Who is Jordan LeMahieu, DJ LeMahieu’s Wife, Family, Parents & Facts

DJ LeMahieu facts

David John LeMahieu is an American professional baseball infielder who plays for the New York Yankees of the Major League Baseball (MLB). We present you with interesting information about his Wife (Jordan LeMahieu), Family (parents & Siblings), and other interesting Facts.

Is DJ LeMahieu Married?

There is no denying the fact that DJ LeMahieu has recorded a successful career since he was drafted in the second round of the 2009 MLB Draft. Of course, his fame and career achievements are enough to attract many potential wives or girlfriends to himself.

As the saying goes, behind every successful man is a woman. Hence, fans have been curious about his relationship status and many are already on the hunt for the identity of DJ LeMahieu’s wife.

Apparently, the baseball infielder is already married to his beautiful wife, Jordan LeMahieu. He is the perfect example whom Jack Leiter and Kumar Rocker should look up in terms of relationship advice.

The love birds began dating long enough before they tied the knot in 2014. Below is a beautiful photo from DJ LeMahieu and his wife’s wedding. Can you spot the athlete wearing a casual shoe with his wedding suit?

DJ LeMahieu wedding

Who is DJ LeMahieu’s Wife – Jordan LeMahieu?

The infielder’s wife, Jordan LeMahieu was born on the 1st day of January 1988 to her father, Richard Taylor Freeman, and mother, Debra Freeman. Judging by her date of birth, Jordan LeMahieu is 34 years old at the time of publishing this article.

Interestingly, DJ LeMahieu met his girlfriend turned wife at a Halloween party in college. Apparently, the couples both attended LSU. Although the lovebirds are happily married, their wedding hasn’t given rise to any child yet.

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DJ LeMahieu girlfriend

Jordan LeMahieu Family:

As earlier stated, Jordan’s parents are Richard and Debra Freeman. They hail from the southern state of Georgia. Actually, DJ’s wife is not the only daughter of her family.

She’s got a sister who is four years younger than her and bears the name Katherine. The picture below shows a glimpse of Jordan LeMahieu’s family. It shows how she and her sister resemble their mother in diverse ways.

Jordan LeMahieu mother and sister

What Does DJ LeMahieu’s Wife Do?

Jordan LeMahieu does not quite rely on the status of being a celebrity’s wife. She has also taken a bolder step to establish herself in the career of her choice. At the time of compiling this article, LeMahieu’s wife is a real estate agent.

Thanks to her profession, Jordan now works for the family business, The Freeman Team Realty, in Marietta, Georgia. No doubt, she is happy working as a realtor as well as supporting her husband from the sidelines whenever he is playing in the MLB.

Despite being married to a celebrity husband, Jordan tries as much as possible to keep her life private. She is currently on Instagram with roughly one thousand followers. However, her Instagram page is a private account.

DJ LeMahieu Family:

DJ LeMahieu was born on the 13th day of July 1988 to his father, Tom LeMahieu, and mother, Joan LeMahieu, in Visalia, California. The athlete was raised in a family that prioritizes his welfare and aspirations over other things.

From his childhood days, he had received unconditional love and supports from his parents and grandparents. Of course, his dream of becoming a professional baseball player became possible because his parents sought the right baseball training program to enrol him.

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Perhaps DJ LeMahieu may be the only child of his family because he hasn’t spoken much about having a brother or sister. However, his parents ensured they keep him company so that he didn’t get to experience a lonely childhood.

DJ LeMahieu Father:

The infielder’s dad is Tom LeMahieu. As expected, he has always been on the lookout for his son’s improvement in the game of baseball. Even though LeMahieu is now a famous athlete, he doesn’t often talk about his father,

Tom LeMahieu has a Twitter handle where he posts his opinions and baseball-related content. But he is not always active on the platform.

DJ LeMahieu Mother:

Another important personality that has showered the infielder with unconditional love since his childhood days is his mom, Joan LeMahieu. She is an avid Yankee fan as well as a traveler, gardener, and lover of art, book, as well as wine.

DJ LeMahieu Mother

As a mother, Joan always hopes that her son reaches the greatest height of his career. She even established a close bond with her daughter-in-law, Jordan, and sometimes discusses artwork with her.

DJ LeMahieu Siblings:

As earlier mentioned, there is no information that suggests DJ LeMaieu has a brother or a sister. Moreso, he doesn’t always talk about his family. Hence, we are of the opinion that he is likely to be the only child of his parents.

Facts About DJ LeMahieu

1. Early Life and High School:

DJ LeMahieu’s parents enrolled him to study at Brother Rice High School in Bloomfield Township, Oakland County, Michigan. Back then, he joined his high school baseball team and performed excellently in several competitions.

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He even averaged 459 with 201 hits in high school. He was an all- American Aflac as a junior as well as a two-time Gatorade player of the year. His exceptionality also saw him winning the Louisville Slugger Player of the Year for Michigan State.

2. College Career:

After completing high school, DJ LeMahieu continued his studies at Louisiana State University. There he met his girlfriend, turned wife and also played for the LSU Tigers baseball.

LeMahieu participated in the 2008 and 2009 College World Series as a member of the LSU Baseball program. Before the 2009 season, Collegiate Baseball named him the pre-season All-American.

3. DJ LeMahieu’s Hobbies:

The talented athlete is not only good at playing baseball. Away from the pitch, he’s actually got some interesting hobbies that keep him busy. Sometimes, LeMahieu goes fishing with his friend.

Below is a picture of one of his many fishing expeditions. Don’t you think he would have made a good fisherman if he never delved into baseball?

the athlete's Hobbies

4. Height And Weight:

DJ LeMahieu has a height of  6 feet and 4 inches, which, when measured in meters, will be equivalent to 1.93 m. On the other hand, he has a weight of 205 lbs.

Quick Facts About DJ LeMahieu:

Full Name:David John LeMahieu
Nickname:DJ LeMahieu
Date of Birth:13th of July 1988
Place of Birth: Visalia, California
Father:Tom LeMahieu
Mother:Joan LeMahieu
Wife:Jordan LeMahieu
Net Worth:$10 million (2022 Stats)
Height:6 feet and 4 inches (1.93 m)
Weight:205 lbs (93 kg)