Will Anderson Jr. Family – Father, Mother, Sisters And Girlfriend

Will Anderson Jr. Family – Father, Mother, Sisters And Girlfriend

Sportblis presents amazing facts about Will Anderson Jr.’s Father (Will Anderson Sr.), Mother (Tereon Anderson), Sisters, Girlfriend, and much more.

William Anderson Jr. is an American football outside linebacker who plays for the Alabama Crimson Tide. He was born on the 2nd of September, 2001, to his parents, Tereon and Will Anderson Sr., in Hampton, Georgia.

The athlete is the youngest of six children born to his father and mother. Interestingly, Anderson Jr. is the only son of his family. Yes! He’s got five sisters.

As the youngest of his family, Anderson received so much care from his older siblings. His parents also gave him the freedom to try out different sports.

By the time he clocked 4, the youngster was registered to attend a sports camp. It was during these trip that Anderson eventually decided to pursue a career in football.

High School & College Career:

Anderson’s parents had him enrol at Dutchtown High School, where he started his football expedition. He was an excellent talent who gained popularity in his school through sports.

In 2019, the outside linebacker recorded 15 tackles for loss with 22 sacks as a senior. His exceptional performance earned him a spot in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s “Super 11” team in 2020.

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Do you know?… Will Anderson Jr. was privileged to play in the All-American Bowl in 2020. Following his graduation from high school, the athlete committed to play college football at Alabama.

The athlete's career life

He quickly broke into the starting lineup of his college team. As the starting outside linebacker, Anderson Jr. put up an impressive performance in his freshman year in 2020.

Of course, his fame consistently grew as he kept on impressing his fans. Anderson Jr. contributed immensely to the performance of his team, which saw them win the 2021 College Football Playoff National Championship.

The sportsman enjoyed yet another impressive season as a sophomore. He won the Bronko Nagurski Trophy and was named the 2021 and 2022 SEC Defensive Player of the Year.

As expected, Anderson Jr. kept on proving himself and winning many accolades.  We know for a fact that his parents and sisters are proud of his football journey. They can’t wait to see him play in the NFL.

Will Anderson Jr. Family:

Anderson grew up in a lively home. He and most of his family members enjoys fishing. As a result, he often accompanies one of his uncles to a fishing hole near their house in Georgia.

Growing up in a family of eight, Anderson Jr. didn’t have to worry about boredom. His sisters ensured they kept him busy by setting him up as the target for their pranks.

Will Anderson Jr. Family
Will Anderson Jr. Family.

There was even a time Anderson’s older sisters shoved him into a dryer. Funnily enough, they also spent a whole year parading him in a giraffe costume around their backyard.

Of course, the player has established a lot of happy memories with his menage. Moreso, he has received unfathomable support from his parents, who wishes to see him achieve his dream.

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Will Anderson Jr. Ethnicity:

From his physical appearance, you wouldn’t need a suit sayer to disclose the youngster’s ethnicity. Apparently, he is an American with an ancestry that comprises African heritage. Now let’s discuss every family member of Anderson Jr., starting with his dad.

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Will Anderson Jr. Father – Will Anderson Sr.:

The athlete’s dad has been instrumental in dictating his style of play. As the saying goes, “the apple does not fall far from the apple tree” in the same vein, Anderson Jr. has displayed the ferocious pattern of gameplay his dad used to put up.

For the records, his father’s name is Will Anderson Sr., and he was also a talented football player who earned the nickname Big Will during his sporting days.

While training his only son, Anderson Sr. often told him never to hit his sisters. However, he advised the player to always go hard on other boys on the football field.

Will Anderson Jr. Father - Will Anderson Sr.
Meet his father, Will Anderson Sr.

When Anderson Jr. was in high school, his father often analyzed his game and executed some strategies to spark aggression in his gameplay.

This involved shouting out some notorious remarks across the pitch to get the outside linebacker more aggressive and put on some good big plays.

Will Anderson Jr. Mother – Tereon Anderson:

Anderson Jr. was the answer to his mom’s long-time prayers. Apparently, Tereon Anderson has often been committed to her duty as a mother. She consistently gave birth to girls and wondered when she would have a son.

After five girls, Anderson Jr.’s mom got the answers to her prayer as she gave birth to him. When she had her fifth child, they all thought the baby was going to be a boy.

Interestingly, the child came out peeing straight up in the air. Hence, her husband was prompted to shout, “it’s a boy!” But to their greatest surprise, Tereon found out she had delivered her fifth daughter.

Will Anderson Jr. Mother - Tereon Anderson
He smiles so beautifully, like his mother, Tereon Anderson.

Anyways, she eventually got a male child on her sixth delivery, and he was worth the wait. As you may have probably guessed, Anderson’s mother showered him with so much love.

Each time he undergoes a rigorous training session with his dad, he often runs to his mom to refresh himself. She has been one of his most devoted fans since his earliest career days.

Tereon Anderson needed to do a lot of work to care for her son more than she did for her daughters. In her opinion, she declared that Anderson Jr. was different from the rest of his siblings.

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He didn’t care about TV or a movie and focused his spare time on jumping off the sofa and running around the house. This meant that his mother had to keep a close eye on him whenever he ran around.

Will Anderson Jr. Sisters:

The talented athlete comes from a robust family of eight. He’s got five sisters – Chyna, Endia, Shanice, Shawnta, and Teria – who have all contributed to his career development.

Do you know?… Will Anderson Jr.’s mom birthed his five sisters in the space of eight years. She did a good job of ensuring the siblings loved and supported themselves from their childhood days to when they grew older.

Anderson also enjoyed the company of his sisters. When he was four years old, his sister, Chyna, accidentally dropped a dumbbell on his toe, fracturing it. There was also Teria, the youngest among Will’s sisters, who once locked him in a dryer.

Will Anderson Jr. Sisters
Will Anderson Jr. and his five sisters.

There is no doubt that Anderson’s sisters have shaped him into the man he is today. As I compile this biography, Teria, who is two years older than Anderson Jr., works as a hairstylist.

Endia is the one person that he runs to for spiritual advice. Chyna works as a teacher, while Shawnta is his conversation analyst who often gives him business advice.

Shanice, a brand designer, can not afford to see her brother insulted by the media. When it comes to his football career, she is always the first person that Anderson Jr. runs to.

Of course, Shanice remains his most trusted confidant, movie pal, and much more. This shows that the athlete’s sisters treat him dearly and support him in their own ways.

Growing Up With His Siblings:

Anderson Jr. and his five sisters shared two rooms in their three-bedroom home in Hampton, Georgia. This meant that he and two of his siblings stayed in one room while the other three stayed in the second room.

Despite having their separate rooms, all six siblings often spent most of their mornings together in one room. As a result, their bond from childhood continued to grow even stronger.

There was a time when Anderson Jr. forgot his lines during a talent show in elementary school. His five sisters immediately rushed to the stage to help their weeping brother. It was a memorable and beautiful sight to behold as they showed everyone how much they cared for each other.

Will Anderson Jr. Grandparents:

Aside from his parents and sisters, Anderson Jr. has also maintained a beautiful relationship with his grandparents. He is specifically drawn to spending time with his paternal grandmother, Betty Taylor.

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Sadly, she lost her life to the cold hands of death when the athlete was in his third month in Alabama. While she was alive, Anderson Jr. frequently visited her.

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His love for his grandma sprang out of the fact that she was the only one who best understood him. Will once convinced his parents to move him from one middle school to another so he could live with his grandmother for a year.

Will Anderson Jr. Grandparents
Meet his late granny, Betty.

Do you know?… His grandmom, Betty, had seven children. This means that the football player has six uncles. Sadly, he never got the privilege to meet his grandfather, who died many years before he was born.

Betty Taylor was a strong woman who singlehandedly raised all her seven sons. She lost her husband when Anderson Jr.’s dad was six years old and had to work two to three jobs to make ends meet.

There were days she would take her two youngest sons, Kendall, and Big Will, with her to her night job – cleaning office buildings. By the time she clocked 84-year-old, she had suffered from pneumonia and other ailments, which eventually led to her death.

Facts About Will Anderson Jr.’s Parents & Grandparents:

The athlete’s dad, William Glenn Anderson Sr., was born on the 28th of November, 1967. He attended Woodland High School and graduated in the year 1985.

On the other hand, Will’s mom, Tereon Anderson, bears the name Tereon Anita Williams prior to her marriage to Anderson Sr. She was born on the 4th of April, 1973. This means she is 6 years younger than her husband.

Facts About Will Anderson Jr.'s Parents

Tereon attended Mercer University and bagged a bachelor of arts in general communications in 2018. After graduation, she became a patient financial counselor at the Emory Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia.

Anderson Jr.’s maternal grandparents (Tereon’s parents), Shirley and Gary Collins, tested positive for COVID-19 and were hospitalized. Thankfully, they both survived the ordeal.

Will Anderson Jr. Girlfriend:

Despite being nicknamed the terminator because of his playing style, Anderson Jr. is the gentleman any woman would pray for. Nonetheless, he has paid no attention to relationship matters at the moment.

We know for a fact that many female fans are hoping he would choose them to be his girlfriend. But that can only come to pass in their fantasies.

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Apparently, Anderson Jr. is more focused on establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the professional leagues. Although he doesn’t have a girlfriend yet, we’ve seen him take photos with some of his close female friends.

Well, let’s hope the relationship he shares with his female friends may grow into something stronger and perhaps lead to marriage subsequently.

Will Anderson Jr. Girlfriend
The outside linebacker with one of his female friends.

Quick Facts About Will Anderson Jr.:

Full Name:William Anderson Jr.
Nickname:The Terminator
Date of Birth:2nd of September, 2001
Place of Birth:Hampton, Georgia
Father:Will Anderson Sr.
Mother:Tereon Anderson
Sisters:Chyna, Endia, Shanice, Shawnta and Teria Anderson
Ethnicity:Mixed (African-American)
High School:Dutchtown (Hampton)
College:Alabama (2020–2022)
Height:6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Weight:243 lb (110 kg)