Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Girlfriend, Family (Parents & Siblings) And Facts

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Facts

Vladimir Guerrero Ramos Jr. is a Dominican-Canadian professional baseball first baseman, third baseman, and designated hitter in the MLB.

In this article, we shall reveal facts about his parents, siblings, children, baby mama/girlfriend, Salary and other intriguing facts.

Is Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Married?

One of the major concerns of devoted fans is finding out the relationship status of their idols and revered MLB stars.

Judging by the rising popularity of Guerrero, you may have wondered whether he is married or not.

Although he has been in a few different relationships, the athlete has not yet tied the knot with any of his girlfriends at the time of compiling these facts about him.

Who Is Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Girlfriend?

Being a rising star makes Guerrero a popular figure amongst the ladies. No doubt, many exquisite girls are ready to profess their feelings for him at any time.

This makes it pretty difficult for Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to choose a suitable girlfriend among the multitude.

Nonetheless, the athlete took a bold step of delving into at least one relationship before he became famous.  Back then, he was quite young and kept his love life with his then-girlfriend private.

To date, Guerrero has not really said anything about his girlfriend/baby mama to his fans. Yes! The athlete’s relationship with his girlfriend yielded to the birth of two daughters.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Children:

The result of Guerrero’s relationship with his baby mama can not be hidden from the baseball world. As earlier stated, the athlete’s previous love life gave rise to the birth of his daughters, Vlymil and Vlyshil.

Vladimir Guerrero daughters
Enjoying a time-out with his daughters. Source: Instagram.

It is not known if both his daughters were born of the same mother. However, the athlete cherishes them more than anything else.

Many curious fans have made efforts to find out the identity of Guerrero’s baby mama. But their efforts yielded no result. Hence, there has been no information about the mother of his children at the time of compiling these facts about him.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Family:

The MLB star's family
He is always happy whenever is spends time with any family member. Source: Instagram.

Interestingly, the first baseman was born into a caring and sport-oriented family. His father was a legend in the MLB while he had a nephew who played pro baseball.

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It’s all thanks to his family that Guerrero decided to pursue a career in baseball. Sadly, he didn’t get to spend enough time in a united home as his parents got divorced while he was still a little boy.

Nonetheless, the athlete’s mother and father ensured their separation did not deprive him of the parental love he needed.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Father:

Guerrero’s father is the MLB Hall of Famer Vladimir Guerrero Sr. He was born on the 9th of February 1975 in Nizao, Dominican Republic.

Apparently, he was an exceptional Right fielder/ designated hitter in the MLB. His talent earned him the nickname Vlad the Impaler during his career days.

Although Guerrero Sr. was separated from his wife, he was not deprived of access to his son. Hence, he got to spend the summer with his little boy while they both worked on their father-son relationship.

Do you know?… Guerrero Jr. started to accompany his father to the baseball pitch at a tender age. It took him little time before he got acquainted with a handful of baseball kits and gadgets.

Vladimir Guerrero Father
A childhood photo of little Guerrero and his father. Source: Instagram.

Vladimir Sr. amassed many accolades during his active years in the MLB. In a 2012 paternity suit, it was revealed that Vladimir Sr. has eight children with five different women. 

It’s all thanks to the support of his father that Guerrero Jr. has made a huge success in the baseball world. Of course, he’s got a lot of qualities that are similar to his dad. No wonder many fans call him the Son of a Gun.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Mother:

Riquelma Ramos is the mom of the MBL star. She lived with her husband in Montreal while he was still featuring for the Montreal Expos. There gave birth to Guerrero Jr. and learned to speak French.

Following her divorce from Guerrero’s father, Riquelma moved with her son to the Dominican Republic. There, the young lad spent most of his early childhood with his mother.

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Like every parent, Guerrero’s mom is proud to be a grandmother. She enjoys every single moment spent in the company of her granddaughters.

You probably didn’t know that Guerrero’s mother had a tattoo on her right arm. She’s got good taste in fashion and also loves inking. Check out her body art in the photo below.

Vladimir Guerrero mother
Vladimir Guerrero’s mother, Riquelma Ramos. Source: Instagram.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Siblings:

As earlier stated, the baseball icon has about seven siblings. We’ve seen him upload some photos of his brothers and sisters on Instagram.

Indeed, Guerrero is not shy to identify with his siblings wherever he finds himself. See how he gets to stick to his brothers and sister while taking a snapshot in the image below.

Vladimir Guerrero brothers and sisters
Vladimir Guerrero and Siblings. Source: Instagram.

No doubt, the MLB icon has established an unbreakable bond with every member of his family. They’ve always made efforts to cheer on his performance from the sidelines on the baseball pitch.

Aside from his parents and siblings, Guerrero Jr. also shares a special bond with his paternal grandmother. Her name is Altagracia, and she took good care of him during his time in the Blue Jays organization.

The first baseman grandmother
A rare photo of Guerrero and his grandma. Source: Instagram.

How Old is Vladimir Guerrero Jr.?

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was born on the 16th day of March 1999 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Based on his date of birth, the athlete is 22 years at the time of compiling these facts about him.

How Tall is Vladimir Guerrero Jr.?

The First baseman has got a height of 1.88 m. When measured in feet, Guerrero stands 6 feet and 2 inches tall. He is just a few millimetres away from reaching the height of his father. Vladimir Guerrero has a balanced weight of 113kg, which is equivalent to 250 lbs.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Contract, Salary & Net Worth:

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. joined Toronto Blue Jays in July 2015 for a contract fee of $3.9 million. He was only 16 years old when he signed his first professional deal.

After many years of featuring in competitive games, the talented hitter has amassed a lot of money. We all know that his father, who retired from the professional League a few years ago, has an estimated Net Worth of $60 million (2019 Stats).

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However, there has been no precise analysis of his earnings at the time of compiling these Facts. Hence, Guerrero’s Net Worth is still under review.

Facts About Vladimir Guerrero Jr.:

1 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Religion:

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was born and raised in a Christian home. He became a devoured Christian and ensures to maintain the code of conduct of his faith.

2. Spoken Language:

He speaks some English with his Blue Jays teammates and the staff, but gives media interviews in Spanish using the team’s interpreter.

3. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Awards:

The designated hitter is regarded as one of the MLB’s best hitters. He finished the 2021 season batting .311/.401/.601.

Also, Guerrero tied the major league lead in home runs with Salvador Pérez (48), led the majors in total bases (363) and led in runs scored (123).

He was voted to the AL All-Star roster in 2021 and finished second in the American League MVP voting behind Shohei Ohtani.

4. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Tattoos:

Unlike his mother, the third baseman has no interest in body art. Even after recording many excellent feats in the MLB, he has inked no tattoos on his body. Indeed, his resolve to shun tattoos is no different from that of Mookie Betts.

The Dominican-Canadian tattoos
He’s got no tattoo on his body. Source: Instagram.

5. Ethnicity:

The MLB icon is of Dominican-Canadian descent. Being born in Montreal grants him Canadian Citizenship by birth while his Dominican ancestry is linked to the fact that his father is a Citizen of the Dominican Republic.

6. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Lifestyle:

With the high level of earnings that Guerrero is making, everyone will expect him to be living a luxurious lifestyle. Thankfully, he doesn’t disappoint us in fulfilling such expectations.

Hence, Vladimir Guerrero is enjoying a wealthy lifestyle which is noticeable by flashy cars and a beautiful mansion. Below is a picture of one of his exotic rides, which is worth a fortune.

The athlete's cars
What a beautiful ride he’s got here! Source: Instagram.

Quick Facts About Vladimir Guerrero Jr.:

Full Name:Vladimir Guerrero Ramos Jr.
Date of Birth:16th of March 1999
Place of Birth:Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Father:Vladimir Guerrero Ramos Sr.
Mother:Riquelma Ramos
Siblings:About 7 brothers and sisters.
Girlfriend/Baby Mama:N/A
Children:2 daughters: Vlymil and Vlyshil
Net Worth:N/A
Weight:113kg (250 lbs)
Height:1.88 m (6 feet and 2 inches)