Kirk Cousins Wife (Julie Hampton), Family – Parents & Siblings

Kirk Cousins Wife (Julie Hampton), Family – Parents & Siblings

Sportblis presents amazing facts about Kirk Cousins Wife (Julie Hampton), Family, Parents, Siblings (Kyle and Karalyne Cousins), and much more.

Kirk Daniel Cousins is an American football quarterback who plays for the Minnesota Vikings of the NFL (National Football League).

The NFL star was born on the 19th of August, 1988, to his father, Don Cousins, and mother, Mary Ann Cousins, in Barrington, Illinois. The quarterback was the second of three children born to his humble family.

He began his football expedition right from his childhood days. Back then, Cousins was a multifaceted player who was good at playing football, basketball, and baseball.

When he came of age, his parents enrolled him at Holland Christian High School, which was about 187.9 miles from his hometown. Cousins was quite focused on his academics and also created time for sports activities.

While in high school, he played in the football team, featured as a third baseman in baseball, and played basketball for the Maroons athletic teams. The young lad kept impressive records in all sports but had to pick one above all.

Kirk Cousins

He decided to focus on football and committed to play collegiately at Michigan State. At the end of his college career, Kirk Cousins was selected by the Washington Redskins as the 102 overall pick in the fourth round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

The quarterback had a slow start to his professional career in the NFL. He had to wait for three seasons before he officially became a starter for his team.

Of course, his career expedition has seen a lot of difficult hurdles, but Cousins has been persistent in leaving his name in the history books of the NFL. He has won over three pro-bowl since the beginning of his professional career.

Kirk Cousins Wife – Julie Hampton:

Behind the talented quarterback is a gorgeous and hardworking wife who has supported him in his career expedition. Kirk Cousins met his partner, Julie Hampton, in 2012.

Back then, he had just been drafted into the NFL with no girlfriend. However, he soon linked up with Julie through a mutual friend and eventually fell in love with her.

As expected, Cousins began dating the damsel, who stole his heart in no distant time. They remained boyfriend and girlfriend for over one and a half years.

With their ever-growing love, the player knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Julie Hampton. Hence, he proposed to his girlfriend, who in turn gave him a positive reply.

This made Cousins one of the happiest men at that moment. All this event unravelled on the 22nd of November 2013, when the quarterback and Julie were on tour at the United States Capitol building.

Kirk Cousins Wife - Julie Hampton
Kirk Cousins with his wife, Julie Hampton.

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A few months later, the love birds tied the knot as husband and wife on the 28th of June 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. Since then, they’ve lived in love and harmony as one big family.

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Who is Julie Hampton, Kirk Cousins’ Wife?

Julie Cousins (formerly Hampton) was born in 1989 to her parents, Sue and Michael Hampton, in Alpharetta, Georgia. She is one of the five children born of the union between her dad and mom.

Julie Hampton siblings
Julie Hampton with her siblings.

Cousins’ wife has two older brothers, Scott and Steve Hampton, as well as two sisters, Melissa and Ansley Hampton. She grew up in a household that is passionate about treating animals well.

This is why Julie Cousins has been concerned with keeping pets her entire life. Aside from her unbreakable love for animals, she also had an unfathomable interest in studying.

Kirk Cousins' Wife, Julie Hampton
Kirk Cousins’ Wife, Julie Hampton.

Julie Hampton was a bookworm who was most concerned about her academic activities. She had always enjoyed sharing her ideas with both her teachers and classmates. Because of her love for knowledge, Julie aspired to become a teacher.

She studied at the University of Georgia and quickly pursued her dreams immediately after graduation. Cousins’ wife is currently fulfilling her aspirations by working as an elementary school teacher.

Kirk Cousins & Julie Hampton Children:

Cousins’ marriage to his wife was blessed with two children. The couple welcomed their firstborn son, Cooper Cousins, in September 2017.

Do you know?… When Julie was pregnant with Cooper, she and her husband lived in his parent’s basement during the offseason to cut their expenses on rent.

About a year later, Cousins landed a three-year contract with the Vikings that guaranteed him US$84 million. This turned his life around for good. Interestingly, he could afford a good home to care for his wife and raise his kids.

Julie Hampton and her husband were delighted to welcome their second son, Turner Cousins, in March 2019. They have been committed to caring for their children and ensuring they make the perfect parents for Cooper and Turner.

Kirk Cousins Children
Kirk Cousins with his wife (Julie Hampton) and Children (Cooper and Turner).

Julie Hampton Net Worth and Salary:

Indeed, Kirk Cousins’ wife is a hard-working woman who does so well to earn her own money. Although her Net Worth is still under review, we were able to come up with the probable salary that she makes annually.

Apparently, the average salary of an elementary teacher in the United States as of 2022 is $61,695. This gives a clear estimate of how much Julie Hampton makes on average.

Kirk Cousins Family:

The quarterback was born into a family with strong religious background. He is a practising Evangelical Christian who doesn’t joke with his faith. We’ve seen Cousins posting pictures of a Bible on his Instagram account.

Of course, his household is credited for raising him with a solid foundation in Christianity. However, they’ve also supported his gradual rise to stardom in football.

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Cousins’ family often went to the field to watch his games and cheer on him from the sideline. Their presence in the stadium gives the QB more confidence to play better on the pitch.

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Guess what?… Kirk Cousins is not the only accomplished athlete in his family. He’s got a cousin, Jake Cousins, who plays as a pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers of the MLB.

Moreso, Cousins’ grandfather, Ralph Woodard, played as a defensive end and tight end for the Hawkeyes in the 1940s. His great uncle, Dick Woodard, also played football as a center and linebacker.

Kirk Cousins Father – Don Cousins:

The quarterback’s dad is Don Cousins. He was an associate pastor and one of the founding leaders of Willow Creek Community Church – an American non-denominational Evangelical Christian megachurch founded in 1975.

As a pastor, Don Cousins ensured he raised his three children in line with his religious belief. He was indeed an excellent father that didn’t trade spending time with his kids for anything.

Don and his wife, Mary Ann, spent much time with their children and established an unbreakable relationship with them. Whenever the family was faced with challenges, their faith grew even stronger.

Kirk Cousins even disclosed that his father’s faith, guidance, and leadership meant a lot to him. It helped him grow into a religious and morally minded individual.

The quarterback's father
A throwback picture of Kirk Cousins with his Father, Don Cousins.

Kirk Cousins’ Dad (Don Cousins) Battled Cancer:

Mixing sports and religion makes some fans uncomfortable or even hostile towards their revered players. That was the problem that Cousins and his parents had to deal with when he gradually rose to fame in the NFL.

However, the biggest test of their faith arose when Cousins’ dad battled cancer in 2015. Don was diagnosed with metastatic squamous cell carcinoma and had to undergo treatments in late July.

During such a challenging moment when most faiths fail, Don Cousin still held on to his trust in God. His composure in the face of such a deadly ailment shocked many people.

Thankfully, Cousins’ dad endured treatment with radiation, two surgeries, and chemotherapy to defeat cancer and regain his health once again. He soon went to watch his son’s game, as he normally does.

Kirk Cousins' Dad, Don Cousins
A beautiful moment shared between Kirk and his dad after he had survived cancer.

Kirk Cousins Mother – Mary Ann Cousins:

Mothers often filled one of the toughest seats in any football stadium. This is because they experience a great deal of stress from the unhappy fans to the hard-hitting linebackers and angry linemen when the game isn’t going as planned.

Similarly, Kirk Cousins’ mom has also gone through such rough experiences over and over again. She’ve watched her son train very hard, get injured occasionally and still make efforts to succeed in football.

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Although it is quite difficult for Mary Ann Cousins to watch her son strive under such rigours, she understands that they are necessary to help him succeed in the sports he loves so much.

Kirk Cousins Mother - Mary Ann Cousins
Kirk Cousins celebrating with his Mother, Mary Ann Cousins.

Hence, she became Kirk’s biggest supporter and often cheered on him during training and match days. Moreso, Kirk Cousins’ mom has made many sacrifices for her children.

Like many other mothers, she gave up on her own dreams and goals to ensure her kids realised their biggest aspirations. Indeed, her unconditional love has become a driving force that helps Kirk work harder on his prowess.

Kirk Cousins Sister – Karalyne Cousins:

The quarterback is the second of three children born to his family. He’s got an older brother named Kyle Cousins and a younger sister named Karalyne Cousins.

Kirk’s sister graduated from college in 2013 and pursued a career in the medical line. After her graduation, the excited quarterback took to his Twitter handle to post about his sister’s achievement. He captioned the post with the statement;

Congrats to my sister on her graduation from Hope College today! Off to Med School next fall.

Kirk Cousins Sister - Karalyne Cousins
Kirk Cousins and his sister, Karalyne Cousins.

Kirk Cousins Brother – Kyle Cousins:

Kirk’s brother, Kyle Cousins, never got to play high school football. He was more interested in baseball and spent most of his time practising the game. Despite his passion for baseball, Kyle couldn’t make it to the MLB.

Nonetheless, he played college baseball as a pitcher at Holland Christian and Calvin College. Although Kyle didn’t play football in high school, he was his brother’s training partner in their early days.

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Hence, he spent hours with Kirk, running routes and developing his football skills. His athletic prowess acquired through many training with his brother came in handy at the second-annual Game ON! Alumni All-Stars touch football game at Holland Christian in 2016.

In the match, Kyle caught two touchdowns from Kirk Cousins and a two-point conversion, earning him the MVP of the game. The match ended with the former Maroons beating the former Grand Rapids South Christian Sailors, 43-40.

Kirk Cousins Brother - Kyle Cousins
Kirk Cousins laughing with his brother, Kyle Cousins.

Kirk Cousins Net Worth:

It is no longer news that the QB signed a three-year contract that guarantees him an earning of $84 million in 2018. This means he earned a massive annual salary of $28 million during the contract period.

In 2020, he sealed a 2-year contract extension with the Vikings worth $66 million and signed another one-year extension deal that guaranteed him $35 million in 2022.

Prior to his move to the Vikings, he amassed a total of $46.6 million in wages during his 5-year spell at Washington. On this note, we have estimated his 2022 Net Worth to be a whopping sum of $70 million.

Quick Facts About Kirk Cousins:

Full Name:Kirk Daniel Cousins
Nickname:Captain Kirk
Place of Birth:Barrington, Illinois
Date of Birth:19th of August, 1988
Father:Don Cousins
Mother:Mary Ann Cousins
Brother:Kyle Cousins
Sister:Karalyne Cousins
Wife:Julie Cousins (nee Hampton)
Children:Cooper Cousins
Turner Cousins
Net Worth:$70 million (2022 Stats)
Height:6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Weight:205 lb (93 kg)