Juraj Slafkovsky Family (Mother, Father & Siblings), Girlfriend And Facts

Juraj Slafkovsky Family (Mother, Father & Siblings), Girlfriend And Facts

Sportblis presents you with some amazing facts about Juraj Slafkovsky. Our article covers Facts about his Girlfriend, Family, Parents, Siblings, and much more.

Juraj Slafkovsky is a Slovak professional ice hockey forward who plays for Turun Palloseura (TPS) of the Finnish Liiga.

He was born on the  30th of March 2004 to his father, Juraj Slafkovsky Sr., and mother, Gabriela Slafkovska, in Kosice, Slovakia.

Apparently, the young lad is one of the top prospects of the 2022 NHL Draft alongside Shane Wright and Logan Cooley. He has displayed an excellent level of hockey prowess since his childhood days.

The Slovak left-winger has proved to his countrymen that they can count on him and some of his peers to be the next generation of Slovakian stars.

Slafkovsky is currently on the path to possibly becoming the earliest Slovakian player ever drafted into the NHL.

Do you know?… Juraj Slafkovsky and Simon Nemec were the two 17-year-olds included on Team Slovakia in the 2022 Winter Olympics. This made him the youngest player to be in the tournament.

Despite his young age, the athlete finished the competition as the top scorer with seven goals in seven games. He led his country to their first-ever Olympic medal in ice hockey (a bronze medal).

Thanks to his performance, he was voted the MVP of the tournament. Of course, the left winger’s career expedition was rough, but he had his entire family’s support, which kept him going.

The athlete's MVP award

Juraj Slafkovsky Family:

Slafkovsky excelled in sports from a very young age. His parents never hindered him from any form of training that may obstruct his growth.

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Despite dedicating his time to many games, the Slovak player only came to a total conviction to pursue a professional career in hockey at the age of 15. His family was happy with the impact he was making among his peers.

It wasn’t too long before he moved from his home country to Finland in pursuit of his dream. Living all alone in a foreign country for the first time was more difficult for the young lad than he had anticipated.

What’s more shocking is the fact that he couldn’t do his laundry or cook. Those two skills became his worst nightmare.

However, Slafkovsky knew he could count on his mother, Gabriela, to guide him on how to cook or do his laundry. Hence, he communicated with his parents for guidance regularly.

Although he was far from home and lived in an apartment all by himself, he maintained a close bond with his dad and mom through constant phone calls.

Juraj Slafkovsky Ethnicity:

The hockey prodigy is a citizen of Slovakia and hails from Kosice, which is the second-largest city in his country.

He is more likely to belong to the Slovak ethnic group, which makes up about 80.7% of his country’s population. Interestingly, Juraj Slafkovsky’s place of origin (Kosice) is an important industrial centre for Slovakia.

It is home to the famous steel mill – U.S. Steel Kosice. Also, Slafkovsky’s hometown has extensive railway connections, an international airport as well as a preserved historical centre.

Juraj Slafkovsky Father:

One interesting feature about his dad is his height. Slafkovsky disclosed that his father, Juraj Slafkovsky Sr. has an incredible height while his great-grandfather was even taller with a height of over 2m.

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Slafkovsky Sr. has never imposed any career path on his son. He gave Juraj the freedom to choose the path he wants to follow.

The moment the athlete decided to pursue a career in hockey, his dad gave him maximum support and guided him on his expedition to achieving a successful career.

When Juraj was having a hard time in Finland, his father and mother visited him to help him adjust to his new life. They still count it as their responsibility to support him from the sidelines on several occasions.

Juraj Slafkovsky Mother:

The left-winger is not the only athlete in his family. His mother, who is about 1.83m tall, was a swimmer. Of course, she has transferred some of her athletic prowess to her son, who has become a sensational talent in ice hockey.

Juraj Slafkovsky Mother

Slafkovsky mom is Gabriela Slafkovska. She has always worked hard to ensure he had a comfortable life throughout his growing-up days.

After retiring from her athletic profession, Gabriela worked as a pilates and swimming instructor. She also competes for the Kosice Pro body triathlon team.

Juraj Slafkovsky Sister:

Although he seldom talks about his family, Juraj has a younger sister. She is also an athlete who enjoys swimming like her mother.

At the time of compiling this Biography, there has been no information about Juraj Slafkovsky’s sister. Hopefully, he will talk more about his family when he gets into the professional league.

Juraj Slafkovsky Girlfriend:

It’s quite amusing that the young lad has amassed so much love from his fans at a young age. There is no doubt that he has a good number of secret admirers who would love to be his girlfriend.

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In an interview, Juraj revealed that his fans write to him every day. He was just overwhelmed by the love they have shown him to date.

Notwithstanding, the young lad has posted no image on his social media that would suggest he has a girlfriend. Hence, he is probably single at the moment.

But if you think otherwise, kindly reach out to us with evidence of his existing relationship so that we can update his profile (thanks in advance).

Quick Facts About Juraj Slafkovsky:

Full Name:Juraj Slafkovsky
Date of Birth:30th of March 2004
Place of Birth:Kosice, Slovakia.
Father:Juraj Slafkovsky Sr.
Mother:Gabriela Slafkovska
Position:Left Wing
Height:1.92 m
Weight:102 kg