Who is Jessica Trout, Mike Trout Wife, Family (Father, Mother & Siblings)

Mike Trout Wife and facts

Michael Nelson Trout is a professional American baseball centre fielder who has made his mark in the MLB. There is rarely a time when baseball fans talk about their most beloved player without mentioning the name of the veteran athlete.

In this article, we shall unveil a lot of interesting facts about the centre fielder. First of all, let’s enlighten you about his wife and relationship life.

Mike Trout Wife – Jessica Trout:

As the saying goes, behind every successful man is a woman, so also does the wife of Mike Trout stand solidly as his support. Her name is Jessica Tara Trout, and she is the woman who has captured his heart from time immemorial.

Mike Trout and his wife Jessica have known each other as far back as their high school days. They were high school sweethearts who enjoyed each other’s company as boyfriend and girlfriend.

In 2009, Mike Trout and his girlfriend turned wife went to Prom together. Below is a throwback picture of the outfit they wore to prom back in the good old days.

Mike Trout girlfriend

Their love story stood the test of time for so many years. On the 28th day of June 2016, Mike surprised his girlfriend (Jessica) as he popped the big question that led to their engagement.

Interestingly, he had an airplane write it out in the sky and got a YES for an answer. The couples took their relationship to the next level as they tie the knot in December 2017.

Mike Trout wife

Mike Trout Children:

The marriage between Trout and his wife, Jessica, was blessed with a cute boy born on the 30th of July 2020. No word can explain the joy that filled the centre fielder’s heart as his new home was blessed with a son.

he and his wife named their little boy Beckham Aaron Trout. As expected, Trout and Jessica often took to their Instagram page to post some beautiful pictures of their child. Indeed, they are happy and proud to be a parent.

Mike Trout wife and children

 Interesting Facts About Mike Trout Wife – Jessica

1. Jessica Trout Bio:

Jessica Trout was born on the 5th day of October 1989 at Millville, New Jersey, US. She bears the nickname Jess while her actual birth name is Jessica Tara Cox.

2. Jessica Trout Height And Weight:

Jessica Trout has a height that measures up to 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) tall. On the other hand, she weighs only 59 kgs (130 lbs). This gives her a beautiful slender body build with a perfect stature of a model.

3. Jessica Trout Parents:

Although the names of her parents remain anonymous to the entire MLB fanbase, Jessica’s father and mother have played an integral role in her life. Of course, they did their best to instil in her good morals.

Jessica Trout Parents

Now, she has grown into an admirable woman worthy of marrying the revered baseball prodigy. Jessica Trout’s mom and dad got wedded in June 1988 and celebrated their 30 years anniversary in 2018. They’ve lived together in love and harmony, cherishing the blessing of each new dawn together.

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4. Jessica Trout Brothers:

The centre fielder’s wife has two brothers, namely Aaron and Kyle Cox. Like her husband, Aaron is also a professional baseball player. In 2017, he tested positive for a banned stimulant (Ritalin) in the MLB. This got him suspended for 50 games.

Jessica Trout brothers

Upon his return to the League, Aaron performed even more excellently but retired quite early. The truth remains that he couldn’t fight off the depression that was silently killing him.

Hence, Aaron took his own life shortly after his retirement. His tragic death plagued both Jessica and the rest of her family.

Mike Trout’s wife organised an Out of the Darkness Walk on the 12th of October 2019 at Cooper River Park in Pennsauken. Here is the purpose of the movement;

Our goal is to raise funds for research, education, advocacy and support for those affected by suicide, as well as open up the dialogue about mental health and break down some of the stigmas associated with both.

If we can help just one person struggling with thoughts of suicide and keep their family from experiencing the overwhelming pain of losing a dear loved one, then it will all be worth it. Always remember, you are loved. You are worthy. You are not alone.

The younger brother of Jessica, Kyle Cox, graduated from Gannon University in 2018. While in college, he also played baseball. Take a look at a rare picture of Kyle together with the rest of his family.

Jessica Trout brother

5. Profession And Social Media Presence:

The wife of Mike Trout is surprisingly a middle school teacher by profession. She teaches at the Dennis Township School Board in New Jersey. Interestingly, Jessica is verified on Instagram with more than 56,000 followers.

6. Jessica Trout Pets And Hobbies:

Right from her childhood days, Jessica has shown profound interest in horse riding. It is her most cherished hobby. Sometimes, she takes her horse for a walk or a trail ride. Here is the image of one of her nice lazy adventures with her horse on a Sunday.

Mike Trout wife - Jessica Trout

The athlete and his wife are dog fanciers. They actually have a mini Aussie named Josie and a fluffy white pup named Juno. Below is a picture of the couples with their cute looking pets.

Mike Trout and Jessica Trout Pets

Mike Trout Family:

The baseball player has not only leaned on his wife for support in times of difficulties. Even before he met Jessica, Trout has always received so much love from his parents and siblings.

They are the reason he was able to pursue a career in Baseball. Indeed, his family has showered him with unconditional love right from his childhood days.

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Mike Trout Father:

Mike Trout’s dad is Jeff. He was born on the 7th day of January 1961. Interesting, Trout’s father played baseball at the University of Delaware. He was so good at the game that he hit .519 as a senior in 1983 – a feat that ranks as the fourth-highest in NCAA history.

Trout’s father was drafted by the Minnesota Twins in the fifth round of the 1983 Draft. After playing in the Minor League for about 4 years, his career came to an end quite too early because of several injuries.

Perhaps you didn’t know that Jeff walked away from baseball when he was still 25 years old. Thanks to his experience, he raised Mike into becoming a great player with a perfect understanding of the technicalities of baseball.

Mike Trout father

Mike Trout Mother:

The athlete’s mom is Debbie (Busonick) Trout. As expected, Mike’s Mother has put her soul into raising him and his elder siblings.

Being the last-born child of his family, he usually receives so much affection from his mom. Moreso, every member of his family tends to give him the necessary attention he desires right from his childhood days.

Mike Trout mother

Debbie Trout has been a massive support to the player’s career life. She often accounted for all the baseball kits he needed and ensured that her husband gets them for her little boy. Below is a rare photo of Mike Trout and his mother, Debbie Trout.

Mike Trout Siblings:

The veteran MLB prodigy has two elder siblings. His brother’s name is Tyler, while his sister bears the name Teal Trout.

Like every family would do, Mike Trout’s siblings make efforts to support their brother in his endeavours. They usually follow him to the pitch to watch most of his games.

Certainly, Mike Trout is grateful to his brother (Tyler) and sister (Teal) for the so many many sacrifices they have made to support his aspirations.

When he suffers from any form of emotional setback, he often turned to his siblings or parents to seek their advice. Thankfully, they never ever disappointed him in such situations.

Mike Trout family

How Old is Mike Trout?

Mike Trout was born on the 7th day of August 1991. This implies that he is 30 years old at the time of publishing these facts about him.

We find it quite amusing that a player of his calibre has already achieved much when he is just stepping into his early 30s. Irrespective of his current AGE, we are sure that Trout will still accomplish many more unbelievable feats in the MLB.

How Tall is Mike Trout? Height & Weight:

Interestingly, Mike Trout’s height measures up to the exact value of the average height of a baseball player. He stands 6 feet and 2 inches tall. When measured in meters, his height will be equivalent to 1.88 m.

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The talented athlete has a weight of 107 kg, which is equal to 235 lb when measured in pounds.

Mike Trout Contract Breakdown

The veteran player has signed only a few contracts since the beginning of his career in the MLB. However, all the deals that Trout has sealed have brought in a lot of financial remuneration since he rose to stardom.

According to SportTrac, Mike Trout signed a 12-year contract worth $426.5 million, with a $20 million signing bonus, in 2019.

His deal with the Los Angeles Angels became the richest contract in the history of North American sports. But the record was soon broken by Patrick Mahomes in 2020 with his 10 years contract with the Kansas City Chiefs worth $503 million.

Based on Trout’s contract with the Angels, he will be earning an average annual salary of $35.5 million. On this basis, we have estimated his Net Worth to be a whopping sum of $630 million.

Interesting Facts About Mike Trout

1. Trout was born on the 7th day of August 1991 to his father, Jeff Trout and mother Debbie Trout in Vineland, New Jersey. Interestingly, his parents raised him alongside his brother and sister in nearby Millville, New Jersey.

2. Mike Trout made up his mind to surpass his father in baseball from a very tender age. He even dedicated most of his time to immense baseball training with his dad while growing up.

Mike Trout childhood

3. He started playing baseball as a shortstop in Cal Ripken Baseball (a division of Babe Ruth League).

4. The young prodigy attended Lakeside Middle School and Millville Senior High School, where he both played baseball and basketball. He met his girlfriend turned wife in Millville High from where he graduated in 2009.

5. Trout was selected by the Los Angeles Angels as the 25th overall pick in the 2009 MLB draft.

6. He has won so many accolades since the beginning of his career. They include 9 MLB All-Star, 3 American League (AL) MVP and 8 Silver Slugger Awards. Indeed, he is the perfect role model for Kumar Rocker and Kyle Lewis.

Mike Trout Quick Facts

Full Name:Michael Nelson Trout
Nickname:Prince Fish, God's Gift, Millville Miracle, Millville Meteor, and King Fish 2.0
Date of Birth:7th of August 1991
Place of Birth:Vineland, New Jersey
Father:Jeff Trout
Mother:Debbie (Busonick) Trout
Siblings:Teal (sister) and Tyler (brother)
Wife:Jessica Tara Cox
Children:Beckham Aaron Trout
Net Worth:$630 million (2021 Stats)
Annual Salary:$35.5 million (As of 2021)
Contract:12-year contract worth $426.5 million (in 2019)
Height:6 feet and 2 inches (1.88 m)
Weight:107 kg (235 lb)