What is a Driving Range in Golf And How Big is it?

What is a Driving Range in Golf And How Big is it?

A driving range is a large open facility or field where golfers can practice various golf shots. The field can also be used  by amateur golfers for recreational purposes when enough time for a full game is not available.

The driving range has some yard markings on the fairway that helps golfers comprehend how far they are striking the golf ball. Interestingly, the driving range is not restricted to only professional golfers.

Hence, golfers of all skill levels frequently utilize the facility to practice their golf swing. Read on as we unveil more intriguing facts about the Driving Range in golf.

How Big Is a Driving Range?

A golf driving range should have a minimum length of 300 yards and a width of 150 yards. Nonetheless, there are many driving ranges that measure 200 by 100 yards or maybe less. However, such a field will only support a few golfers at a time.

Hence, it is advisable to set up your driving range facility to measure up to 300 by 150 yards, to increase the range of shots as well as accommodate more players. It is important to note that the 300 yards only cover the teeing area and exclude the parking lot.

What Type of Grass is used for Golf Driving Range?

A Driving range may be built to have a natural grass, similar to that of a golf course. These grasses include different species like the Bermuda, Bentgrass, Zoysia grass, and so forth. On the other hand,  synthetic mats, which resemble real turf, may be used on the driving range.

What to Expect at a Driving Range?

The majority of driving ranges have an administrative building where you can pick up golf clubs and range balls to use. However, you are still required to purchase a bucket of balls even if you bring your own golf clubs.

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Most driving ranges provide three distinct golf ball bucket sizes, with anywhere between 40 and 80 balls in each bucket. Nonetheless, the breakdown will vary depending on the location.

After getting your clubs and balls, you must proceed to the range’s location, where you will tee off. Of course, you would meet many people carrying out their activities. Hence, you would have to look for a free spot to use.

According to golf etiquette, you should try to find a tee area that is at least one space apart from other players to allow them more room. You are then prepared to enjoy yourselves by hitting golf balls.

How do they Collect Golf Balls at a Driving Range?

Interestingly, you don’t have to stress yourself in picking up golf balls after hitting them. The balls are picked up by a speciality cart/tractor, which has a brush and roller attachment that automatically picks up balls. Moreso, a cage is fixed to the cart to protect the driver from incoming balls.

What is the difference between Range Balls and regular Golf Balls?

difference between Range Balls and regular Golf Balls

The golf balls used in driving ranges may significantly differ from regular golf balls used in golf courses. These balls are called Range balls and are usually cheaper than regular golf balls.

Range balls are specially designed with a harder cover to improve their durability. This is done to give it a lasting quality because other golfers hit them hundreds of times a week.

What’s more?… Range balls may be designed to have a distinct coloring or colored band, which differentiates them from regular golf balls. You may even find many range balls stamped with the word “range”. Unlike regular golf balls, the dimples on range balls are not quite noticeable.

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Are Range Balls Harmful to my Golf Clubs?

Range balls are not harmful or bad for your clubs. This is because golf clubs are designed to withstand rigorous impacts at forces greater than what average golfers can achieve.

Hence, your clubs are strong enough to withstand the strain that may result from hitting range balls over and over again. You must also be careful in swinging your golf club to avoid injuring yourself.

At the driving range, a beginner golfer can anticipate working for an hour striking balls. The hour-long golf lesson teaches you how to utilize various clubs and, more crucially, how to line up your shot. Most people spend about 2-3 hours daily at the driving range.

How many times a week should I go to the Driving Range?

If you are a beginner, you can go to the driving range every day. The number of times you visit the range is dependent on your preference. However, your growth level is usually proportional to how often you visit the range for practice.

If one range session a week will help you get better, then two sessions a week will drastically accelerate your growth. In a nutshell, you should visit the driving range at least twice a week.

One of the first Driving Ranges:

Do you know?… Maniac Hill in Pinehurst, North Carolina, was one of the first golf driving ranges. It was opened up in 1913.

EndNote: What is a Driving Range in Golf?

In conclusion, golfers can practice specific shots on a driving range without having to bother about picking up their balls. The driving range provides the best facilities for beginners to work with an expert on their swing.

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Additionally, professionals practice certain shots with their clubs on the range. No matter how good a golfer you are, you will always enjoy using the driving range for practice.

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