4 Football Scholarships In Europe For International Students

4 Football Scholarships In Europe For International Students

Despite the conclusion of the Qatar World Cup, the passion for football continues unabated. Referred to as soccer or football, this game boasts an impressive fan base of over 131 million in Europe alone.

Hence, it is regarded as the most popular sport worldwide. Europe, renowned as the prime destination for launching a football career, is home to numerous esteemed European football scholarships.

Studying football in Europe may seem unattainable due to exorbitant tuition fees and the rising cost of living, particularly for international students.

Public universities charge non-EU students an average annual tuition fee ranging from 6,000 to 45,000 euros. Fortunately, European football scholarships exist to alleviate the financial burden and enable students to pursue their dreams.

These scholarships cater to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, promoting academic excellence while nurturing their passion for the sport. Here are four football scholarships in Europe available to international students:

1. BU Sport Scholarship

The University of Bournemouth in England offers the BU Sport Scholarship, a program designed to financially support students interested in combining sports with their studies.

This scholarship is open to both domestic and international undergraduate or postgraduate students enrolled at the university.

Recipients of this scholarship receive funding ranging from £500 to £5,000 to cover training expenses, equipment, competition entry fees, and travel costs. The program targets high-level athletes in various sports, including football, and applicants are assessed by the school coach before acceptance.

Scholarship recipients become representatives of the university in the BUCS program (League and Individual) as well as in their regional, national, or international clubs.

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For more information, please visit the Official Website.

2. Soccer Scholarships – Maynooth University

Maynooth University, also known as the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, is ranked as Ireland’s top university according to the Times Higher Education (THE) “Young Universities” list.

The university offers several European football scholarships annually to male and female players. These scholarships provide coaching, guidance, and access to top-notch sports facilities, aiming to reduce tuition fees and facilitate sports participation.

They are open to both local and international undergraduate or postgraduate students at the university. Scholarship recipients receive training and guidance to compete at the highest level of the national league and participate in various competitions each year.

For more information, please visit the Official Website.

3. “Your Chance” Scholarship

The MSM International Soccer Academy established the “Your Chance” scholarship program in 2015 to assist young, talented football players in fulfilling their dreams of playing professionally.

Every year, these European football scholarships are awarded to aspiring athletes. Located in the Czech Republic, the academy organizes an annual summer camp for students interested in becoming professional football players.

To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must first enroll in the academy’s summer soccer camp program. Those awarded the scholarship will receive tuition to study a Czech or English course at a European university.

For more information, please visit the Official Website.

4. International Sports Scholarship Programme

The International Sports Scholarship Programme at the University of Stirling is one of the largest high-performance sports programs in the UK.

With a successful track record of supporting over 700 students and sending athletes to prestigious events like the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, this program aims to provide financial aid to talented athletes pursuing a career in sports.

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The university’s campus boasts state-of-the-art facilities that offer students the opportunity to enhance their skills in their respective sports.

What’s more?… The scholarship is available to both EU and non-EU undergraduate and postgraduate students at the university. Scholarship recipients not only receive financial support but also gain access to national standard training and equipment.

For more information, please visit the Official Website.


These scholarships present excellent opportunities for students passionate about football and aspiring to forge a career in the sport.

Although each scholarship offers different benefits and requirements, it’s important to research them thoroughly before applying.