon Freeman
Maximus Turner Freeman
Nationality:Dual - American & Canada
Position:First Baseman
Net Worth:$40 million (2022 Stats)
Height:1.96 m
Weight:103 kg