Nakobe Dean Family (Parents & Siblings), Girlfriend And Facts

Nakobe Dean biography

Sportblis presents you with some amazing facts about Nakobe Dean. Our article covers Facts about his Girlfriend, Family, Parents, Siblings, and much more.

Nakobe Rashod Dean was born on the 13th of December 2000 to his father, Byron Dean and mother, Neketta Dean in Horn Lake, Mississippi. He is an American football linebacker who plays for the Georgia Bulldogs.

Dean didn’t have the best of a childhood experience. He was one years old when his parents divorced. Hence, he mother had to single-handedly raise him and his two siblings.

The young athlete grew up playing football, basketball and baseball. His football instincts manifested early, during pee-wee flag football at age 5, where he was already making tackles.

Asides from sports, Dean was an exceptional student. According to his mom, he is a math whiz. When he takes home his exams result, it was always 27 out of 27 correct.

At 8 years old, he was already thinking in percentages. When it came to numbers, Dean always had the right answer.

Nakobe Dean Family:

Although Dean’s family lacked a father figure, he and his siblings still grew up into reliable individuals. Judging by his complexion, he is of a mixed Ethnicity.

Like Charles Cross and Derek Stingley Jr., his family origin comprises both American and African roots. Read on as we share with you more facts about his parents, brother and sister.

Nakobe Dean Father – Byron Dean:

Every little boy has a dream of succeeding beyond the level of their dad and Dean is not left out of the list. Despite his explosive career in football, the young lad has been dedicated to his academic pursuit.

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Nakobe Dean dad
Nakobe Dean and his Father, Byron Dean.

He studies so hard to delve into the same line of work as his father after retiring from football. The athlete’s dad, Byron Dean is a physician who owns a practice in Florida.

Hence, Dean looks forward to attending a medical school like his father someday. Although the relationship between Byron and his kids isn’t sore, he was not a part of their upbringing.

The truth is, he didn’t get to spend enough time with his children after his divorce from their mother.

Nakobe Dean Mother – Neketta Dean:

Neketta Dean is the super mom of the linebacker. She single-handedly raised her three kids after getting a divorce from her husband. Neketta was a hardworking woman who didn’t consider remarrying after the divorce.

In her defense, she acclaimed that she did not believe in randomly introducing another male or a father figure type into her children’s lives.

Nakobe Dean Mother - Neketta Dean

Do you know?… Dean’s mother, Neketta, wanted to name her children after herself. She was always fond of the name Kobe, so she added the “na” in front of it to keep with the theme.

Apparently, Neketta has built a great relationship with her children over the years. Dean’s mom was the Director of Community Affairs and Public Relations for the Tunica County government until she retired in 2015.

She spent most of her free with her kids, and instilled discipline in them while trying to keep things fun.

How Nakobe Dean’s Mom Raised Her Children:

Neketta Dean kept a strict rule for her children. She didn’t allow them to eat junk food or play video games amongst other restrictions during the week. Weekend were the only period that she loosen her rules a bit.

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Hence, Dean, his sister, Brooklyn, and brother, Nikolas always anticipated Fridays which marked the start of the weekend. Their mother also rewards them with cash for strong academic performance.

From eighth grade, a straight-A report card was worth $100. Just one B would drop the reward down to $25. Hence, her tactic to get her children focused on studying worked as they always made excellent grades in school.

Neketta was not only concerned about her kids academic performance, she also had their mental wellbeing at heart. They would play Scrabble together and discuss how their day went.

Of course, she made her kids trust her so well that they felt safe in sharing their problems with her.

Nakobe Dean Siblings:

The young talent is not the only athlete in his family. Apparently, Dean’s older brother, Nikolas, played football as a tight end at Ole Miss. Nikolas had to step up and help his mom since there was no father figure in the family.

He was committed to making sure his mother and siblings didn’t fall apart. Here is what Nakobe Dean had to say about his brother;

The athlete's brother

“If I had to pick one person who would keep this family together if things were to go wrong, it would be him,” said Nakobe. “He’s a real family guy and he’s going to take care of his folks.”

Dean also has a younger sister whose name is Brooklyn Dean. She is his trusted confidant. Over the years, he and Brooklyn established an inseparable relation that is built on trust.

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The linebacker even revealed that he talks to his little sister every day and they discuss almost anything.

Nakobe Dean Girlfriend:

Many rumours have been spread about how Dean is involved in a romantic relationship with his supposed girlfriend called Gabby.

That isn’t true! Our research on the whole matter shows that the ‘Bachelor’ Season 26 Finalist (Gabby Windey) only dated Dean Unglert who is an entirely different person from the linebacker.

It appears that Nakobe Dean is maintaining a single status like Devin Lloyd and Roger McCreary. In a nutshell, he has no girlfriend at the time of compiling this Biography.

Nakobe Dean High School Career:

Dean played high school football at Horn Lake High School. He won the Butkus Award as a senior and was ranked as a five-star recruit.

Interestingly, he committed to play college football for Georgia despite receiving offers from Alabama and Ole Miss. As a true freshman, Dean battled severe injuries. However, he was able to record 25 total tackles at the end of the season.

Quick Facts About Nakobe Dean:

Full Name:Nakobe Rashod Dean
Place of Birth:Horn Lake, Mississippi
Date of Birth:13th of December 2000
Father:Byron Dean
Mother:Neketta Dean
Brother:Nikolas Dean
Sister:Brooklyn Dean
Height:6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
Weight:225 lb (102 kg)