Marcus Smart Brothers (Jeff, Todd, & Micheal), Parents & Girlfriend

Marcus Smart Brothers (Jeff, Todd, & Micheal), Parents & Girlfriend

Sportblis presents amazing facts about Marcus Smart Family – Brothers (Jeff, Todd, & Micheal), Parents (Billy Frank Smart and Camellia Smart), and Girlfriend.

Marcus Osmond Smart is an American basketball point guard who plays for the Boston Celtic of the NBA (National Basketball Association).

He was born on the 6th of March, 1994, to his father, Billy Frank Smart, and mother, Camellia Smart, in Flower mound, Texas, United States. Sadly, the young lad had a rough childhood growing up in a crime-ridden area.

Smart was an excellent sportsman with diverse talent from his early days. Along with basketball, he played tennis and youth football until 6th grade.

Marcus Smart Career Life:

Although the promising athlete gave up on other sports to focus on basketball, he still plays tennis in his spare time. Smart started his basketball career at Edward S. Marcus High School in Flower Mound, Texas.

He was a wonder kid on the court and attracted many eyeballs to his unrivalled skills. Thanks to his performance, many universities offered him scholarship opportunities.

After high school, Marcus Smart committed to play college basketball for the Oklahoma State Cowboys. During his days with the team, he won the USBWA National Freshman of the Year, among many other accolades.

Marcus Smart Career Life

As he continued to impress spectators with his brilliant skills, many scouts were on the lookout to get him into their team. Hence, Marcus Smart was selected by the Boston Celtics as the 6th overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft.

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Entering the NBA was a dream come true for the youngster who didn’t fail to impress his devoted fans. Smart was a hustler on the court and often dived for loose balls, earning him the nickname “The Cobra“.

He plays both shooting guard and point guard positions. Moreover, Smart has an elite basketball IQ, quick hands and physicality that have established him as an aggressive player on the court.

Marcus Smart Family & Ethnicity:

There is a bit of a sad story behind the family of Marcus Smart. However, his close-knit family rarely sulked despite the tragedies that befell them. Smart’s mom and brother were ravaged by illnesses, which eventually took their lives.

It is quite surprising that he still ended up a superstar after enduring the pain of losing his loved ones to sickness at a young age.  

Moving on to his heritage, Smart is an American citizen with Afro-American ancestry. His appearance is enough to prove that he’s got mixed ethnicity. Read on as we unveil facts about his entire family members in this section.

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Marcus Smart Mother – Camellia Smart:

The point guard’s mom, Camellia Smart, was born in 1955. She was such a wonderful and loving mother who cared for her kids.

Before Camellia met Smart’s dad, she had already given birth to two sons, Todd and Jeff Westbrook. Marcus Smart’s mom taught him well about morality and good ethics from his childhood.

It’s all thanks to her teaching that the young lad didn’t give into the negative lifestyle that beclouds his neighborhood.

Marcus Smart Mom - Camellia Smart
Marcus Smart and his mom, Camellia Smart.

Do you know?… At the age of 9, Smart vowed to repay his mother’s kindness by buying her a house. At first, Camellia doubted her little boy. But he worked so hard to make his promise a reality.

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The once-healthy Camellia fell ill and underwent a quadruple bypass surgery in 2015. It appears that she had also suffered from a kidney stone which ate up one of her kidneys in her late 30s.

As a result, Camellia had to live with one kidney for over two decades. Her condition compelled her to go for kidney dialysis three times a week late in life.

Smart’s mother was eventually diagnosed with cancer, which she battled until she drew her last breath in September 2018. While she was alive, Camellia was in constant communication with her youngest son.

She often called Smart after his games to share some critiques about his performance. Indeed, the point guard’s mom was his biggest fan in her lifetime.

Marcus Smart’s Tattoos in Honour of his Mom:

After the death of his mother, Smart got a new tattoo in honor of her memory. On his right forearm was inked the date of his mother’s death (9-16-18) in three dice.

The tattoo also comprises his mom’s name, Camellia, inked very close to his wrist. Marcus Smart’s tattoo has the words “God loves you, I love you” inked around the three dice.

Marcus Smart Tattoo

Marcus Smart Father – Billy Frank Smart: 

The athlete’s dad, Billy Frank Smart, was born in 1947. He was married to Smart’s mother for over 43 years until her death in 2018. Billy Frank’s marriage to his late wife resulted in the birth of Michael and Marcus.

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Of course, he has been supportive of his son’s career, like everyone else in the family. Nonetheless, Smart’s father has grown so old and feeble to be consistently present at the arena to watch his games.

Marcus Smart dad and mom
Marcus Smart with his parents.

Marcus Smart Half-Brothers – Jeff & Todd Westbrook:

Smart has two older half-brothers, Todd and Jeff Westbrook, born to his mom in her previous relationship. Interestingly, the NBA star idolises his older brother, Todd, who was also a talented basketball player.

Indeed, Todd was a born athlete with great potential. He played guard for Lancaster High in the 1980s and was destined to play in the NBA more than any member of his family.

Thanks to his exceptional performance, stories about his exploit in high school basketball were passed down to his younger siblings. This made Marcus look up to him all the more.

Sadly, the promising athlete who was born in 1971 was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 15. This happened about eight years before Marcus was born.

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Todd had to live with the ailment for about 18 years. He struggled in pain and underwent harsh surgeries to get rid of the tumor behind his eye. However, the tumor soon spread to his lungs and then his stomach.

Eventually, Todd Westbrook lost his life to cancer on the 9th of January 2004 at the age of 33. There has been no information about Marcus Smart’s second half-brother, Jeff Westbrook.

Marcus Smart Brother – Micheal Smart:

Michael Smart has the same biological father and mother as Marcus. He was also a talented basketball point guard who played for Lancaster High.

Sadly, the promising young lad spiralled into a world of drugs, guns, and gangs. At the age of 19, Michael became linked with the Bloods street gang.

He wanted to work the streets and earn as much as $8,000 per week – a feat he saw his friends achieve in no time.

Hence, he plunged into a lifestyle that almost took his life and made $2,500 per week, pimping women as well as selling crack and other drugs.

It was only a matter of time before Marcus Smart’s older brother found himself in possession of at least five firearms to protect himself. Back then, he had a TEC-9, a .40 and .45 caliber, a 12-gauge shotgun, and an AK-47.

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Despite his young age, the 10-year-old Marcus would remind Michael that their mom did not need a late-night call telling her he was found in jail or, worst, six feet under. Moreso, she had already lost a son.

It was a difficult struggle for the Smart family, having lost a son to cancer and another being ravaged by drugs. After surviving a drug overdose and being bedridden for months, Michael was ready to change his ways.

Although he couldn’t completely give up his street life, he never sniffed cocaine again. Michael also did his best to keep Marcus from that lifestyle and told gang members to leave the NBA star alone.

Marcus Smart Girlfriend – Maisa Hallum:

The point guard has done well in shielding his personal life from the eyeballs of many fans. Nonetheless, he hasn’t completely kept his relationship life private.

On this note, Marcus Smart was reportedly believed to have dated Maisa Hallum. Their love story seems to have started in 2018, with the couple flaunting their pictures on Instagram.

Marcus Smart Girlfriend - Maisa Hallum
Marcus Smart and his ex-girlfriend, Maisa Hallum.

Although the NBA star made no official statement to proclaim Maisa Hallum as his girlfriend, fans picked up clues from his photos with the damsel.

Sadly, the cute couple were believed to have separated after they unfollowed each other on social media. However, there have been recent rumors that Marcus and his supposed ex-girlfriend have reunited.

Who is Maisa Hallum, Marcus Smart’s Girlfriend?

Maisa Hallum is a visionary entrepreneur who founded Sousa Swim. She works as the creative director of her swimsuit brand and has revolutionised her designs.

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Smart’s ex-girlfriend is a Christian and has Afro-American ethnicity. There has been no information about her birthplace or birthday, but we believe she is in her late 20s.

The Businesswoman makes, on average, $133,500 per year. Her earnings is two times the average salary of an average American citizen. From this financial detail, we have estimated Maisa Hallum’s Net Worth to be less than $1 million.

Quick Facts About Marcus Smart

Full NameMarcus Osmond Smart
NickanameThe Cobra
Date of Birth6th of March 1994
Place of BirthFlower Mound, Texas, United States
FatherBilly Frank Smart
MotherCamellia Smart
BrothersJeff Westbrook, Todd Westbrook, and Michael Smart
GirlfriendMaisa Hallum
PositionPoint Guard/Shooting Guard
Height6 feet and 3 inches (1.91m)
Weight220lbs (100Kg)