Will Levis Family – Father, Mother, Brothers And Girlfriend

Will Levis Family – Father, Mother, Brothers And Girlfriend

Sportblis presents amazing facts about Will Levis Father (Mike Levis), Mother (Beth Kelley Levis), Siblings, Girlfriend, and much more.

Will Levis is an American football quarterback who plays for the Kentucky Wildcats. He was born on the 27th of June, 1999, to his parents, Mike and Beth Kelley Levis, in Newton, Massachusetts.

The young lad picked an interest in sports from a very tender age. Interestingly, his parents never forced anything on him. Instead, they gave him the freedom to decide on whatever career path he wanted.

Apparently, Levis had been quite talented in adapting to any kind of sport. Perhaps it occurred naturally to him because he was born into a home with an athletic track record.

The quarterback's family
A throwback picture with his three sisters.

As he grew older, Levis’ interest gravitated towards football. From that tender age, he was already certain that his passion lies in football. Hence, he ventured into the game as a running back when he was in fourth grade.

How High School Football Changed Will Levis’ Career Life Forever:

The athlete’s high school days saw him improving his skills and honing his inborn talent. Nonetheless, he was yet to mark his name among the elites of Xavier High School’s football team.

Eventually, an opportunity presented itself for the young lad to prove his worth. At that time, he was in seventh grade and was appointed a wildcat quarterback by his team’s head coach.

This happened because the starting QB got injured within that time frame. Levis was aware that it was the opportunity of a lifetime – a chance that, when properly utilised, could change his career forever.

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Guess what?… Will Levis didn’t disappoint his coach. He came to realise that he was good at throwing the ball. Hence, he decided to take the quarterback position more seriously in the subsequent offseason.

Levis had to put in extra effort to step up his performance. As destiny would have it, he eventually established himself as a force to be reckoned with in high school football.

Throughout his days at Xavier High School, he threw over 5,400 passing yards and 55 touchdown passes.  Before the beginning of his senior season, he committed to play college football for Penn State.

Will Levis’ College Career:

Levis studied at Penn State between 2018 and 2020. He redshirted his first year and remained a backup player for the team in the subsequent two years.

In the 2019 season, he started his first game and completed one touchdown, one interception, and eight of his fourteen passes for 81 yards.

Levis’ overall career at Penn State saw him completing three touchdowns, two interceptions and 61 of 102 passes for 644 yards. Interestingly, he graduated from Penn State’s Smeal College of Business in May 2021.

After bagging a bachelor’s degree in finance, the quarterback transferred to the University of Kentucky, where he continued his football expedition.

The quarterback's College Career

Thanks to his exceptional talent, Levis started each of the team’s 13 games. He completed 233 of 353 passes for 2,827 yards and 24 touchdowns.

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His phenomenal performance led his team to win the 2022 Citrus Bowl. Furthermore, Levis ended up bagging a master’s degree in finance from Kentucky’s Gatton College of Business and Economics.

Will Levis Family:

The American athlete hails from a household that’s got a track record in sports. It’s only natural that he inherits the bidding of his family from childhood.

As a little boy, Levis didn’t face any objections from his parents when he chose to play football. Back then, his family moved from Massachusetts into a house his mom built in Connecticut.

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During his growing-up days in Connecticut, the young lad played football with his friends before joining his high school team. Levis’ family members share an excellent relationship with each other.

Will Levis Family
A family photo with his parents, grandparents and siblings.

His mother and father chose to build their house about 100 yards away from his grandparents’ home. This way, the whole family could easily meet up and have a lovely time together.

Now, let’s delve into detailed information about every member of Levis’ family, starting with his dad.

Will Levis Father – Mike Levis:

The quarterback has definitely inherited a fair share of his athletic prowess from his dad. Apparently, Will Levis’ father, Mike, was also a football player in his early days.

Back in the day, Mike Levis played tight end at Dension University. Like every other athlete, it was his dream to play on the big stage as his career advanced.

Sadly, Levis’ dad couldn’t make it to the NFL and ended his career while playing football for the NCAA Division III school in Ohio.

Although Mike didn’t make it to the professional league, his wealth of experience came in handy while raising his son. He often spent many hours training his little boy on the diverse aspects of football.

Mike Levis adopted his old-school coaching values in training Levis and built his focus around discipline. Thanks to his efforts, the quarterback grew up to become a seasoned player.

Will Levis Mother – Beth Kelley Levis:

It is no longer news that Levis’ dad is not the only talented athlete in his family. Yes! His mother, Beth Kelley Levis, was a phenomenal sportswoman in her youthful days.

Back then, Beth Kelley played both high school and college soccer. She eventually became a two-time all-American soccer player at yale.

Thanks to her unrivalled talent, Levis’ mom was inducted into the Connecticut Girl’s Soccer Association Hall of fame. Beth Kelley’s decision to play soccer didn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Will Levis Mother - Beth Kelley Levis
Will Levis and his mother, Beth Kelley Levis.

This was because she came from a household with a long succession of athletes. Since her family had a great background in sports, Beth Kelley decided to give an athletic career a try.

Although she failed to excel on a professional scale, her experience brought some sought of fulfilment on how far she was able to go. Levis’ mother has also played an integral role in his career expedition.

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She understands the rigours of training and the perfect diet to help her son stay in shape. While her husband trained with their only son, Kelley did well in preparing some meals to help them replenish their strength.

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Will Levis Sisters:

Research shows that the young player has only three siblings. Their names are Kelley, Jill, and Claire Levis. Of course, Will Levis prioritises the happiness of his sisters more than anyone can imagine.

Will Levis sisters
What a happy moment with his sisters.

As their brother, he takes up the responsibility of protecting them from danger. On the other hand, his sisters always accompany him to the pitch to cheer on him from the sideline on game days.

At the time of compiling this biography, there has been no additional information about the occupations or academic life of Will Levis’ sisters.

Will Levis Relatives:

The quarterback has an uncle who played football at Yale. Similarly, his maternal great-grandfather, Alva Kelley, played college football and eventually became an All-American football player at Cornell University.

A few years after graduation, Levis’ great-grandfather ventured into coaching and worked as head coach for several college teams.

Do you know?… Alva Kelley won the 1939 National Championship during his time at Cornell University. He also worked as the head football coach of Brown University, Hobart College, and Colgate University.

Will Levis’ grandfather, David Kelley, was also not left out of the succession of athletes in his family tree. David Kelley was a multifaceted sportsman who played football, lacrosse, and wrestling in college.

Like his father before him, David ventured into the coaching business and became a defensive coach for the football team at Yale University.

Will Levis Grandfather’s Illness:

Of course, ageing is an inevitable process that goes beyond the control of man. Over the years, the grandfather of Levis has been plagued with dementia as he grew older.

When the news of his illness hit the ears of Levis’ parents, they felt really heartbroken. Realising how devastating Levis and his sister would be should the news reach them, Mike and his wife decided to keep the disease a secret from their kids.

Nonetheless, the illness could not be hidden forever, as the athlete and his siblings found out about it themselves. They all started to notice that their grandfather wasn’t the same.

Hence, their parents had no option but to reveal the entire truth about the disease. Although Levis’ grandfather still knows everybody, he has only become a shadow of himself from a mental standpoint.

Will Levis Girlfriend – Gia Duddy:

There is no denying the fact that the QB is handsome. Thanks to his football prowess and looks, he has amassed a large number of secret admirers and young ladies who are crushing on him.

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However, he broke the heart of his devoted admirers when he brought his girlfriend into the limelight of his biography. In case you are curious, know that Will Levis is in a relationship with Gia Duddy.

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Will Levis Girlfriend - Gia Duddy
The athlete and his Girlfriend, Gia Duddy.

The love birds had their first encounter in 2019 at Penn State University. Back then, Levis was in his senior year while his girlfriend was in her freshman year.

They quickly got attracted to each other and became friends. After spending some quality time with themselves, Levis began dating Gia Duddy.

As respected, the couple often shares their pictures on each other’s social media. Gia became a reliable partner for the athlete and has continued to support his endeavors since they began dating.

She was even at his side when he graduated from Penn State to transfer to Kentucky. Rumour has it that Will Levis and his girlfriend are also considering marriage. It will be a great sight to see them tie the knot as husband and wife.

Who is Gia Duddy, Will Levis’ Girlfriend?

Who is Gia Duddy, Will Levis' Girlfriend
Gia Duddy.

Giavinna “Gia” Duddy was born on the 1st of August, 2001, to her parents, Elaine Rado and Michael Duddy II, in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. Judging by her date of birth, she is two years younger than her boyfriend.

Duddy is one of the three children born to her mom and dad. She grew up with her brother, Michael III, and sister, Bella. Like her boyfriend, Gia Duddy is also an athlete.

She began her career expedition during her days at Berks Catholic High School. Back then, the damsel played for the Berks Catholic Girls Lacrosse team under jersey number #7.

After graduation, Duddy enrolled at Penn State, where she joined the women’s lacrosse team. It was during this period that she met her boyfriend.

Will Levis Tattoo:

After eighth grade, Will Levis was gifted a scroll by his maternal grandfather (David Kelley) from the Dalai Lama, that stated, “Never give up.”

A few years later, he graduated from high school and, yet again, received another gift from his granddad, which had the words “Never, never, never give up” engraved on a stone.

By the time he clocked 18 and got his parent’s permission to get a tattoo, one particular Bible phrase stood out in his mind. It was 2 Chronicles 15:7; “Be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.”

The quarterback had this verse, as well as his granddad’s mantra, inked on his right arm. The tattoo serves as a daily reminder of how much he struggled to get to where he is despite the hurdles of his early career days.

Will Levis Tattoo

Quick Facts About Will Levis:

Full Name:Will Levis
Date of Birth:27th of June, 1999
Place of Birth:Newton, Massachusetts
Father:Mike Levis
Mother:Beth Kelley Levis
Sisters:Kelley, Jill, and Claire Levis
Girlfriend:Gia Duddy
High School: Xavier (Middletown, Connecticut)
College:Penn State (2018–2020)
Kentucky (2021–2022)
Height:6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Weight:232 lb (105 kg)