How Often Do Hockey Sticks Break? Interesting Facts You Should Know

How Often Do Hockey Sticks Break

Hockey sticks are part of the necessary equipment for playing the game. Hence, many players are on the watch out for acquiring a durable stick that would last for a long time.

We all know that nothing lasts forever. Hence, you may be tempted to ask how often do hockey sticks break.

How Often Do Hockey Sticks Break?

There are quite a lot of factors that affect the longevity of a hockey stick. Depending on the type of material used to create the stick, one hockey stick may last longer than another.

Nonetheless, there is no precise duration for which a stick can last. Some hockey sticks can last you for more than a year, while some may break in just a few weeks’ time.

Another central factor that determines the lifespan of a hockey stick is the frequency and level of play. When you end up using the stick quite often, it may break up faster than expected.

Why Do Hockey Sticks Break So Easily?

There is no denying the fact that hockey sticks undergo a huge amount of stress. As players make efforts to hit the puck, they exert too much stress on the stick as it hits the ice as well as the puck.

This makes it easy to lose its rigidity and durability over time. Hence, it deteriorates and ends up breaking in no distant time.

How Do You Fix Broken Hockey Sticks?

In most cases, it is not advisable to fix a broken wooden hockey stick. This is because, when you try to repair a broken stick, it may work only for a short time as a weakened stick. Subsequently, the stick is likely to break.

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Even though you go ahead with making any repair that will last without changing the weight & performance of the stick, it will be too expensive, time-consuming, expensive, possibly dangerous, and probably illegal in some leagues.

When the blade of a stick is broken, that brings an end to its use in the arena. However, you can recycle the shaft as a garden stake or use it for other purposes.

You may also consider fixing your stick yourself. But as earlier stated, it is advisable to buy a new stick if you don’t want it to snap in half the next time you’re about to shoot.

Why Do Professional Hockey Players Tape The Bottom Of Their Hockey Stick?

When players handle the puck, there is a surprising amount of movement of the puck on the blade. The players intentionally move the puck from the heel to the toe of the blade when playing.

This is because the location of the puck on the blade when it’s released influences the attributes of a pass or a shot.

Hence, hockey players tape the bottom of their sticks to better control the puck as they pass and shoot. Interestingly, the tape creates more friction so that it’s a little grippier than the naked blade of a stick.

Taping your stick is also key to making the puck spin when it’s in the air. It helps you get the puck to go where you’re aiming.

Also, taping helps you spin the puck as it’s released – called the gyroscopic effect – so that you reduce drag on the puck and get it to move faster and more consistently.

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Likewise, if you want an unpredictable puck, you may want to place your force unevenly on the puck as it’s released. Having that little bit of tape gives just enough extra feel of the puck on your stick and helps you control it the way you want.