Tyler Linderbaum Girlfriend (Rachel Tandy), Family, Parents & Siblings

Tyler Linderbaum family

Sportblis presents you with some amazing facts about Tyler Linderbaum. Our article covers Facts about his Girlfriend (Rachel Tandy), Family, Mother, Father, siblings and much more.

Tyler Linderbaum was born on the 7th day of April 2000 to his father, Todd Linderbaum, and mother, Lisa Linderbaum, in Solon, Iowa. He is an American football center who plays for the Iowa Hawkeyes.

The talented athlete was raised with his elder brother, Logan, in his birthplace. Growing up in a close-knit community, Tyler was quick to learn lessons that moulded him into a humble and kind leader.

Who is Tyler Linderbaum’s Girlfriend?

As the young lad grew older, his parents enlightened him about relationship matters. They knew that it was an aspect of his life that needed to be balanced aside from his career endeavours.

Interestingly, the football center kept all his parents’ advice to heart. Eventually, he met Rachel Tandy, a pretty damsel who stole his heart. Tyler was mesmerised by her beauty and couldn’t get her image off his mind.

Tyler Linderbaum's Girlfriend

He soon linked up with Rachel and they started off on the note of friendship. Following in the footstep of Kyle Hamilton and Kenneth Pickett, Tyler took his relationship with Rachel Tandy to a whole new level.

Hence, they became more than just friends and started dating. The euphoria of their love life can be seen in the many pictures that Tyler and his girlfriend have posted on their Instagram page.

Interestingly, Rachel always avails herself on game day to support her boyfriend from the sidelines. She is indeed an adorable girlfriend who often wants to see Tyler Linderbaum win.

Tyler Linderbaum girlfriend
Tyler Linderbaum and his girlfriend, Rachel Tandy.

Facts About Rachel Tandy:

Do you know?… Rachel Tandy attended the same school (Iowa University) as her boyfriend. Apparently, the love birds met in school.

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Tyler’s girlfriend has an older sister whose name is Lauren Tandy. They share an inseparable bond since their childhood days. Lauren is the reason Rachel didn’t experience loneliness in her growing up days. Pictured below are the two lovely sisters of the Tandy family.

Rachel Tandy sister
They look like identical twins. Can you spot the difference? – Lauren (L) and Rachel (R).

In 2018, Rachel and her entire household faced one of the biggest challenges they’ve encountered. Her father was severely ill and hospitalised.

His health condition was extremely terrible, making him receive 4 major surgeries. The hospital told his wife and daughters that it would be a miracle if he makes it through the night after his surgery.

Thankfully, he endured all the pains and held onto his life so dearly. In the end, he survived the entire ordeal and returned home to make his children, wife and relatives happy. Below is a rare photo of Tyler’s girlfriend with her dad.

Rachel Tandy dad

Tyler Linderbaum Family:

The football center hails from a sports-oriented family. His athletic prowess seems to be a product of genetic inheritance. Aside from his heritage, Tyler’s family members (especially his dad) have a vast knowledge of different sports.

It was a usual routine to see the young lad competing against his brother in their spare time. Also, his father sometimes sets training milestones that must be completed by Tyler and Logan within a timeframe.

Everything about his family revolved around competition. Perhaps the competitive task he has carried out since childhood has shaped his mentality on the pitch.

Tyler Linderbaum Father – Todd Linderbaum:

Tyler’s dad is Todd Linderbaum. He was also an athlete who played three sports at Upper Iowa University. Thanks to his involvement in sports, Todd developed a good analytical ability that helps him manage younger players.

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He was the first coach Tyler ever had and he did his job excellently. While his sons were still growing up, Todd often challenge them to complete a specific task which usually last for a few hours.

His close bond with Tyler and Logan made it easy for him to train them. Moreso, Todd was a born manager and understood the right strategy to effectively help young players unravel their true potential.

Of all sports that he enjoys playing, Todd decided to take up a high school basketball coaching job. He sometimes takes Tyler and Logan to watch his team play in the arena.

Tyler Linderbaum Mother – Lisa Linderbaum:

Tyler’s mom Lisa Linderbaum is not left out of the list of athletes in the Family. She was good at playing basketball and softball back in the good old days.

Lisa’s experience always comes in handy, as she doesn’t feel left out when discussing sports-related topics with her sons. She often plays golf with Tyler as well as competes with him in his favourite board game, Blokus.

Tyler Linderbaum Mother

No doubt, her motherly love for her two sons is unfathomable. As expected, Lisa doesn’t want to see her boys hurt when they play football. Their health is her utmost concern and she wouldn’t want to see them injured either.

Tyler Linderbaum Brother – Logan Linderbaum:

Another prominent member of his family is his older sibling, Logan. Tyler is four years younger than his brother, whom he loves and respects so much. Also, he considers him as his role model.

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Logan has a humble personality and seems to be overprotective of his kid brother. He even overlooked their age difference to compete with Tyler in different sports.

Tyler Linderbaum brother
Meet the brothers, Logan (L) and Tyler Linderbaum (R).

Being the elder son of the family, Logan oversaw the training of his kid brother in the absence of their father. His major priority was to see Tyler improve in his potential as fast as possible.

Do you know?… Tyler and Logan usually run around their backyard, go fishing, or even wrestle with each other. They never had a boring childhood, as they often engaged themselves in one adventure after the other.

Logan is definitely a role model for me. If I have a question about something, he helps me just as much as other guys or even the coaches do. He’s been playing varsity since freshman year, so he knows what’s going on.

Tyler Linderbaum Early Years:

Linderbaum grew up in Solon, Iowa and attended Solon High School, where he played high school football as both offensive and defensive line.

In 2018, he played in the U.S. Army All-American Game. Afterwards, Linderbaum committed to the University of Iowa to play college football.

Tyler Linderbaum College Career:

He began his career at Iowa as a defensive lineman and later switched to the center position before the 2019 season. Tyler was a starter for his team in the 2020 season.

He was a finalist for the Rimington Trophy and was named the Rimington–Pace Offensive Lineman of the Year in 2021. Indeed, Tyler has received many more accolades in his football career.

Quick Facts About Tyler Linderbaum:

Full Name:Tyler Linderbaum
Date of Birth:7th of April 2000
Place of Birth:Solon, Iowa
Father:Todd Linderbaum
Mother:Lisa Linderbaum
Brother:Logan Linderbaum
Girlfriend:Rachel Tandy
Hobbies:Blokus (a board game)
Height:6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Weight:290 lb (132 kg)