Trey Lance Girlfriend (Brynn Chandler), Family – Parents & Siblings

Trey Lance Girlfriend (Brynn Chandler), Family – Parents & Siblings

Sportblis presents amazing facts about Trey Lance Girlfriend (Brynn Chandler), Family, Father, Mother, Siblings, and much more.

Trey Lance is an American football quarterback who plays for the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL. He was born on the 9th of May 2000 to his father, Carlton Lance, and mother, Angie Lance, in Marshall, Minnesota.

The NFL star started his football expedition in his childhood. He was trained by his dad, who was a former professional football player in the Canadian league.

Lance first played as a running back before converting to the quarterback position in middle school. He played college football at North Dakota State, where he won the Walter Payton and Jerry Rice Awards as a freshman.

In the 2021 NFL Draft, the 49ers selected Trey Lance third overall behind Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson. The young lad spent his rookie season as a backup quarterback before he was named the starter for the 2022 season.

Trey Lance career life

Fans are quite excited to see Lance set up new records and win more accolades as he did in his collegiate career. Now, let’s delve into his relationship and family life.

Trey Lance Girlfriend – Brynn Chandler:

The quarterback has been linked with different ladies since his meteoric rise to stardom. However, he has taken to his Instagram to squash every rumour concerning his relationship life.

Trey Lance was pleased to reveal his girlfriend, Brynn Chandler, to his fans via a post he made on the 8th of July 2021. His action clarified the misconception that he was in a relationship with the daughter of FOX Sports host, Liv Cowherd.

Trey Lance Girlfriend - Brynn Chandler
Trey Lance with his girlfriend, Brynn Chandler.

Interestingly, Lance and his girlfriend, Brynn Chandler, have been committed to supporting each other for a while now. They are both skilled athletes, which makes it easier for them to comprehend each other’s schedules.

Although the love birds are very young and still have a lot of things to accomplish in their career, fans are already rooting for them to end up as husband and wife.

We know that Lance and his girlfriend ain’t shy about showing off their love life. But, they hardly post their couple’s photos on social media.

Who is Brynn Chandler, Trey Lance’s Girlfriend?

Brynn Chandler was born in San Diego, California. She is a couple of years younger than her boyfriend, Trey Lance. The damsel attends the University of Georgia, where she majors in Communications Studies.

Lance’s girlfriend is determined to finish her studies and become quite productive with his knowledge. She is an independent woman who has supported the quarterback through the hurdles of his football endeavors.

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Do you know?… Brynn Chandler started playing volleyball in her childhood. She was so drawn to the game that she aspired to become a professional volleyball someday.

The budding athlete didn’t back out of her training while in high school. She was phenomenal in her performance during her prep career and led two teams to the USA Junior Nationals.

Her exceptional athletic prowess earned her Third-Team All-American honours before graduating high school. Chandler continued her career expedition as she played collegiately for the Bulldogs. She has been part of the SEC Fall Academic Honor Roll in her three seasons in Athens.

Brynn Chandler, Trey Lance's Girlfriend
Brynn Chandler.

Interestingly, Trey Lance’s girlfriend has built quite an enormous audience on her socials. Her Instagram account has over 11.8k followers at the time of compiling this biography.

Brynn Chandler Family – Parents & Siblings:

Trey Lance’s girlfriend hails from an athletic household. Her father, Chris Chandler, was a former football player who featured as a quarterback in the NFL for 17 years. He was an exceptional talent and led the Atlanta Falcons to the 1998 Super Bowl, where they lost to the Denver Broncos.

Following his retirement from football, Brynn Chandler’s dad became a regular competitor at the American Century Championship. The competition is held annually to determine the best golfers among American entertainment and sports celebrities.

Interestingly, Chris Chandler still showed his exceptional athletic prowess by winning the tournament in 2007. Moreso, he currently holds a total of 8 top ten finishes in the competition.

Brynn’s father eventually became the boys’ golf team coach at Torrey Pines High School, where his oldest daughter Ryann Chandler plays volleyball.

Apparently, Brynn’s athletic genes come not only from her father but also from her mom, Diane Brodie. The damsel’s mother is the daughter of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback John Brodie.

Brynn Chandler Family
Trey Lance’s girlfriend, Brynn Chandler.

Diane was also gifted in sports and played collegiate tennis at the University of Southern California. She met Brynn’s dad during his football career in the NFL and got married to him in 1994.

What’s more?…

Brynn’s paternal family has suffered from the ordeal of cancer. Her grandmother, Shirley, died of breast cancer in 1984, while her grandfather, Forrest, succumbed to lung cancer in 1991.

Lastly, Lance’s girlfriend has two older sisters who have played a huge role in helping her excel in her endeavors. Her sisters’ names are Ryann and Skye Chandler.

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Trey Lance Family & Ethnicity:

The quarterback’s parents raised him well in a Christian household. He truly paid heed to his religious belief and became a leader of the local Fellowship of Christian Athletes in his high school chapter.

Trey Lance’s ethnicity is of mixed heritage. His father has African-American ancestry, while his mother’s ethnicity is Caucasian. Now, let’s talk about each member of his family.

Trey Lance Family
Trey Lance Family.

Trey Lance Father – Carlton Lance:

Like Drew Lock’s dad, Lance’s father was a former football player. He played college football as a cornerback for Southwest Minnesota State. What’s more… Carlton also ran track and played college NAIA football in 1988.

Although he didn’t make it to the NFL, Carlton ended up in the Canadian Football League as the cornerback for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. He also played for the London Monarchs of the World League of American Football.

Thanks to his career expedition, Carlton travelled around the world. He subsequently became a Hall of Famer for Southwest Minnesota State.

At the end of his football journey, Trey Lance’s dad returned to Marshall, Minnesota, where he settled down with his wife, Angie.

Trey Lance Father - Carlton Lance
Trey Lance’s father, Carlton Lance.

How Trey Lance’s Dad Turned him into a Revered Quarterback:

As a responsible father, Carlton Lance trained his sons to develop their work ethic. He was very strict with their training routines and helped them develop to the best of their potential.

Carlton provided Trey with football tips from his childhood until high school. He also coached his son through middle and high school. Back then, Trey played as his team’s top running back.

After observing his son’s prowess for a while, Carlton called on Trey to serve as the backup quarterback for his best friend, Jake Hess. It didn’t take much time before Trey Lance’s throwing skills mesmerised his entire team.

Once Carlton showed everyone the natural quarterback ability of his son, he continued to train the young lad as a QB. Thanks to his influence, Trey Lance ended his running back expedition to become an exciting quarterback in the NFL.

Trey Lance Mother – Angie Lance:

While Trey’s dad, Carlton, travelled the world to play football, his mom, Angie Lance, worked as a teacher for 10 years. Despite being miles apart, Angie and Carlton kept in touch and maintained a long-distance relationship.

Angie Lance is one of the major driving forces behind her son’s career success. She was a great mother with excellent counselling skills. Trey’s mother encouraged him not to be carried away by the fun of football, but to consider it his lifelong goal.

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Her advice paid off as the young lad made it to the NFL in the ensuing days of his career. Angie and her husband put a lot of effort into parenting their children. She disclosed that her focus was to raise Trey and his brother to be faithful, healthy, happy, and kind.

Angie Lance was the type of mother that supplied unconditional support for her kids. While her husband was always strict and realistic with their children, she often comforted them with nice words.

Trey Lance Mother - Angie Lance
Trey Lance with his mother, Angie Lance.

Mom’s life-changing Talk:

Trey, who was about to start ninth grade, was more than a little dejected when he returned home and went to his room after one especially uninspiring workout with his dad at the YMCA.

His mother entered his room and spoke honestly to him. In what is seen as a turning point in her son’s athletic career, Angie sat on the floor and offered a gentle yet strong touch to help him map out his future.

She asked the young lad if playing Division I sport is something he genuinely would like to do. And he responded that he wanted to compete at the highest level possible in collegiate sports.

So his mom continued with her advice; she told Trey that if he wants to get to the highest level, wishes and dreams won’t get him anywhere. However, he ought to set it as a goal and be ready to pay the price.

Trey Lance Brother – Bryce Lance:

The quarterback has a younger brother who is also a talented athlete. Bryce Lance started his football journey at Marshall High School. He was a multifaceted player who starred as a receiver and defensive back.

Bryce was exceptional in the game and won the District Co-Defensive Player of the Year award in 2019. Aside from football, the young lad also played basketball.

He was an All-Conference basketball player who led his team to a section championship victory in 2020. Although Bryce Lance flourished as a revered icon in the two dominant sports, he chose to focus on football over basketball.

The young lad received offers from South Dakota State, Dartmouth, Princeton, and North Dakota State to play college football. He ended up committing to North Dakota State to follow in his brother’s footsteps.

Trey Lance Brother - Bryce Lance
Trey Lance’s Brother, Bryce Lance.

Quick Facts About Trey Lance:

Full Name:Trey Lance
Nick Name:Trey Area
Date of Birth:9th of May 2000
Place of Birth:Marshall, Minnesota
Father:Carlton Lance
Mother:Angie Lance
Brother:Bryce Lance
Girlfriend:Brynn Chandler
Height:6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Weight:224 lb (102 kg)