Why are there Double Rim Basketball Hoops?

Why are there Double Rim Basketball Hoops?

Ever notice how the basketball hoop is somewhat thicker on an outdoor court than it is in your driveway? It’s not a figment of your imagination because most outdoor courts have hoops with two rims rather than one.

The double rim makes it more difficult for players to put the ball in the basket than it should be, hence, pushing them to improve their shooting skills. What is a double rim hoop, and why is it used in basketball?

What is a Double Rim?

A double rim, as the name implies, has two single rims stacked together. As a result, the rim becomes a bit taller and thicker than the single rim. In fact, the double rim thickness is almost two times that of a single rim.

What is the Reason for Double Rim Hoops in Basketball

Double rim basketball hoops are the most widely used hoops on outdoor basketball courts. This is because they are more weather-resistant than single-rim hoops. A single rim would not last as long as a double rim when exposed to weather elements, like rain, sleet, snow, wind, and so forth.

Aside from having more resistance to weather conditions, the double rim can also withstand intense pressure exerted on it during play. It is more durable in handling pressure, like basketball players dangling above the hoop during a slam dunk.

Why are there Single Rim Basketball Hoops?

Single-room hoops are commonly found in your driveway or an indoor gym. Since the single rim is not as thick as the double rim, it is quite easy to put the basketball through the hoop when you shoot.

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Aside from its ease of scoring, the single rim is less expensive than the double rim. Hence, it can fit into the budgets of most basketball lovers. Thanks to its low cost, many individuals could afford to buy one and set it up in their driveway or backyard.

Why is Shooting on Double Rim Hard?

You may see a drop in your shot percentage when playing on a double rim as compared to a single rim hoop. The major reason why shooting on a double rim is difficult is because the ball often hit the rim and bounces off differently than it does on the usual single rim.

Hence, basketball players have to polish their shots and apply a gentle touch when shooting on double rims. To get it right, they have to aim to swish the ball when shooting on a double rim.

How do you Shoot on a Double Rim Hoop?

When playing basketball on a double rim hoop, having a great and smooth shooting touch is a must. For instance, if you shoot a bank shot hard against the backboard, it might not bounce off the rim.

Similarly, you may run into difficulty on a fast breakaway, when you attempt to shoot the ball into the hoop by using the backboard. Hence, a double rim demands that players should develop shooting techniques in order to have the ball land precisely in the basket.

To do so, you have to practice how to swish the ball from close range. Afterwards, you should gradually increase your distance until you are good with perfectly landing the ball in a double rim from a far range.

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Which is better Single Rim or Double Rim?

Both the double rim and single have their own advantages and disadvantages. But we’ve seen most people opt for a double rim thanks to its durability. In my own opinion, it is better to spend more money on getting a double rim hoop because it will last for a longer time.

On this note, it is better to buy a double rim than a single rim. Nonetheless, if your budget is minimal, then opting for a single rim hoop isn’t such a bad idea. Just bear in mind that you may have to spend money on getting another one sooner than intended because it doesn’t last as long as a double rim, especially if it is often used.

From a player’s perspective, the single rim is preferred over the double rim. This is because most players find it less stressful to score in a single rim than when they play on a double rim.

Does the NBA use Double Rim Hoops?

The NBA doesn’t use double rims, as most people believe. Instead, it uses a modified single rim that has a “tube-tie net system,” which makes it resemble a double rim.

Hence, some people often refer to it as a double rim hoop. Interestingly, the tube-tie net system prevents players’ fingers from snagging the hooks on older rims. Moreso, it is a 180-degree breakaway and helps the rim withstand powerful dunks by NBA players.

The modified rim hoop is called the Spalding Arena Pro 180 Goal, and it has been in use in the NBA since 2010. Despite being a little thicker, the new design is safer and has no effect on field goals or free throw shooting percentages.

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Take a look at the new type of basketball rim hoop used in the NBA and judge for yourself if it is a double rim or a single rim.

The type of rim used in the NBA
The modified basketball rim used in the NBA. Do you think it is a double or single rim?

EndNote: What is a Double Rim Basketball Hoop?

In conclusion, a double rim makes it significantly more difficult to shoot the basketball into the hoop. However, they are commonly used in outdoor playgrounds due to their resistance to changes in weather conditions and their durability.

On the other hand, single rim hoops are preferred at driveway or neighborhood gym games because it is less expensive and simpler to use. Although double rim hoops can annoyingly reduce your shooting percentage, it is a great facility to help you practice and polish your shooting techniques.

The moment you finally attain the level of swishing your shots on a double rim, you could consistently score when playing on a single rim.

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