Logan Cooley Family (Mother, Father, Brothers, Sister), Girlfriend & Facts

Logan Cooley Family (Mother, Father, Brothers, Sister), Girlfriend & Facts

Sportblis presents you with some amazing facts about Logan Cooley. Our article covers Facts about his Girlfriend, Family – Father (Eric), Mother (Cathy), Brothers, and Sister.

Logan Cooley was born on the 4th of May 2004 to his parents in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. He is the youngest of three children born to his dad and mom.

Interestingly, the young lad was barely 2 years old when he first tried out skating on an outdoor rink. While growing up, his parents enrolled him in a series of learn-to-play sessions.

Back then, Cooley was a shy kid who looked quite fragile. His physique gave people the impression that he wasn’t good enough for the game even before they watch him play.

Most of the time, the athlete would insist that his parents stand close to the glass before he gets on the rink. In just a few minutes, Cooley would end up showcasing exceptional skills that would shock those who doubted his potential earlier.

It became a norm for the young lad to score at least three or four goals in a game. Yes, he has worked so hard to establish himself as a talent to be reckoned with in the game of hockey.

With consistency in training, Logan improved his prowess as he grew older. As destiny would have it, he became a revered youngster who was ranked the second-best North American skater by NHL Central Scouting.

Thanks to his dynamic and playmaking ability, he rose to prominence in the USA Hockey National Team Development Program. Moreso, he is amongst the top prospect in the 2022 NHL Draft alongside Shane Wright.

The hockey center

Logan Cooley Family:

The talented athlete hails from a family that has a track record with hockey. His brothers (Eric and Riley) were also exceptional players who had displayed a fair share of their sporting prowess on the ice rink.

Logan Cooley’s family lives on a plot of land in the east of Pittsburgh, which they refer to as the compound. Their uncle, John Mooney, and his family are their next-door neighbours.

In a feat to help his boys practice ice hockey regularly, Cooley’s dad (Eric) floored a slab of concrete at the bottom of his driveway with a 50 x 50 sheet of ice. It was his way of customizing a rink for his boys to train.

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Cooley’s uncle (Mooney) who was a former hockey player at Colorado College, soon built a new rink in the yard that features wooden boards and a refrigerated chiller to maintain the ice.

The new rink was an upgraded version of the one created by the athlete’s father. It gave both Cooley and his two brothers the opportunity to train with their three cousins, Ireland, Kaley, and LJ.

Training soon became an extended family affair, as Logan would team up with his brothers and cousins to compete against his dad and uncle.

Logan Cooley Father – Eric Cooley Sr:

The athlete’s dad has fulfilled his paternal duties by raising both Cooley and his siblings respectfully. His name is Eric Cooley, and he has been instrumental in the career expedition of his youngest son, Logan.

Do you know?… Eric Cooley is the owner of Ameri-Bin, a dump truck company that deals in waste and hauling services.

He was a busy man who still creates time to oversee Logan’s training in his earliest development stage. Eric Cooley also prioritizes watching his son’s games over many things.

Hence, he would clear out his schedules and embark on several stressful journeys just to watch his boy play on the rink.

It was indeed the stress he was willing to experience to cheer on Logan from the crowd in the Hockey Arena.

Logan Cooley Mother – Cathy Cooley:

Cathy Cooley has always had her son’s success in her best interest. She is a caring mother who is always worried about her Cooley’s safety whenever he steps on the ice.

Will he be free from fighting on the ice rink or will the puck mistakenly injure him on the face? Some of these worrying thoughts cross the mind of Logan Cooley’s mom when she watches him play hockey.

In case you are wondering why fighting is allowed in hockey games, check out this article to see the full reason.

Logan’s mother was an ice hockey fan. She enjoys every aspect of the sport and feels so happy to see her children doing well in the game. Interestingly, she is an alumnus of Washington and Jefferson College.

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Logan Cooley Oldest Brother – Eric Cooley:

The eldest son of the Cooley family was the first of his entire siblings to venture into the game. Actually, he started playing hockey at the age of 3.

During his earliest days in ice hockey, Eric always kept a balance between his sports and academic endeavors.

He was a diligent young man whose sense of responsibility was excellent. As a result, Eric Jr. worked for his father’s company while growing up.

Aside from ice hockey, he enjoys fishing and golfing with his friends and family members. Eric chose to wear No. 27 at Ohio State because it was the first number he wore when he started playing hockey.

Logan Cooley Oldest Brother - Eric Cooley
Meet Logan’s oldest Brother, Eric Cooley.

Surviving a Traumatic Injury:

After building a great reputation as an exceptional player in hockey, Logan’s elder brother almost lost everything in a split second.

As we all know, no one can guard against injury because it always arrives unannounced. In the same vein, the 16-year-old Eric didn’t perceive the impending danger he would face during a game in Michigan.

Back then, Cooley was only 10 years old when his brother got a traumatic injury that could have ended his hockey career.

It all happened when Eric was tripped from behind while skating with the puck on a breakaway. He tumbled toward the crease when the goalie dropped down to make a kick save.

At that moment, the disaster stroke as the goalie’s skate blade lacerated Eric’s right thigh. It severed the muscle and everything attaching it to his kneecap.

Eric needed 26 staples and 24 internal stitches to take care of the injury. He also had rest from all forms of hectic activities for 6 to 8 months to recover.

Of course, those darkest days were the scariest days of his career. The thoughts of never getting to play or pursue his dream due to injury scared him even more.

Motivation to Succeed:

Do you know?… Eric Cooley underwent several painful treatments during his injury predicament.

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It got to a point that a specialist used his hand to dig into the cut to break down the scar tissue inside Eric’s muscles and promote healing.

For many days, Eric endured limping to the dressing room, emergency surgeries, and mental anguish. Nonetheless, he didn’t give up on his dream.

As destiny would have, he became a reliable two-way forward for Niagara University and played in 130 games across four seasons (2017-2021).

Eric completed his college career with a final year at Ohio State. Thanks to his potential, he may be signing a deal that will see him play in an American Hockey League team soon.

Logan Cooley Siblings:

Aside from Eric, the hockey center also has another older brother (Riley) and a younger sister (Lauren). Riley is an exceptional player, like the rest of his brothers.

He went through the Pittsburgh Penguins Elite youth program and became a sensational player. Although his passion for hockey was enormous, Riley spent only a season in the North American Hockey League.

As I compile this Biography about Logan Cooley, there has been no information about his sister, Lauren. However, his brother Riley is currently following his mom into her work in the stock market.

Logan Cooley Girlfriend:

Apparently, we haven’t seen him taking any picture that would suggest he has a girlfriend. Moreso, Logan Cooley is like Matty Beniers and Owen Power who showed no interest in maintaining a relationship life before making it to the 2021 NHL Drafts single.

Despite all our speculations that he is likely single, we can not rule out the possibility that he may have a girlfriend whose identity hasn’t been introduced to his entire fanbase just yet.

Let’s hope Cooley ends up satisfying our curiosity by posting a photo of his girlfriend on his Instagram page soon.

Quick Facts About Logan Cooley:

Full Name:Logan Cooley
Place of Birth:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Date of Birth:4th of May 2004
Father:Eric Cooley Sr.
Mother:Cathy Cooley
Brothers:Eric Cooley Jr.
Riley Cooley
Sister:Lauren Cooley
Height:5 feet10 inches
Weight:174 lbs