Jabari Smith Jr. Family (Father, Mother & Siblings), Girlfriend And Facts

Jabari Smith Jr. biography

Sportblis presents you with some amazing facts about Jabari Smith Jr. Our article covers Facts about his Girlfriend, Family, Parents (Jabari Smith Sr. and Taneskia Purnell), Siblings, and much more.

Jabari Montsho Smith Jr. is an American basketball player who plays college basketball for the Auburn Tigers. He was born on the 13th of May 2003 to his father Jabari Smith Sr. and mother, Taneskia Purnell in Georgia, US.

The young athlete has always been a reliable kid from his childhood days. His parents didn’t really pamper him. They gave him and his older brother, A.J., the opportunity to explore many things on their own.

Hence, the young boys remained energetic and excited to just grow up. Jabari Smith Jr. grew up playing both basketball and football. He was good at playing both games, even at a very tender age.

Struck by curiosity and boredom, Smith Jr. made his name in the kitchen. His mother had a friend who owned a bakery, and he would dial her in search of recipes.

On Saturdays, Jabari Smith Jr. would arrive in his pads with cake to share. Of course, both his teammates and friends loved his snacks. It wasn’t too long before his reputation in the neighborhood soared.

Interestingly, his teammates and their families kept on pouring in requests for more cakes on match days. As high school neared, the Power forward moved on from baking (and football) and poured himself fully into basketball.

Jabari Smith Jr. Family:

Smith hails from a sports-oriented family. It was only natural that he grew up walking in his father’s footsteps. Apparently, his dad Jabari Smith Sr. was a former professional NBA player.

According to the youngster, his parents and brother have been the driving force that has kept him going in his career endeavors. He also acknowledged the support of his grandma, auntie, and cousin in helping him succeed in basketball.

The first thing I probably picked up was a basketball. Watching my dad and older brother play I was like “I wanna do that” so I fell in love with that. I love working hard and competing. It’s like, what’s not to like?

The Inevitable Divorce of His Parents:

One of the most common problems we see in many families is divorce. The same situation plagued Jabari Smith’s home just when he was 10 years old.

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Back then, his father (Smith Sr.) and mother (Taneskia Purnell) filed a divorce lawsuit, which led to their separation in 2013.

Although Jabari’s parents ended their relationship on a sad note, they kept aside their personal feelings to raise him and his brother well. Hence, Smith Sr. and his ex-wife lived in close proximity while keeping their focus on the kids.

Jabari’s mom and dad never had any tug-of-war over sharing time with the kids. They were more determined to see the boys succeed than to think of their personal gain.

Occasionally, the Power forward’s parents would sit together on game days, as a unified front. Do you know?… Jabari got a cheat code with his dad because he tells him things that other people may not tell him.

Of course, the father-son relationship between them has influenced the youngster’s personality.

Jabari Smith Jr. Ethnicity:

Smith is a bonafide citizen of the United States. Like Anthony Edwards, he was born and raised in Georgia. However, his physique gives proof that he’s got a mixed Ethnicity.

Although there is not much information about his family origin at the time of compiling this biography, we believe that his ancestry has some link to Africa.

Jabari Smith Jr. Father:

The young athlete’s dad, Jabari Smith Sr., was also a veteran basketball player. He spent four seasons in the NBA before retiring from the game.

Jabari Smith Jr. Father

Because of his athletic background, Smith Sr. put his sons through drills in the driveway most mornings before school.

Even when his youngest son was only 5 years old, he had him run up and down hills in their neighborhood in Fayetteville, Georgia. Smith Sr. didn’t want his son to think anything would be handed to him.

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Hence, he instilled in his children the mindset of working hard to make it on their own. As Jabari grew older, his father had him play basketball against older kids.

There were days when the power forward will play against his Dad and other pros in some pickup games. This helps him learn how simple the pro games are. Hence, Smith gets to learn from the people he wants to be like someday.

One interesting fact about Jabari Smith Sr. is his ability to analyze his sons’ potential. He carefully observed Smith’s comfort level as a shooter and poured his energy into building his son’s jump shot through endless repetition.

Jabari Smith Jr. Mother – Taneskia Purnell:

Smith did not only have his dad to thank for his success story. His mom, Taneskia Purnell, has also played an integral part in helping him to excel in his basketball endeavors.

Jabari Smith Jr. Mother - Taneskia Purnell

While his father focused on building his athletic prowess, his mother gave him the moral support he needed to keep the wheel spinning. She often advised him to worry about today instead of thinking about what was next.

In her own ideology, if he can focus on what is important today, then he would walk into tomorrow as an even better person. Indeed, the motherly advice of Purnell helped shaped her son into a responsible and adorable young man.

Jabari Smith Jr. Siblings:

Growing up with his older siblings is one of Smith’s best childhood experiences. He was never bored and got to walk through good and bad times with his older brother, A.J.

The siblings were adventurous and always spent time together. They motivated each other in taking their basketball training with their father seriously.

Do you know?… Jabari Smith and his brother sometimes run sprints before school. It was their usual routine to practice rip-throughs and one-dribble pull-ups in the driveway.

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They have consistently maintained this routine since their childhood days. It’s such a pity that A.J. didn’t get to record a grand success in the basketball world like his younger brother.

Jabari Smith Jr. Girlfriend:

Of course, the athlete is old enough to maintain a healthy relationship. His exceptionalism in the basketball arena makes many female fans fall in love with him over and over again.

Despite his charming smile and cute looks, Smith seems to have taken the same path as Shaedon Sharpe. Even on his Instagram page, he has uploaded no picture that suggests he has a girlfriend.

Perhaps, he intends to focus on his career expedition at the moment or maybe, he has a girlfriend who he isn’t ready to disclose to the world. Whichever may be the case, we hope he finds the right person that will keep him happy.

Jabari Smith Jr. Facts:

1. Absolute Dedication to Basketball:

As a five-star recruit, Smith could have gone to the G League (like Jalen Green) or overseas on his way to the NBA draft, but he wanted to play in the SEC, where his father played at LSU.

2. Tattoos:

Jabari inked a tattoo on his chest that reads; “Forever Humble.” He often repeats the phrase to himself as a reminder to stay grounded and not look too far ahead as he navigates his existence in the world.

He’s close to reaching his NBA dream. Perhaps he may ink many more tattoos on his body when he gets to win more trophies and achieve record-breaking stats in the ensuing days of his career.

Quick Facts About Jabari Smith Jr.

Full Name:Jabari Montsho Smith Jr.
Nickname:Smith Jr.
Date of Birth:13th of May 2003
Place of Birth:Georgia, US
Father:Jabari Smith Sr.
Mother:Taneskia Purnell
Position:Power Forward
Height:6 ft 10 in (2.08 m)
Weight:220 lb (100 kg)