Los Angeles Lakers History and Club Facts

Los Angeles Lakers History and Club Facts

Sportblis presents you with the history and intriguing facts of the Los Angeles Lakers. This article is a full overage of Los Angeles Lakers’ history, Trophies, achievements, greatest players and coaches as well as some facts about the club. Read on as we present you with intriguing information right from the basketball team inception till date.

Name: Los Angeles Lakers
Founded: 1947
City: Los Angeles

Los Angeles Lakers History:

Los Angeles Lakers was founded in the year 1947 by Ben Berger and Morris Chalfen of Minnesota. The team was created when Ben and Morris bought a disbanded team -Detroit Gems – of the National Basketball League (NBL) for $15,000. The extraordinary basketball team competed as a member of the Pacific Division and the Western Conference in the National Basketball Association (NBA) League.

A photograph of one of the founding fathers of Los Angeles Lakers - Ben Berger
A photograph of one of the founding fathers of Los Angeles Lakers – Ben Berger.

Immediately after purchasing the disbanded Detroit Gem, the newly formed basketball team started playing different games in Minneapolis. Consequently, they took pride in calling themselves the Minneapolis Lakers. Truth is, they added Lakers to the name of the metropolis where their home games were played. However, it is quite certain that in recent days the name of the team remains Los Angeles Lakers.

The first nine players and first two owners of the Los Angeles Lakers
The first nine players and first two owners of the Los Angeles Lakers. Credit: Dunkingwithwolves.

One interesting fact about the team is that they christened themselves the “Lakers” owing to the inspiration they got from Minnesota’s nickname – Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Earliest Team Experience:

Did you know?… Since the day of the Lakers’ inception, the team continued to compete in the League of their predecessor and won the 1948 NBL championship. Not too long after their first grand achievements, they joined the Basketball Association of America (BAA). Soon, they recorded a huge success in the BAA and won five out of the six next championship they participated in during their days at the BAA.

Although the Lakers went through a difficult and trying times, their resilience and commitment saw them through their hurdles. Over time, the team recorded huge success and great wins in several competitions. One of the tragic events experienced by the team in the 1960s was the crash-landing of their plane on their journey to St. Louis. Luckily, nobody on board was hurt.

Move to Los Angeles:

By the time the Lakers’ ownership was acquired by Bob Short, he decided to move from Minnesota to Los Angeles. Hence, his decision became the paramount reason why the Lakers became the NBA’s first West Coast team. Today, the Lakers are no longer known as Minnesota Lakers but are branded by the name of their current jurisdiction. Now the remain the invisible Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA.

Los Angeles Lakers Achievements and Records:

The Lakers have recorded a lot of achievements since the time of their inception. It is no longer news that the NBA team has won the championship sixteen times. Hence, they are considered as one of the most valuable teams in the history of the NBA. Today, the Lakers hold the second-highest win of the NBA championship. The table below summarises some of the achievements of the basketball team;

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AchievementsNo. of Wins
NBA Championships16
NBA Finals appearance31 times (highest in the NBA)
Playoff Games Won421 (highest in the NBA)

Los Angeles Lakers Net worth: $4.4 billion:

Over time, Los Angeles Lakers have amassed quite a fortune. Their financial proceeding and teams valuation has placed the team in the second position of the wealthiest team in the NBA. According to Forbes, the Lakers have been valued to have an estimated net worth of $4.4 billion.

Los Angeles Lakers Home Arena:

First Home Arena:

At the inception of the Lakers’ basketball team, they started playing their home matches at the Minneapolis Armory. The Arena had an 8,400 person capacity and was built for music and other event execution. Also, the arena was located in Minnesota which was the metropolis where the Lakers initially resided. Take a look at the Arena pictured below.

The interior and exterior view of the Minneapolis Armory Arena
The interior and exterior view of the Minneapolis Armory Arena. Credits: Pinterest and startribune.

Subsequent Arenas:

Upon moving to Los Angeles, the Lakers played their home games at The Forum in Inglewood California for 32 seasons, which is from 1967 to 1999. The Forum was located at the southwestern part of their current home arena with an approximate distance of 10 miles. Take a look at the beautiful Sports arena – The Forum.

Take a closer look at The Forum Arena. Isn't it beautiful
Take a closer look at The Forum Arena. Isn’t it beautiful. Snapsshot: Theblast.

It is no longer news that the current home arena of the Lakers is Staples Center. However, the arena is not only utilized by the Lakers to play their home games. It is also the sporting arena used by the Los Angeles Clippers to play their home games. Staples Center is located in Los Angeles. Furthermore, it has up to 18,997 seats which could accommodate spectators during the home games of the Lakers. Below is a picture of the current Los Angeles Lakers’ home arena.

Staples Center
The current home Arena of Los Angeles Lakers – Staples Center. Image: Bizjournals.

Los Angeles Lakers Greatest players:

When you take a closer look at the players in the prestigious basketball team, you would agree with me that the team has recruited a ton of outstanding players. However, some of these players have recorded success beyond the comprehension of an average player. Below is the list of five players of the Los Angeles lakers who have recorded an outstanding performance for the team:

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1. Kobe Bryant:

Bryant is considered by many fans to be the greatest Laker of all time. The Mamba – as he is called – has participated in several matches for the Lakers. Consequently, he has won five championships in Los Angeles. Adding to his accomplishments, Kobe Bryant has also won the NBA most valuable player on numerous occasions. Finally, Bryant has made a total of 15 All-Star appearances throughout his basketball career.

Meet the greatest player of the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant
Meet the greatest player of the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant. credit: Latimes.

2. Magic Johnson:

Another extraordinary Laker is Magic Johnson. His performance is the reason why many fans always refer to him as the second-greatest Laker of all time. Just like Bryant, Johnson has participated in the All-Star games. However, he has only made 12 appearances in the competition.

Magic Johnson
See how Magic Johnson handles the ball. His performance was astonishing. Image: Sbs.

He has kept an astonishing record of averaging 11.2 assists per game, a feat which is considered the greatest assist record in the NBA history. Lastly, Magic Johnson has won three NBA Finals MVP awards, three MVP trophies, and five championship titles.

3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar:

Each time the name of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is echoed in an arena, all that grips their potential opponents is fear. The Laker is known for his offensive as well as his defensive rebounds and blocks. Abdul-Jabbar has also led the franchise to win five championships during his 14 seasons with them.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Credit: Bestsportsphotos.

4. Wilt Chamberlain:

Even though Chamberlain has won only one championship with the Lakers, he has kept an unbreakable record of averaging 19.2 rebounds per game. Also, he has made a great achievement of winning four MVP awards and one NBA Finals MVP. However, none of his regular-season Most Valuable Player awards came with the Lakers. Most importantly, the Chamberlain averaged 30.1 points throughout his professional career.

Wilt Chamberlain
Wilt Chamberlain. Image: Aaregistry.

5. Shaquille O’Neal:

Another unstoppable Laker is O’Neal. Big Diesel as he was nicknamed has made quite an outstanding performance since his arrival to the Los Angeles Lakers. He played alongside Kobe Bryant and has won three championships in Los Angeles. O’Neal has also won NBA Most Valuable Player and made an unparalleled effort to support the team throughout his days with the Lakers.

Shaquille O'Neal
Shaquille O’Neal. Photoshoot: Huffpost.

Los Angeles Lakers Greatest Coaches:

Did you know?… Los Angeles Lakers have had only 22 coaches since the time of their inception till 2020. Truth is, most of the coaches have come up with different strategies of propelling the team to a greater height. However, few out of all the coaches have recorded a mind-blowing success. Some of the coaches that have made outstanding contributions to the Lakers are; Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, John Kundla, Bill Sharman, and Del Harris to mention a few.

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1. Phil Jackson:

Today, Phil Jackson is arguably considered as the greatest coach of all-time in the history of the Los Angeles Lakers. Surprisingly, the Zen master has made an outstanding recording of winning five championships and seven NBA Finals with the Lakers. His commitment to ensuring that his team turned out to be invincible in the game is Unparalleled. Consequently, he led his team into 610 wins and 181 playoff victory, a record that is second to none in the history of the team.

Phil Jackson
Phil Jackson. Picture by: Twitter.

Los Angeles Lakers Facts:

In order to wrap up our Los Angeles Lakers History and Club Facts, here are some other important information that would help you get a full understanding of the NBA team.

Fact 1: Hall of Famers:

Their outstanding performance earned them quite a fortune. Today, Los Angeles Lakers now have a total of 34 Hall of Famers. To break it down, the Hall of Famers comprises 3 contributors, 1 head coach, 1 assistant coach, and 26 players.

Fact 2: NBA MVP Awards:

Throughout the history of their participation in the National Basketball Association (NBA) competitions, four Lakers have won NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards. They include; Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kobe Bryant.

Fact 3: Longest Winning Streak:

One of the unforgettable performance that was displayed by the Lakers is their winning streak in the 1971-72 season. For the records, the team made an outstanding 33 straight games win, a feat that was considered invisible in the history of the NBA. To date, no team in the NBA has broken their record, thus, they still remain the team with the longest winning streak.

Fact 4: Historical Rivals:

You would agree with me that every team always has a rival that competes intensely against it. In the case of the Los Angeles Lakers, their greatest rival in the history of NBA basketball is Boston Celtics. The two teams have met on countless occasions and had a fierce battle with each other. Notwithstanding, after the era of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, their rivalry became less intense.

Furthermore, the Lakers also had several other rivals throughout their history in the NBA basketball. To begin with, their rivalry with the Detroit Pistons originated in the 1980s. Secondly, their competition with the Los Angeles Clippers goes down the history lane. Funny enough, the Lakers and the Clippers rivalry is quite unique since they both share the same arena. Finally, in the late 1990 and early 2000s, the Lakers developed a rivalry bond with San Antonio. It turned out their rivalry was not as intense as the ones previously mentioned.

Los Angeles Wiki:

Finally, below is the wiki data of the Los Angeles Lakers which would help you gain quick access to information about them. Take look at a summary of Los Angeles Lakers History and Club Facts in the wiki-table below.

Wiki InquiriesAnswers
NameLos Angeles Lakers
Nick NameLakers
Net worth$4.4 billion
LocationLos Angeles
Hall of Famers34
ArenaStaples Center
President Jeanie Buss
General managerRob Pelinka


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