Shaedon Sharpe Family (Parents & Siblings), Girlfriend And Facts

Shaedon Sharpe biography

Sportblis presents you with some amazing facts about Shaedon Sharpe. Our article covers Facts about his Girlfriend, Family, Parents (Julia Bell and Robert Sharpe), Siblings (Nishayne and Amari), and much more.

Shaedon Sharpe is a Canadian basketball player who attended college at the University of Kentucky. He was born on the 30th of May 2003 to his father, Robert Sharpe, and mother, Julia Bell in London, Ontario.

The young lad is one of the three children born of the union between his parents. He was raised alongside his siblings (Nishayne and Amari) at the place of his birth.

Despite growing up in a town known for its affinity with hockey and football, we find it surprising that he developed a great interest in basketball. Nonetheless, Sharpe’s parents testified that football has always been his first love.

Childhood Experience:

Right from his childhood days, the Canadian youngster has proven to have great athletic prowess. His father was even more convinced that he was born for sports when he caught a football with one hand at the age of five.

Shaedon Sharpe went on to play football for the London Junior Mustangs. While enjoying his time as a football player, he ventured into basketball for conditioning.

Before starting high school, Sharpe featured in a football semifinal for his team. Sadly, he broke his right leg during the game, causing his family to have a change of heart concerning his career in football.

Although the incident changed the trajectory of his dreams, it didn’t deter him from pursuing a career in sports.

With the help of his dad and mom, Sharpe found his rhyme once again in sports. But this time around, he channeled his energy to playing basketball and started recording phenomenal stats in the game.

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Now let’s tell you more about the athlete’s family and how they engineered his journey to stardom.

Shaedon Sharpe Family:

The Shooting guard was born into a household that has a keen interest in sports. He is as fortunate as Isaac Okoro to have his father and mother support his career endeavors.

As expected, the Sharpe family made many sacrifices to help their athletic son achieve a milestone in basketball.

Shaedon Sharpe Family

They often went on a five-hour drive from London to Toronto twice every week so Sharpe could work with some of the best developmental coaches in the GTA.

Of course, the young lad always expressed his gratitude to his parents for their consistent sacrifices. After each trip, Sharpe would walk up to his dad and mom to tell them how lucky he was to have them as his parents.

Perhaps without them, his dream might have remained just a passing fantasy.

Shaedon Sharpe Ethnicity:

A look into his family origin shows that the shooting guard has a mixed Ethnicity. He is like Scottie Barnes and Evan Mobley, whose heritage has a trace of African ancestry.

Although the first visible link of his origin is his black skin, Sharpe is also a bonafide citizen of Canada. This implies that his family also has traces of Canadian roots.

Shaedon Sharpe Father – Robert Sharpe:

Robert Sharpe is the dad of the upcoming basketball icon. He was a hardworking father who went through a lot of stress to ensure Shaedon succeeds in basketball.

It seemed quite crazy that Robert and his wife traveled frequently after work.  But they were glad to make such sacrifices for their child’s success.

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Shaedon Sharpe’s father disclosed that he was satisfied with the love they saw in Shaedon’s eyes whenever he stepped on the court. Hence, they became more determined to ensure the spark and confidence he had never died.

Shaedon Sharpe Mother – Julia Bell:

Another important icon that has paved a way for the shooting guard’s career advancement is his mom, Julia Bell. She also accompanied her husband and son on their training trips to Toronto.

Sharpe shares an unbreakable bond with his mother right from his childhood days. He found it easy to open up to her and share many pressing issues concerning his life with her.

Over the years, Sharpe has relied on his mother’s advice to scale through difficult times. Apparently, it has been the dream of Julia Bell to see her boy standing at the citadel of success in his basketball career.

Shaedon Sharpe Siblings:

As earlier stated, the basketball player is not the only child of his family. He was born and raised alongside his two siblings, namely Nishayne and Amari.

The athlete's siblings
Shaedon Sharpe with his older sister, Amari, and younger brother, Nishayne.

The most famous of his siblings is Amari (his older sister). She has always been optimistic about his ambition and even had an insight that he would become a celebrity before any member of their family.

When Shaedon Sharpe arrived at the University of Kentucky, Amari moved there as well after finishing school to help him prepare for the next stage of his life.

During training hours, his sister, Amari, always accompanies him to cheer on him from the sidelines. She was his first most devout fan even before he began to gain traction in the basketball world.

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Do you know?… Amari Sharpe always does little interviews with her kid brother when they were younger. She would pretend like he was a big NBA star and ask him interview questions.

Although he would laugh and not be able to answer them, Amari helped him practice for what he would experience subsequently. There has been no information about his younger brother, Nishayne, at the time of compiling this Biography.

Shaedon Sharpe Girlfriend:

We’ve seen talented basketball players like Jalen Green delve into a romantic relationship before entering the NBA draft in 2021. This might have triggered the curiosity of many fans to search for information about Shaedon Sharpe’s girlfriend.

Indeed, there is no denying the fact that he is a handsome young man. Moreso, his handsome looks and celebrity status have enticed many ladies who wished they could get a chance to be his girlfriend or potential wife.

However, Shaedon Sharpe is quite a busy lad who takes his career endeavors more seriously than any aspect of his life. Hence, he is not in a relationship with anyone at the time of entering the 2022 NBA Draft.

Quick Facts About Shaedon Sharpe:

Full Name:Shaedon Sharpe
Date of Birth:30th of May 2003
Place of Birth:London, Ontario
Father:Robert Sharpe
Mother:Julia Bell
Sister:Amari Sharpe
Brother:Nishayne Sharpe
Position:Shooting Guard
Height:6 ft 6 in (1.98 m)
Weight:200 lb (91 kg)