Who Is Jessica Cox, James McCann’s Wife, Family & Facts

James Thomas McCann is an American professional baseball catcher who plays for the New York Mets of Major League Baseball (MLB). In this article, we shall tell you about his Wife (Jessica COx), Family (Parents & Siblings) and other interesting facts.

McCann was born on the 13th day of June 1990, in Santa Barbara, California. The baseball catcher is hap[ily married to his wife, Jessica Cox, who has been with him throughout his whole baseball career.

From Detroit to Chicago, the couple has been all over the place thanks to America’s pastime. Below are five fun facts about Jessica Cox that would interest you. Hence, keep reading to find out more.

Facts About James McCann’s Wife – Jessica Cox:

1. Jessica and James have known each other for a long time. The two dated right after college, and have been inseparable ever since. The two got engaged in 2013 and were married a couple of years later.

2. Jessica gave birth to her and James’ two premature twin boys, Kane and Christian, in December 2017. They had quite the road to recovery before getting to go home, as they came two months earlier than expected, but everything worked out well for the family of 4.

3. These days, Jessica splits her time between Nashville and Chicago, as does James. They even made a road trip back to Chicago for James’ season in mid-August. See more from that event below:

4. Jessica is a huge country music fan, and like her husband, is of Christian faith.

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5. If you scroll her Instagram, you’ll notice her feed is very bright and clean. That’s because she uses Nicole DigiPresets, which were designed to give your IG feed a cohesive feel.

They’ve become super popular amongst influencers over the last year, and you can check them out here if you want to learn more.

Be sure you’re following Jessica and James on Instagram to keep up with their everyday life. You won’t want to miss it when baseball season begins!