Jayson Tatum Family (Mother, Father & Son), Girlfriend And Facts

Jayson Tatum Family (Mother, Father & Son), Girlfriend And Facts

Sportblis presents you with some amazing facts about Jayson Tatum. Our article covers Facts about his Girlfriend, Family (Parents & Siblings), Son (Deuce), and much more.

Jayson Christopher Tatum Sr. is an American professional basketball player who plays for the Boston Celtics of the NBA.

He was born on the 3rd of March 1998 to his father Justin Tatum and mother Brandy Cole in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.

The iconic NBA player shared a close bond with his parents (especially his mom) from his childhood days. He always had a smiling face whenever he was in the company of his mother.

Jayson Tatum Childhood

Tatum aspired to become a basketball star since he was a little kid. He once disclosed to his teacher that his ambition was to become an NBA player.

Instead of encouraging the young lad, Tatum’s teacher laughed at his dream and told him to pick a realistic profession.

Of course, Tatum’s childhood dreams never remained a passing fantasy. But he worked so hard to ensure his aspirations came to pass.

Certainly, his teacher would either be wallowing in disbelief or regretting his actions for failing to believe in the possibility of his student’s ambition.

Do you know?… Jayson Tatum’s parents didn’t plan to have him before he was born into the world. Read on, to grasp the full story as well as many other fascinating facts about Tatum’s family life.

Jayson Tatum Family Story:

The athlete's Family
Tatum with his father, brother, sister, and son.

The athlete’s parents started dating when they were still in high school. They supported themselves and worked towards fulfilling their dreams.

However, a couple of months away from going to college, Tatum’s mom discovered she was pregnant with him. Back then, she was 19 years old and still lived with her mother.

Apparently, Brandy Cole kept her cool after realizing that her life was about to take a new turn as a mother. She never thought about terminating the pregnancy, nor did she consider dropping out of school.

Reminiscing on the entire issue, Nicole disclosed her reason for pushing forward with school in an interview.

I just didn’t want to be a statistic. Moreso, I didn’t want to take a semester off because I was afraid I would never go back. Hence, I put my head down and dug it out the whole way.

Brandy continued college and kept pursuing her dreams as an undergraduate in law school. During spring, she gave birth to Tatum and was back to class barely a week later.

Studying Law As a Single Mother:

Like Mikal Bridges, Tatum’s childhood was not always filled with the best of luxurious experiences. He lived with his mom in a house without any furniture.

Moreso, the young lad and his mother had to share the same bed for a few years. This happened after Brandy Cole moved out of her family house just when her boy turned six months old.

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Although the decisi0n to move out of her mom’s house was a difficult one, Brandy felt it was a necessary sacrifice that will give her and Tatum a lifestyle of their own.

Hence, she bought a tiny 900-square-foot two-bedroom flat in St. Louis’ diverse University City. There she lived with her son and focused on their career expedition.

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There were days when their bills were left unpaid and utilities were turned off. At one point, Brandy Cole sat helpless with tears rolling down her eyes after being served a notice of foreclosure.

Witnessing all these challenges, Tatum grew up determined to change the situation of his single mom. He dedicated his entire time to basketball and saw it as his only ticket to achieving a life of financial freedom.

While Brady routinely gets to school at about 6:30 am each day, her boy usually hit the gym at 5:45 am for training.

Their determination to succeed was fueled by the despair they felt when they had nothing. Jayson Tatum’s mom explained that those first few years of his life harbored their worst experience.

Jayson Tatum Ethnicity:

Being born in St. Louis, Missouri makes him a bonafide national of the United States. Tatum’s paternal ancestry is a mix of African and American family roots.

This is evident in the skin complexion of his father, Justin Tatum. Hence, he’s got a mixed Ethnicity from his paternal side.

Looking at the athlete’s mom, we observed some features that make us believe that her ancestry is of American and Asian heritage.

Check out her picture below and see the striking resemblance of the athlete’s mother to a typical person from Asia.

The NBA star and his single mom

What’s more?… Jayson Tatum’s birthplace is the second-largest city in Missouri. It is known for the Gateway Arch, which is the tallest monument constructed in the U.S. at 630 feet (190 m).

Facts About Jayson Tatum’s Mother – Brandy Cole:

Brandy Cole was born in April 1979 to her mom, Kristie Jursch. She was an athlete who aspired to become a professional volleyball player when she grew up.

Interestingly, the talented lady combined school with her sports endeavor so beautifully that the two activities didn’t limit her performance in any way.

Cole was raised single-handedly by her mother, who had her at a tender age. She was awarded a volleyball scholarship that would see her fulling her dreams at the age of 18.

Jayson Tatum's Mother
Jayson Tatum smiling with his mom and son.

However, she had to give up the opportunity after finding out that she was pregnant with Tatum. It was indeed one of the most difficult moments of her life.

She couldn’t reveal the fact about her pregnancy to her mother (Kristie Jursch), who had gone through a similar experience earlier on.

Nonetheless, the law of nature took matters into its own hands, and three months into her pregnancy, Cole couldn’t hide the fact from her parent anymore.

When Kristie Jursch learned about her daughter’s pregnancy, she reassured Brandy that they would go through the situation together. For about a week, Brandy Cole’s mom couldn’t stop herself from crying.

However, she became a happy young grandmother the moment Jayson Tatum was born. It is important to note that Brandy Cole also played a huge role in helping her son achieve his basketball aspirations.

Jayson Tatum Father – Justin Tatum:

The talented Celtic player is among the many NBA stars that were born to an athletic dad. Tatum’s father, Justin Tatum, was born on the 11th day of April 1979.

He grew up playing basketball and hoped to make it to the professional league someday. Hence, Justin started out his expedition in a similar manner to Tee Morant (Ja Morant‘s dad).

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Tatum’s dad studied at Christian Brothers College High School and graduated about a year before his birth. He continued his studies at Saint Louis University, where he played college basketball.

Jayson Tatum Father - Justin Tatum

Sadly, Justin never made it to the professional league. However, he became a basketball coach and worked as Soldan International Studies High School athletics director for six years.

Afterward, he became a gym instructor while working as the basketball coach for his former high school. Jayson Tatum’s dad also played an integral part in his upbringing. He often had a series of basketball training with his son.

Justin saw potential in the young lad and helped him hone his skill to become an excellent player among his peers.

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Jayson Tatum Brother – Jaycob Tatum:

Although he is the only child that was born to his mother, Jayson has two younger siblings from his father’s other relationship.

His younger brother, Jaycob Tatum, is also an athlete who plays American football. His dream is to establish himself as a formidable player in the NFL.

Although not much is known about Jaycob’s mom, we’ve seen him spending some quality time with his grandmother (Justin Tatum’s mom).

Jayson Tatum Brother - Jaycob Tatum

Jayson Tatum Sister – Kayden Tatum:

The cutest and youngest of the Tatum family is none other than Kayden Tatum, Jayson’s sister. Her smile is an antidote that keeps both her brothers and parents happy.

Kayden is the center of attraction in her family. Everyone is constantly doing their best to ensure she is always kept happy.

Growing up in a sport-oriented home, Tatum’s cute little sister didn’t allow herself to be left out of becoming a professional athlete.

Jayson Tatum Sister - Kayden Tatum

She became interested in basketball and hoped to follow in the footsteps of her father. Just as in the case of Paolo Banchero‘s family, everyone supported the young lady’s decision to play basketball.

Of course, Kayden will get all the help she needs from both her father and brothers as he begins her quest for success in the basketball world.

Jayson Tatum Girlfriend/Baby Mama:

It appears that Tatum has given his personal life the right attention. He has been involved in more than one relationship that we know of.

Jayson Tatum first fell in love with his high school sweetheart, Toriah Lachell. They both started out as friends but ended up taking their relationship to a whole new level as boyfriend and girlfriend.

The love bird enjoyed each other’s company and planned to have a future together. They even reportedly got engaged at some point in their relationship.

However, their love couldn’t stand the test of time as they broke up before Tatum even made it to the NBA.

Interestingly, the small forward’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend gave rise to the birth of a son who reminds them of the beautiful moments they had together.

Behold a beautiful picture of Toriah Lachell with their handsome son, Deuce.

Jayson Tatum Girlfriend & Baby Mama

Moving on from Heartbreak:

Of course, the couple’s separation took a toll on both of them. However, Tatum moved on in no distant time and found love again.

He had no idea that his ex-girlfriend, Lachell, was already pregnant before their breakup. During his college career days with the Duke Blue Devils, he met Samie Amos, a volleyball player, and fell in love with her.

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Jayson and his new girlfriend didn’t date for long before the news of Lachell’s pregnancy reached him. His new relationship immediately crumbled as he and Samie went their separate ways.

Tatum and his baby mama didn’t get back together. But they decided to maintain a mutual relationship to raise their son.

In 2020, it was rumored that Jayson Tatum was dating the R&B singer Ella Mai. This became the topic of discussion after they were both seen flirting on Instagram.

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As I write this Biography, there has been no precise information that verifies the veracity of the rumors concerning Jayson Tatum’s current girlfriend.

Facts About Jayson Tatum’s Baby Mama -Toriah Lachell:

Tatum’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his son, Deuce, is an entrepreneur and excellent hairstylist. She is passionate about hairstyling and specializes in making curly hair. Lachell owns a salon in Boston where she runs her business.

Do you know?… Toriah Lachell attended cosmetology school to improve her skills in her line of business. She is apparently a Deva curl as well as a Rezo Cut certified stylist.

Facts About Jayson Tatum’s Girlfriend – Ella Mai:

Ella Mai Howell was born on the 3rd of November 1994 to her father and mother in London, United Kingdom.

According to her wiki page, Ella’s maternal and paternal Ethnicity is of Jamaican and Irish roots, respectively.

Ella Mai

Mai was like Tatum, who didn’t have a sublime childhood. Although she grew up in a middle-class family background, she was bullied by different kids for her accent.

Following her family’s move to New York City, her mother took up a teaching job to make ends meet.

Do you know?… Jayson Tatum’s girlfriend was named after the American jazz musician Ella Fitzgerald because her mom loved jazz music.

It was as though her career part was already spelled out for her before she could even walk. However, her family struggled financially to have her excel in her endeavors.

Jayson Tatum Son:

The small forward’s son was born to him and his ex-girlfriend (Toriah Lachell) on the 6th of December 2017. He was given the name Jayson Tatum Jr. as well as the nickname Deuce.

Jayson was so happy to be a young dad. He often tags along with Deuce to the arena on game days. We’ve seen him show his cute little son how to do some tricks with the ball.

Perhaps, Deuce may aspire to play in the NBA like his father someday. Despite his young age, Jayson Tatum’s son has attracted many fans who enjoy watching his photos on Instagram.

No doubt, the NBA star has established a touching relationship with his son.

Jayson Tatum Son

Quick Facts About Jayson Tatum:

Full Name:Jayson Christopher Tatum Sr.
Nickname:Gold medal Jay
Date of Birth:3rd of March 1998
Place of Birth:St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
Father:Justin Tatum
Mother:Brandy Cole
Brother:Jaycob Tatum
Sister:Kayden Tatum
Ex-girlfriend/Baby Mama:Toriah Lachell
Son:Jayson Tatum Jr. a.k.a Deuce
Girlfriend:Ella Mai
Position:Small Forward
Height:6 ft 8 in (2.03 m)
Weight:210 lb (95 kg)