Ikem Ekwonu Girlfriend, Family (Parents & Siblings), And Facts

Ikem Ekwonu biography

Sportblis presents you with some amazing facts about Ikem Ekwonu. Our article covers Facts about his Girlfriend, Family, Parents, Siblings, and much more.

Ikemefuna Ickey Ekwonu is an American football offensive tackle who plays for the NC State Wolfpack. He is one of the four children born to his father, Tagbo Ekwonu, and his mother, Amaka Ekwonu, in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.

Interestingly, the talented player was raised in a family consisting of his twin brother, Osita, and two other siblings. His parents pictured below ensured they gave him the best education they could afford as he grew older.

Ikem Ekwonu's parents
Meet his father, Tagbo Ekwonu, and mother, Amaka Ekwonu.

Who is Ikem Ekwonu Girlfriend?

The offensive tackle has proven his worth on the football pitch time and time again. His rising popularity has stricken many fans with inquiries about his relationship status.

Of course, we can not deny the fact that talented athletes are mostly the centre of attraction for ladies in colleges. Moreso, Ekwonu is not an exception to this, as many beautiful ladies have fantasized about becoming his girlfriend or future wife.

Nonetheless, the football prodigy has placed more priority on his career endeavours. He considers any form of commitment to a romantic relationship as a means of breeding distraction in his football path, which is already blooming.

Hence, Ikem Ekwonu has no girlfriend at the time of compiling this biography. Eventually, he will meet the one person that his heart will desire with love and vigour along the line of his football expedition.

Ikem Ekwonu Family Origin:

A look at his skin gives valid proof that he is of African descent. Ekwonu’s father and mother (Tagbo and Amaka Ekwonu) are both Nigerians. They hail from the eastern part of the country, which is home to the third-largest ethnic group (Igbo) in Nigeria.

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Of course, the young player has heard his parents discuss the tales of the infamous Biafran war that led to the death of over three million Nigerians. Perhaps he would want to visit the country to learn more about his ethnicity someday.

Being born in Charlotte, North Carolina, makes him a citizen of the United States by birth. Nonetheless, everyone always falls back to find information about their roots and we believe Ekwonu will reach out to Nigerians to satisfy his curiosity about his origin, eventually.

Ikem Ekwonu Family:

Family and friends are the treasures that mean the world to Ekwonu. As far as he is concerned, his household comes first before any other thing. Over the years, the football player has made many happy memories with his parents, siblings and grandparents.

The athlete's family

He often puts on his best performance on game days because he knows that his family members are somewhere in the crowd cheering on him from the sidelines.

Ikem Ekwonu Father:

As earlier mentioned, his dad’s name is Tagbo Ekwonu. Mr Tagbo is a 6’6 doctor who moved from Nigeria to the US in search of greener pasture. Back in Nigeria, Ekwonu’s father played college basketball.

Even after many years, his experience as an athlete came in handy, as he usually explained to his boys the rudiments of sports while they were still growing up. Tagbo Ekwonu also ensures he is present at the pitch to support his sons.

The athlete's dad

The offensive tackle has maintained an excellent relationship with his father. They discuss things that matter in his life and often enjoyed each other’s company. Indeed, Ekwonu is never disappointed to have been raised by his dad.

Ikem Ekwonu Mother:

It appears that everyone in his family is affiliated with one sports activity after another. Ekwonu’s mother, Amaka, was an excellent athlete in track events when she was in high school.

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She is an amazing mother who is always present when her children needed her. Ekwonu’s mom is quite secretive about her personal life. Hence, she seldom uploads her picture on social media.

Irrespective of her personality, Amaka Ekwonu does not miss her sons’ games, neither does she turn down the opportunity to spend time with her daughter as pictured below.

Amaka Ekwonu and Adaora Ekwonu

Ikem Ekwonu Brothers:

To begin with, the athlete has three siblings who have also contributed to his success story. His fraternal twin brother, Osita, also plays college football as a linebacker at the University of Notre Dame.

Ikem Ekwonu's twin brother

Perhaps Ekwonu and Osita had a discussion about what dreams to pursue in their childhood days and ended up choosing the path of football. It’s quite fascinating seeing both of them perform excellently for their various teams.

You may probably find it difficult to differentiate between Ekwonu and his twin brother in the image below. The athlete also has an older brother who is passive in the pages of his biography.

Ikem Ekwonu twins Brother

According to their mother, Adaora, Ikem lightens the mood everywhere he goes. Hence, he is such a joker and has this happy spirit. On the other hand, his twin, Osita, is a lot more reserved. Their personality may be opposite but it complements each other.

Ikem Ekwonu Sister:

The athlete has a beautiful older sister who bears the name Adaora Ekwonu. She is an intelligent lady who enjoys spending her time on books instead of sports.

Adaora often watched out for her twin brother when they were little. It was actually a hard decision to make when the siblings had to leave their homes to pursue the life they dreamed of.

While Ekwonu and his brother pursued sports, Adaora delved into the medical line of study. She enrolled at the University of Chicago, where she graduated with a B.sc in Psychology and minor in Biochemistry premed.

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Ikem Ekwonu Sister

Ikem Ekwonu Early Life And High School:

Ekwonu grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he attended Providence Day School. He was so exceptional in sports that he received so many offers from prestigious schools.

Interestingly, Ekwonu committed to play college football at North Carolina State despite receiving offers from West Virginia, Virginia, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, and Maryland.

Ikem Ekwonu College Career:

Ekwonu started the last seven games of North Carolina State’s season as a left tackle. With his excellent prowess, he led the team with 37 pancake blocks and was named to the FWAA Freshman All-America team.

In his sophomore season, Ekwonu broke into his team’s starting lineup and played as a left guard. During the season, he was moved back to left tackle.

This gave him a privilege to yet again put up a brilliant performance. Hence, he led the Wolfpack with 22 knockdowns and 50 pancake blocks.

The offensive tackler's college career

Thanks to his performance, he was named second-team All-Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) at both tackle and guard by the Associated Press.

Ekwonu’s performance continued to earn him many more wonderful accolades. Of course, his contributions to his team would always be recorded down the lane of their success story.

At the end of the 2021 season, Ekwonu announced that he would forgo his remaining college eligibility to enter the 2022 NFL Draft.

Quick Facts About Ikem Ekwonu:

Full Name:Ikemefuna Ekwonu
Date of Birth:N/A
Place of Birth:Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Father:Tagbo Ekwonu
Mother:Amaka Ekwonu
Brothers:Osita Ekwonu
Sister:Adaora Ekwonu
Family Origin:Igbo ethnic group
Position:Offensive Tackle
Height:6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Weight: 320 lb (145 kg)