Ugurcan Cakır Facts, Family, Net Worth, Wife and Career Life

Sportblis presents you with the Biography and amazing facts of Ugurcan Cakır. Our article covers his Biography, Family Facts, Relationship Facts, Net Worth, Awards and other intriguing Facts.

Ugurcan Cakır is a Turkish professional goalkeeper who features as the captain of Trabzonspor. He is also responsible for securing the goalpost of the Turkish national team.

To help you know more about the goalkeeper, here are 10 facts about Ugurcan Cakır that would enlighten you.

10 Facts About Ugurcan Cakır:

1. Ugurcan Cakır Bio:

Ugurcan Cakır was born on the 5th day of April 1996 to his father, Mustafa Cakır, and mother, Gulsum Cakır, in Antalya, Turkey.

Judging by his date of birth, he’s got a blend of the Aries zodiac traits. The Turkish goalkeeper is one of the two children born to his caring parents.

2. Ugurcan Cakır Ethnicity:

Being a national of Turkey qualifies him to belong to either the majority ethnic group (Turk) or one of the minority group. Interestingly, he is a native of the fifth most populous city in Turkey – Antalya.

3. Career Life:

Ugurcan Cakır Childhood

The 12-year-old goalkeeper started his youth career with Cekmekoyspor in 2008. Of course, his quest to stardom was never easy, as he had to move from one club to another while he worked on his potentials.

Thankfully, Trabzonspor took him in and had him make his professional debut appearance in the 2015–16 season. With the Turkish club, Ugurcan Cakır won both the Turkish Cup (2019-20) and the Turkish Super League (2020).

The goalkeeper's Career Life

4. Ugurcan Cakır Net Worth:

According to Transfermarkt, Ugurcan Cakır has a market value of €19.00m as of 2021. We suspect that his value will encounter a spike if he performs so well in the Euro 2021 competition.

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From our analysis of his 2021 earnings, we have estimated Ugurcan Cakır’s Net Worth to be about €2 million.

5. Ugurcan Cakır Family:

The Turkish footballer is quite fortunate to have his parents support his career endeavours. Apparently, his father and uncle are also football player.

One of his known siblings is Necdet Cakır, (his brother). As you may have probably imagined, Ugurcan loves to spend time with his entire family. Below is one of the adorable picture he took with his mother, Gulsum Cakır.

Ugurcan Cakır mom

6. Ugurcan Cakır Girlfriend/Wife:

It is no longer news that Ugurcan Cakır married his long-time girlfriend, Kubra Yıldız, in 2019. Of course, the lovebirds have known each other for a very long time. But in 2019, they decided to take their relationship to the next level, which suddenly led to their marriage that same year.

Ugurcan Cakır Wife

7. Height and Weight:

Moving on to his physique, the goalie is 6 feet and 3 inches tall. If translated in meters, he would be 1.91 m tall. Also, he weighs 78 kg (172 lbs) at the time of compiling these facts about him.

8. Ugurcan Cakır Tattoos:

The Turkish prodigy has quite an interest in body art. As you can see in the photo below, he has inked some attractive tattoos on his upper left arm. Apparently, he finds nothing wrong in putting down some Impressive memories on his body.

Ugurcan Cakır Tattoos

9. Ugurcan Cakır Lifestyle:

A careful analysis of his earnings shows that he can afford a luxurious lifestyle. However, Ugurcan Cakır has failed to reveal some facts about his cars and houses.

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We suspect that information about his assets will soon be revealed if he hits a grand milestone by joining Liverpool as the rumours say.

10. Awards and Achievements:

So far in his career endeavours, Ugurcan Cakır has won only two honours. As earlier mentioned, he won the Turkish Cup and Turkish Super Cup with Trabzonspor. In as much as he is still a young player, Ugurcan still has enough time to claim many more awards and accolades in his football career.

Quick Facts About Ugurcan Cakır

Full Name:Ugurcan Cakır
Date of Birth:5th April 1996
Place of Birth:Antalya, Turkey
Father:Mustafa Cakır
Mother:Gulsum Cakır
Siblings:Necdet Cakır, (brother)
WifeKubra Yıldız
Net Worth:€2 million
Height:6 feet and 3 inches (1.91 m)
Weight:78 kg (172 lbs)

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