Owen Power Facts, Bio, Family, Girlfriend, Net Worth And Career Life

Owen Power facts

Sportblis presents you with some amazing facts about Owen Power. Our article covers his Biography, Family, Relationship (Girlfriend), Net Worth, Awards and other intriguing Facts.

Owen Power is a Canadian collegiate ice hockey player who features as a defenceman for the University of Michigan of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). He is projected to be drafted as the overall number 1 pick of the 2021 NHL draft.

To help you know more about the defenceman, here are 10 facts about Owen Power that would enlighten you.

10 Facts About Owen Power:

1. Owen Power Bio:

Owen Power was born on the 22nd day of November 2002 to his father, Zee Power and mother, Trish Power in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

He is the eldest of the three children born to his parents. Judging by his date of birth, he’s got a persona of the Scorpio zodiac trait. Power was very young when his parents got him a hockey jersey for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Owen Power childhood

2. Owen Power Ethnicity:

The defenceman is amongst the 23.48% of Canadian residence who’s got an absolute Canadian Ethnic origin.

Apparently, his hometown (Ontario) is famous for its beautiful provincial parks, natural diversity, four of the five Great Lakes, the world-famous Niagara Falls and its vast forests.

3. Owen Power Career Life:

The blueliner developed a profound love for hockey while he was a little kid. His dream was to excel in the game and become a prominent player that would earn the respects of devout fans.

Of course, his quest for success wasn’t quite rosy, to begin with. He walked his way into establishing himself as a revered player in the junior. He started his junior career with the Mississauga Reps.

It didn’t take too long before his managers acknowledged his ability to coordinate his teammates effectively during training and matches. Hence, they had Power take up the mantle of captainship for his team.

For a few years, Power led the Mississauga Reps into making an outstanding performance in major competitions. He helped his team reach the quarter-finals of the Ontario Hockey League Cup as well as the finals of the Greater Toronto Hockey League playoffs in 2017.

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The Quest To Stardom:

In May 2018, the Chicago Steel selected Power as seventh overall in the 2018 USHL (United States Hockey League) Phase I Draft.

His junior career days

He scored in his first game with the Chicago Steel and received his first international call up for Canada during the 2018 World U-17 Hockey Challenge in New Brunswick.

With his parents placing a high value on education, the talented hockey player committed to Michigan University, which had one of the most renowned NCAA hockey programs.

Of course, he has benefited from a different educational curriculum in the United States. However, he’s not sure of what he wants to study at Michigan yet. Notwithstanding, his favourite subjects are science and math.

“It was awesome to see how good the atmosphere is (at Michigan). Obviously, there’s a lot of history with the program.”

Apparently, his transition to the NCAA was seamless as he led all U-19 defensemen with 16 points in 26 games on a red-hot Michigan Wolverines team.

The defenceman college career

As I compile these facts about the blueliner he has been projected as the No. 1 pick in the 2021 NHL Draft.

Playing Style Analysis:

Power is a strong puck distributor who is quite good at long-range passes. He’s a talented player with a great capability of unleashing a booming slap shot with ease. Of course, Defensemen of his stature and prowess don’t come along very often, and it’s one of the facets of his game that really sticks out in a year full of high-quality blueliners.

4. Owen Power Net Worth:

Despite being such a gifted defenceman, Power’s commitment to his work on the ice arena has yielded just a little remuneration.

We are quite aware of the fact that he needs to be drafted and offered a great contract by an NHL franchise for him to step up his earnings.

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Hence, his Net Worth as of the year 2021 (before the Draft) falls below an estimated benchmark of $100,000.

5. Owen Power Family:

The talented athlete is fortunate to have his parents and siblings support his career choice since his childhood days. Even though his parents cared less about sports, they immediately switched interest to hockey just to support their son’s endeavours.

Owen Power family
A lovely family photoshoot with his mother and siblings.

Owen Power Parents:

His father, Zee Power, is a financial planner while his mother, Trish Power, works in parks and recreation. Both his parents have been one of the greatest sources of motivation in his life journey.

They ensured he had a formal education while chasing after his dream. Their unwavering faith in Power’s capability and career decisions can not be overemphasized.

Owen Power mom

No doubts, Zee and Trish deserve some accolades for helping Power come this far in all aspects of his life.

Owen Power Siblings:

Power has got two younger siblings whom he loves so much. Interestingly, his sister, Emily, plays lacrosse at Guelph. On the other hand, we’ve seen his younger brother, Adam, stick around him just to catch some fun.

Owen Power brother
(L-R) Adams, Patrick and Owen

The siblings are quite close and frequently share their life’s experience with each other. Power feels blessed with his sister and brother who are indeed his closest companion.

Owen Power Relatives:

Power has got three amazing cousins who make up a part of his happy family. They are Khamoni, Chenez, Dexter, and Jose. His cousins are absolutely active on Instagram and they have playfully expressed the unbreakable bond with each other on social media.

The athlete's cousin
(L-R) Jose, Chenez, Dexter, and Khamoni.

6. Height and Weight:

There were times when Power claims that he has probably always been the tallest player in his team. Apparently, the blueliner is about 6 feet and 6 inches (1.98 m) tall. Also, he’s got a weight of about 97 kg (214 lbs) as of 2021.

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7. Owen Power Girlfriend:

With his name popping up in many 2021 NHL news, Power has amassed quite a good number of fans who are already crushing on him. However, he is a player that is less concerned about romance at the moment.

What’s worst is that he has not even included finding a girlfriend as a part of his scale of preference. Hence, Power may have to remain single for a very long time.

Anyway, we hope a miracle happens soon with Power falling in love with a pretty lady who would end up as his girlfriend.

8. Owen Power Tattoos:

He is still an upcoming star that is determined to avoid attracting unnecessary attention to himself. Hence, Power has frowned against body arts. As I compile these facts about him, he has inked no tattoos on his body.

9. Owen Power Lifestyle:

Since he left his family to pursue a career and college degree in Michigan, Power has in no way desired to portray himself as an extremely wealthy individual.

He enjoys the simplicity and ease of his low key lifestyle. However, he may end up getting some exotic rides and house for himself when the time is right.

10. Awards and Career Highlights:

It is fascinating that the young player has established himself as a talented athlete since he started his junior career. Of course, he doesn’t have to say a word to convince people about his exceptionally in the game. Obviously, he allows his awards and career highlights (listed below) to do all the talking.

  • All-Rookie Second Team 2019
  • First All-Star Team 2020
  • Defenseman of the Year 2020
  • All-Big Ten Second Team 2021
  • All-Big Ten Freshman Team 2021

Quick Facts About Owen Power:

Full Name:Owen Power
Date of Birth:22nd day of November 2002
Place of Birth:Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Father:Zee Power
Mother:Trish Power
Siblings:Emily (sister)
Adam (Brother)
Height:6 feet and 6 inches (1.98 m)
Weight:97 kg (214 lbs)