Shohei Ohtani Girlfriend, Family And Interesting Facts

Shohei Ohtani Girlfriend, Family And Interesting Facts

Shohei Ohtani a.k.a Shotime is a Japanese professional baseball outfielder, pitcher, and designated hitter in the MLB. In this article, you are going to find out facts about his Girlfriend, Family (Parents and Siblings) and Salary.

Is Shohei Ohtani Married?

A lot of suspicions have been bugging the net lately about Ohtani’s relationship status. Because of the curiosity of many fans, rumours have been flying around that the MLB star is already married.

However, his sister confirmed that the rumours were only speculations and not true. According to her, Ohtani’s marriage will be made public whenever it happens. But for now, her brother is not yet married.

Who Is Shohei Ohtani Girlfriend?

The twist in Ohtani’s relationship was probably based on the life plan he wrote down when he was in high school.  Back then, he planned to win the World Series and get married at the age of 26.

Years later, fans waited to see him fulfil some of the things (especially getting a girlfriend or wife) he had written in his life plan.

As of 2021, there have been different theories stating that Shohei Ohtani is dating the former volleyball representative of Japan, Maika Kano.

Shohei Ohtani's girlfriend
Is Maika Kano really Shohei Ohtani’s girlfriend?

The speculation began spreading like wide fire after Ohtani and Kano wore a Tiffany bracelet with the same design on their left wrists.

Afterwards, Ohtani’s supposed girlfriend played one of his games on her 30th birthday. Notwithstanding, there has been no proof to certify the theory that the MLB star and Maika Kano are dating.

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Hence, Shohei Ohtani probably has no girlfriend at the time of compiling this article. We hope he gets to follow the footstep of Mike Trout or Mookie Betts subsequently.

Shohei Ohtani Family:

The talented baseball player comes from a sport-loving household. Almost every member of his family is involved in playing one type of sport.

Ohtani is the last-born son of his family. He received so much love and support from his parents and siblings right from his childhood.

While growing up, the MLB star watched his brother excel in baseball and wanted to be like him. As excepted, his father and mother made efforts to buy him all the baseball kits he needed as a kid.

He sought the best guide to educate his son on the best way to play the game. Thankfully, the support of his family yielded results and helped Ohtani to prosper in the MLB.

Shohei Ohtani Father – Toru Ohtani:

The first person who has influenced the talented baseball player is his dad, Toru Ohtani. He was a non-professional baseball player who featured as an outfielder in his team.

Ohtani was always enjoyed learning from his father and older brother. He knew that they understood the principles of the game better than him.

Hence, he would always ask for their opinions whenever he needs help in dealing with some techniques. Toru Ohtani has been a heroic father to his children.

He was good as an athlete and fulfilled his duties as a dad. He always ensures he attends the school functions of young Ohtani.

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Here is a throwback picture of Shohei Ohtani and his father during a kindergarten sports day.

Shohei Ohtani dad
A throwback picture of Shohei Ohtani with his father, Toru Ohtani.

Shohei Ohtani Mother – Kayoko Ohtani:

Shohei Ohtani’s mother’s name is Kayoko Ohtani. She was not left out in the athletic business of her family. Back in the day, Kayoko was a national polity badminton player.

She gave her sporting endeavour her undivided attention. After her retirement, Ohtani’s mother decided to focus on growing her business.

Shohei Ohtani mom
Spending time with his mother is one of his happiest childhood memories.

Shohei Ohtani Siblings:

Ohtani has two older siblings. His brother, Ryuta, is six years older than him. Ryuta Ohtani was a professional baseball player who is currently coaching at Toyota Motor East Japan.

On the other hand, his sister, Yuka, is two years older than him. She first ventured into playing volleyball. Afterwards, she retired and delve into the nursing profession.

The baseball player's siblings
What a beautiful to spend his childhood. Ohtani grew up in the care of his older brother and sister.

How Old Is Shohei Ohtani?

Shohei Ohtani was born on the 5th day of July 1994 to his father and mother in Oshu, Iwate, Japan.

Judging by his date of birth, Shohei Ohtani is 27 years old at the time of compiling these Facts about him.

How Tall Is Shohei Ohtani?

Ohtani comes from a family of people who have great height. His parents and siblings are quite tall. But they are not as tall as the iconic baseball star.

Hence, Shohei Ohtani stands at a height of 1.93 m. When measured in feet, he will be  6 feet and 4 inches.

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`The athlete has a weight of 210 pounds, which when measured in kilogram will be equivalent to 95 kg.

Shohei Ohtani Earnings – Salary, Net Worth And Endorsement:

Ohtani signed a two-year contract worth $8.5 million with the Angels in 2021. His contract places him on a base salary of $3 million in 2021 and $5.5 million in 2022.

Analysis shows that the baseball icon will earn an average salary of $4.25 million within the two years of his contract.

In July 2021, Ohtani signed an exclusive multi-year memorabilia deal with Fanatics. As I compile these facts, he has an estimated MLB league-leading $6 million in annual endorsement deals.

His endorsement deals include Nishikawa Co., Descente, Japan Airlines, Fanatics, Topps in the United States, Seiko Watch in Japan, Hugo Boss, New Era, Asics, Panini, and Oakley.

Judging by his earnings, we have estimated Shohei Ohtani’s Net Worth to be a whopping sum of $10 million as at 2021.

Quick Facts About Shohei Ohtani

Full Name:Shohei Ohtani
Date of Birth:5th of July 1994
Place of Birth:Oshu, Iwate, Japan
Father:Toru Ohtani
Mother:Kayoko Ohtani
Brother:Ryuta Ohtani
Sister:Yuka Ohtani
Net Worth:$10 million (2021 Stats)
Average Salary:$4.25 million
Height:1.93 m (6 feet and 4 inches)
Weight210 pounds (95 kg)