Lamar Jackson Girlfriend (Jaime Taylor), Father, Mother & Siblings

Lamar Jackson Girlfriend (Jaime Taylor), Father, Mother & Siblings

Sportblis presents you with some amazing facts about Lamar Jackson. Our article covers facts about his Girlfriend (Jaime Taylor), Family, Father, Mother, Siblings, and much more.

Lamar Demeatrice Jackson Jr. is an American football quarterback who plays for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League (NFL).

He was born on the 7th of January 1997 to his father, Lamar Jackson Sr., and mother, Felicia Jones, in Pompano Beach, Florida. The young lad developed an unfathomable love for football in his childhood.

During his days at Boynton Beach High School, Jackson displayed an unrivalled prowess as a quarterback. Back then, he was quite popular amongst the students because of his exceptional athletic talent.

After high school, Jackson committed to play college football at the University of Louisville. He soon won the Heisman Trophy in his sophomore year, making him the first person to win it in Louisville’s history.

In the 2018 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens selected Lamar Jackson as the 32nd overall pick. Surprisingly, he quickly broke into the Ravens’ first-team squad in his rookie season, becoming the starting quarterback after replacing the injured Joe Flacco.

Jackson became the youngest NFL quarterback to start a playoff game at age 21. He won the league’s MVP in 2019, becoming the fourth African-American quarterback to win the award.

Lamar Jackson Girlfriend – Jaime Taylor:

The quarterback is like Deshaun Watson and Kyler Murray, who pays serious attention to his relationship life. He has been dating his long-time girlfriend, Jaime Taylor, since his college days at Louisville.

Jackson is quite lucky to have met the pretty damsel. She is always by his side to support him from the sideline during football games.

Moreso, Taylor has a calm personality that helps her keep her cool each time she reads terrible criticism of her boyfriend on the internet. She is the ideal wife any famous athlete would love to marry.

Lamar Jackson Girlfriend - Jaime Taylor

Do you know?… Lamar Jackson’s girlfriend is a Harry Porter fan. Hence, she dressed up as Harry for the 2019 Halloween.

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The quarterback and his girlfriend have kept details about their long-lasting relationship private. It’s not as if they are unsure of what they want in the relationship.

On the contrary, Jackson and Taylor are doing their best to protect themselves from the prey of media critics. This is one of the few reasons they have maintained a low-key love life.

Hopefully, Jackson might end up marrying his long-time girlfriend when the time is right. But for now, they are both enjoying their beautiful relationship without attracting so much attention or distraction.

Jaime Taylor’s Ethnicity?

Lamar Jackson’s girlfriend does not differ from him in complexion. She is an American citizen with black skin colour, which denotes she’s a black American. On this basis, Jaime Taylor’s Ethnicity is of African-American descent, like her boyfriend.

Lamar Jackson Daughter – Milan:

We all know that Jackson is fond of keeping his personal life private. This is one of the reasons no one caught wind of the existence of his cute little daughter, Milan.

During the 2021 Halloween, the quarterback took the bold step of revealing her to the world. He dressed her up as Pebbles from ‘The Flintstones‘ and uploaded her picture on social media before suddenly deleting it.

Lamar Jackson Daughter - Milan

The image of Jackson’s daughter caught the attention of his fans, who began asking questions about her mother’s identity. Interestingly, he only revealed the nickname of his pretty baby but said nothing about her mom.

For those who are still curious, his daughter’s nickname is Lani. At the time of compiling this Biography, it is not known if she is the child of Jaime Taylor (his girlfriend) or the daughter of a different woman.

Lamar Jackson Family:

The quarterback had a rough early life compared to the iconic NFL star Patrick Mahomes. Jackson and his family endured a series of tragedies in his childhood.

Sadly, he spent the later phase of his early days without a father figure. He had only his mother and siblings to rely upon while pursuing a career in football.

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Now that he has achieved a breakthrough in sports, he is happy to share his success with his entire household. Indeed, family means a lot to him.

Lamar Jackson Ethnicity:

The athlete is a native of Pompano Beach, a city known for its excellent fishing and boating. His black skin makes it obvious that his ethnicity is of mixed heritage, like Chris Olave and Ahmad Gardner.

In a nutshell, Lamar Jackson’s ancestry is of African-American descent. Notwithstanding, no detail has pointed to the exact part of Africa his ancestors hails from.

Lamar Jackson Father – Lamar Jackson Sr.:

On most occasions, fathers play a vital role in breeding the athletic potential of their kids. Sadly, Jackson didn’t get to enjoy this privilege like other athletes.

He was only eight years old when he lost his father and grandmother on the same day in 2005. It was quite a tragic experience that took a long time before the Jackson family recovered from the shock.

Growing up without a father figure was disheartening. But the quarterback’s mom did a good job in raising him and his siblings well. For the records, his dad’s name is Lamar Jackson Sr.

Lamar Jackson Mother – Felicia Jones:

The athlete’s mom is Felicia Jones. She is a caring woman who single-handedly catered to the need of her entire family after the death of her husband.

Jones doesn’t always speak to the media, but her impact on Lamar Jackson’s career achievements can never be overemphasized.

Seeing that her husband was no more, the courageous mom took up the responsibility of training her children. She was the childhood coach that taught Jackson how to develop his football prowess before turning pro.

Lamar Jackson Mother - Felicia Jones

Back in the day, the quarterback’s mother, Felicia Jones, took him and his brother on running drills. She even helped Jackson study the playbooks in his earliest career days.

Felicia Jones went from tackling her son in the yard to representing him as his manager ahead of the 2018 NFL Draft. She has always been level-headed and knew that Lamar had the potential to become a top-level football player.

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Over the years, Felicia and her son developed an unbreakable bond that made it easy for them to work together. The fact that Jackson’s mom knew the drill he needed to excel reveals a hidden story about her.

Although it is not often said in her bio, Felicia appears to be a talented athlete. That is the only logical explanation that justifies her ability to keep up with the rigorous training she made her kids observe.

Lamar Jackson Siblings:

Life would have been entirely lonely if the athlete had no brother or sister after his dad’s demise. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case as he grew up with his younger brother, Jamar, and two younger sisters.

On the night of the 2018 NFL draft, Jackson’s brother sent him a special message. Below were the words of Jamar Jackson to his older brother;

When we were younger, I always knew you were special. We always played, fought and even went to high school playing with each other. I’ve always loved you. Honestly, you make my life special.

Jamar said a bunch of other lovely words that we didn’t capture in the quotes above. But the endnote of his message explains how he and his brother are united by a strong bond.

As of 2019, Jackson lives in Owings Mills, Maryland, with his mother, brother, and sisters. There has been no information about his sisters at the time of compiling this Bio.

Quick Facts About Lamar Jackson:

Full Name:Lamar Demeatrice Jackson Jr.
Nickname:Smiley Face
Date of Birth:7th of January 1997
Place of Birth:Pompano Beach, Florida
Father:Lamar Jackson Sr.
Mother:Felicia Jones
Brother:Jamar Jackson
Girlfriend:Jaime Taylor
Height:6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Weight:212 lb (96 kg)