Who Is Nancy Arreola, Luis Cessa Girlfriend, Family (Parents & Siblings)

Luis Cessa biography

Sportblis presents you with some amazing facts about Luis Cessa. Our article covers Facts about his Girlfriend (Nancy Arreola), Family, Parents, Siblings, and much more.

Luis Enrique Cessa is a Mexican professional baseball pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds of Major League Baseball (MLB). He was born on the 25th of April, 1992 to his mother, Lilia Gasperin and father, Enrique Cessa in Cordoba, Mexico.

Although the MLB icon was born in Cordoba, Veracruz, he grew up in Cárdenas, Tabasco, with his siblings. Of course, his childhood was not all rosy as he grew up in a middle-class family background.

Having given a preamble about his Biography, let’s delve into Luis Cessa’s relationship life.

Luis Cessa Girlfriend – Nancy Arreola:

Like Tyler Wade and Christian Yelich, it took Cessa a long time to establish himself as a talented baseball player. After getting his rhythm on the pitch, Cessa decided to give his relationship life the attention it deserves.

As destiny would have it, he met the pretty damsel Nancy Arreola in 2016. They both began dating and loved each other so much.

Arreola was a dependable woman who prioritizes Cessa’s career endeavor over anything. She was always supportive and even accompanied him to the pitch on game days.

The pitcher and his girlfriend

You can imagine the kind of effort Cessa puts into his game when he knows that his girlfriend was supporting him from the sideline. It was indeed a beautiful sight to behold.

Who is Nancy Arreola (Luis Cessa Girlfriend)?

Nancy is a talented journalist who has achieved many feats in her career life. Although her year of birth is still unknown, she celebrates her birthday on the 12th of October each year.

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Of course, Luis never ceases to celebrate her birthday and reminds her of how much he loves her so much. Nancy Arreola’s dedication to her job as a journalist never went unnoticed.

She was exceptional in her field and has won the Emmy Award once. Below is a picture that shows her glamourous appearance when receiving the award.

Nancy Arreola award

Do you know?… The Emmy Awards are awarded for artistic and technical merit in the television industry. It is considered one of the four major entertainment awards in the United States, the others being the Grammy, the Oscar, and the Tony.

Luis Cessa Wife – Nancy Arreola:

After about five years of dating, Cessa and his longtime girlfriend were convinced that they wanted to spend the rest of their life together. Hence, the baseball pitcher proposed to his partner on the 20th of April 2021.

Luis Cessa engagement

Just as you have imagined, her response to his request to marry her was positive. They both remained happily engaged and planned for their wedding.

The day for Lusi Cessa and Nancy Arreola to become husband and wife came a few months later as the love birds tied the knot on the 13th of November 2021.

Cessa was full of so much joy as he married the woman who has always made his heart beat faster. Here is what he wrote about the entire episode on his Instagram page.

Grateful to life for putting a woman like you on my path and joining you for life. I love you my love today we begin a new stage in our lives and I hope it is the beginning of something eternal!! Love you.

Luis Cessa Wife

Luis Cessa Family:

Cessa doesn’t take family matters for granted. He loves every member of his household. I’m not talking about his parents and siblings alone. Apparently, the baseball player also spends time with his relatives.

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We’ve got a photo that shows Cessa visiting the ranch with his cousins. Take a look at the beautiful family reunion from long ago.

Luis Cessa Family

Luis Cessa Father – Enrique Cessa:

The pitcher has always been closest to dad, Enrique Cessa. He was so delighted and moved to tears when he saw his father dancing with his older sister, Leislye Cessa Gasperin, during her wedding.

Despite their unbreakable father-son bond, Cessa seldom talks about his dad. Interestingly, Luis Cessa’s father has always supported his career endeavors with great words of wisdom.

Of course, he is happy with how far his son has made it in baseball. Check out the rare image of Cessa’s dad below.

Luis Cessa dad

Luis Cessa Mother – Lilia Gasperin:

The love of mothers can never be overemphasized in the lives of their children. So also is the case of Lilia Gasperin who cherishes her son so much.

Luis Cessa’s mom is one of his family members who has remained passive in his Biography. Even though he doesn’t talk about her all the time, we can see that she raised him into a humble, fine man.

Just like his father, Cessa’s mom will also be proud of his achievements.

Luis Cessa Siblings:

The most notable amongst his entire siblings is his sister, Leislye Cessa Gasperín. She has always been a part of his life since his childhood days.

As earlier mentioned, Cessa cried tenderly on the wedding day of his sister. His tears and excitement showed how much he loves and cherishes her.

At the time of compiling this Biography, there has been no information about his brothers or other sisters.

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Luis Cessa sister

Quick Facts About Luis Cessa:

Full Name:Luis Enrique Cessa
Place of Birth:Cordoba, Mexico.
Date of Birth:25th of April, 1992
Father:Enrique Cessa
Mother:Lilia Gasperin
Sister:Leislye Cessa Gasperín
Wife:Nancy Arreola
Net Worth:$1.5 Million (2022 stats)
Height:1.83 m (6 feet and 0 inches)
Weight:94 kg