Who Is McKenzie Marcinek, Walker Buehler’s Partner, Family & Facts

McKenzie Marcinek is the fiancé of Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher, Walker Buehler. If you’re a fan of the great American pastime, then you know what Walker can do on the field, but what about McKenzie? Get to know Walker’s partner below with some fun facts.

Who is McKenzie Marcinek?

1. McKenzie has actually known Walker for years, as they both grew up in Kentucky together. Of course, she’s made the commute to LA for his career, and the pair travel quite often.

2. According to Walker’s MLB profile, he and McKenzie began dating in high school. They’ve been together ever since, and are the true definition of “high school sweethearts.”

3. McKenzie and Walker recently celebrated a major milestone in their relationship: they’re homeowners! They bought their own home in Lexington, KY, and have seemed to settle down nicely.

4. Even more exciting was how McKenzie announced the news of her and Walker’s engagement in March. She posted the beautiful diamond ring on her Instagram page, with a simple ring emoji. You can see the super-cute post below:

5. When she’s not watching Walker at his games, she’s hanging out with their adorable Frenchie (French bulldog) Nala, who they got in 2019. That’s not all she does though, as she’s got a full-time gig as a Website and Marketing Manager for Worlds Apart, per her LinkedIn.

If you want to see more of McKenzie’s life, be sure to follow her on Instagram @m__marcinekk. No word on when their wedding will be, but we can’t wait to see how she and Walker’s future nuptials turn out!

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