New York Yankees History and Team Facts

New York Yankees History and Team Facts

Sportblis presents you with the History and Facts of New York Yankees. This article is full coverage of the New York Yankees’ History, Trophies, Net Worth, Stadium History, Facts, and History Timeline. To begin with, New York Yankees is an American professional baseball team that competes in Major League Baseball (MLB). They are based in New York and belong to the East Division of the American League (AL).

New York Yankees History:

The New York Yankees was founded in the year 1901 in Baltimore, Maryland. They started to play in the American League (AL) with the name Baltimore Orioles. After two years of playing in the AL, Frank Farrell and Bill Devery took a bold step of purchasing the franchise at the rate of US$18,000. With no delay, the new owners of the baseball team moved the franchise to New York City and renamed it New York Highlanders. Sometime in 1913, the franchise was officially renamed the New York Yankees and has continued to use the name to date.

It took a minimum of 18 years for the Yankees to step up their game and attain prominence. Finishing 7th in 1913 and 6th in 1914 season discouraged the owners of the baseball team. Hence, Farrell and Devery finally sold the Yankees to Jacob Ruppert (brewery magnate) and Tillinghast L’Hommedieu Huston (engineer). Upon buying the club, Ruppert felt sorry for the franchise, which was then wallowing in mediocrity. In his opinion, he felt that the Yankees have played for long without exceptional players as well as prestige. Below is Ruppert’s description of the team’s situation in quote.

“an orphan ball club, without a home of its own, without players of outstanding ability, without prestige.”

With full enthusiasm, the new owners of the baseball franchise started to spend freely to improve the club. They even bought players with exceptional capabilities in order to strengthen the team. The decision to buy new players began to pay off as the Yankees finished fifth in the league the following season. In due time, the Yankees fortunately bought outfielder Babe Ruth for $25,000 cash and $75,000 in promissory notes. Buying Ruth became one of the most applauding decisions the team made in that period.

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New York Yankees Glorious Rise to Dominance:

You would find it hard to believe that a club that struggled to maintain an average performance soon stepped up its game and became undisputed. As a matter of fact, the Yankees started to dominate major competitions and games starting from the 1921 season of the MLB. Do you know?… The New York Yankees maintained an astonishing performance that earned them the title “The greatest sustained winning ’empire’ in sports”. Haven performed extraordinarily in that season, the team ended up winning the AL pennant for the first time in their history.

During Ruth’s second season with the Yankees, the team started to improve in their performance. With full enthusiasm, the Yankees won three consecutive AL championship. They also went on to grab their first World Series title in the year 1923. In subsequent years, the franchise continues to face and conquer their challenges, thereby recording several other consecutive wins.

New York Yankees Trophies and Achievements:

Since the inception of the baseball team, the Yankees have put on several outstanding performances that have earned them numerous trophies. Hence, they are undoubtedly the most successful professional sports team in the US. As a matter of fact, the Yankees have won the highest numbers of titles than any franchise in the four major North American sports leagues. Below is the list of the trophies and championships won by the baseball team.

Titles and Championships:

World Series titles: 27
AL Pennants: 40
East Division titles: 19
Wild Card Berths:
Playoff Appearances: 55

In addition to their numerous championship, eleven Yankees managers and forty-four Yankees players have been inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. To mention a few, the Yankees Hall of Famers include Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, White Ford, Joe DiMaggio, and Yogi Berra.

New York Yankees Net Worth:

Interestingly, the New York Yankees have amassed a lot of financial proceedings. According to Forbes, the Yankees have an estimated Net Worth of $5 billion. Therefore, they are ranked as the second most valuable sports team in the world. The financial status of the baseball team has fully reflected the value of their unmatched performance in MLB. Lastly, The New York Yankees are the Wealthiest Baseball Team in the World.

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New York Yankees Ballpark/Stadium History:

At the inception of the New York Yankees, the team utilized Oriole Park (1901-1902) in Baltimore for their home games. After playing in Oriole Park for two seasons, they soon moved on to use Hilltop Park in 1903. For nine years the Yankees played their home games in Hilltop Park until they finally left the ballpark for Polo Grounds.

Earlier in 1911, Polo ground suffered from a fire outbreak that damaged parts of its facilities. After a few months of renovation, the Yankees finally utilized the new ballpark for their home games. The Yankees were then asked to leave Polo ground in the year 1922. They struggled to put in place a good stadium. And in the end, the baseball team utilized eleven months as well as $2.5 million to construct their new home ground – Yankee Stadium.

Due to the terrible deterioration undergone by the Yankee Stadium in the 1960s, renovation became quite eminent for the ballpark. The Yankees sought for the privilege of playing at the Shea Stadium while renovation continues. After too many arguments and disagreements, the Mets finally allowed the Yankees to play in the Shea Stadium for two seasons while they renovate their Yankee Stadium.

The New and Old Yankee Stadium:

Following the completion of the renovation of the Yankee Stadium in 1974, the Yankees moved back into playing home games at the stadium. They played in the Yankee Stadium I for a very long time until its demolition in 2009. After the demolition of the Yankee Stadium I, a new stadium – Yankee Stadium II – with a spectator capacity of 47,309 was erected at the same site. The stadium was constructed with an estimated sum of $2.3 billion. It has remained the Yankees home ground since 2009. Take a look at the new Yankee Stadium in the picture below.

Yankee Stadium
Yankee Stadium II.

New York Yankees Facts:

To wrap up our New York Yankees History, here are a few facts that would help you get a complete understanding of the MLB team.

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Fact 1: The Yankees have been given quite a good number of nicknames. Over time, many baseball lovers have called them Yankees, Yanks, Bronx Bombers, Pinstripers, and Evil Empire.

Fact 2. Unfortunately, the Yankees have lost a good number of its players to cancer. Their number one renowned player, Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle, died of cancer at age 53 and 63, respectively.

Fact 3. New York Yankees have played over 40 World Series and won 27 at the time of writing this history. As a matter of fact, the Yankees hold the record for the most appearances and victories in the World Series competition.

Fact 4. The Yankees have won the World Series championship consecutively. They won the championship annually from 1936 to 1939. The team also set a record of winning the World Series five consecutive times between the year 1949 to 1953. Interestingly, the Yankees made nine appearances in the World Series championship after recording their five consecutive wins.

New York Yankees History Timeline:

1901: The baseball franchise was founded as Baltimore Orioles.
1903: Frank Farrell and Bill Devery purchase the defunct Baltimore franchise of the American League for $18,000 and then move the team to Manhattan. The New York franchise gained approval as a member of the American League and hastily constructed all-wood park at 168th Street and Broadway.
1913: The Yankees played their first game at Washington with the name Highlanders.
1920: The team purchased Babe Ruth. Thus began the dawn of a new era.
1921: They won their first American League championship.
1922: The construction of the Yankee Stadium began.
1923: Official opening of the Yankee Stadium. And winning their first World Series championship.
1925: The Beginning of the Lou Gehrig’s streak of 2,130 consecutive games played.
1934: Babe Ruth hit his 700th home run in Detroit. Also, the Yankees purchased Joe DiMaggio for $50,000.
1946: The Yankees played their first night game at the Yankee Stadium and lost to Washington.
1953: The Yankees won their fifth world championship consecutively.
1964: Purchase of the Yankees by CBS.
1998: New York Yankees won the World Series with a four-game sweep.
2000: They won their 26th World Series in a game played against New York Mets.
2009: Breaking the record and winning their 27th World Series.

New York Yankees Wiki Data:

Below is the wiki knowledge-base of the MLB team that would help you get their information in a more concise way.

History InquiriesWiki Answers
Team Name:New York Yankees
Nick Names:Yankees, Yanks, Bronx Bombers, Pinstripers, and Evil Empire
Founded: 1901
LeagueAmerican League (AL)
Division:East Division
Location:New York City
Net Worth:$5 billion
Owner:Yankee Global Enterprises
Manager:Aaron Boone
General Manager: Brian Cashman
President of Baseball Operations: Randy Levine
Greatest Player of All Time:Babe Ruth


The History of the New York Yankees has shown us that working together as a team with full determination would definitely lead to success. The Yankees have been able to climb the ladder of Fame and attain prominence because of their consistent will power and efforts to step-up their game.

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