Will Smith Family – Parents, Sister, And Girlfriend (Ice Hockey)

Will Smith Biography

Sportblis presents amazing facts about Will Smith Father (Bill Smith), Mother (Colleen Smith), Sister (Grace Smith), Girlfriend, and much more.

William Smith was born on the 17th of March, 2005, to his parents in Lexington, Massachusetts, USA. He is the youngest of two children born to his dad, Bill, and mom, Colleen.

The hockey youngster was raised alongside his older sister, Grace Smith. At the tender age of 4, Smith was introduced to the world of ice hockey and instantly fell in love with the game.

One thing that thrilled him about hockey was its speed and excitement. Also, Smith’s growing-up days in Massachusetts, had a significant impact on his passion for ice hockey.

The city’s rich hockey culture and history served as a constant source of inspiration for him. Nonetheless, Smith didn’t limit himself to ice hockey alone during his childhood days.

Like many young boys, he dabbled in various sports, including basketball and baseball. Surprisingly, his involvement in baseball played a crucial role in shaping him into the skilled ice hockey player he is today.

Smith recognized the similarities between baseball and ice hockey. The hand-eye coordination, agility, and strategic thinking he developed while playing baseball proved invaluable in his ice hockey journey.

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Will Smith Career Life:

Will Smith career life
Will Smith’s career life. Source: Instagram.

From a young age, it was evident that Smith possessed the potential to become a top-line center with a formidable two-way game. His exceptional speed and rare creativity with the puck set him apart from his peers.

These skills, combined with his continuous development, have contributed to his impressive offensive performance. Back in the day, Smith often attended Beanpot hockey tournaments with his friends.

The tournament, featuring renowned college teams like Boston College, BU, Northeastern, and Harvard, held a special place in their hearts. Perhaps, it was this tournament that fostered his sense of attachment to Boston College.

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After high school, Smith committed play ice hockey at Boston College. It was indeed a significant milestone in his career. Apparently, the school holds a profound historical connection to Smith’s family, making his enrollment even more special.

Research shows that thirteen members of his family have attended the institution before him. His sister is currently studying there, and Smith looks forward to spending a year with her, carrying on the family tradition.

Will Smith Family & Ethnicity:

It may come as a surprise, but nobody in Will Smith’s family had ever played hockey before. The sport was not a part of their household. However, an unexpected turn of events changed their perspective.

Will’s introduction to hockey came about through one of his dad’s friends. By the time he turned 5, he was already determined to play the game.

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Hence, the young boy persistently urged his dad’s friend to help him join a house league team. Will’s enthusiasm for the game was evident, as he constantly requested jerseys to play hockey.

On the other hand, his family had no objection to his newly found love. Hence, they supported his aspirations and helped him excel in his hockey expedition.

Moving on to his ancestry, Will Smith is of White ethnicity. There is no little information about his heritage that will help give a detailed breakdown of his Family Origin.

Will Smith Father – Bill:

The center’s dad is Bill Smith. While neither Bill nor his wife played hockey, they were no strangers to sports. Smith’s father excelled in baseball during his time at Lexington High School and Worcester Academy.

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He often recounts the humorous story of a mishap at a local rink that demonstrated his lack of experience with hockey. As he and Will prepared for the Brick Tournament, Bill took a tumble on the ice not once but twice.

This incident happened because he forgot to remove his skate guards. Former NHL player Freddy Meyer came to his aid, highlighting the huge difference between the father and son when it came to their hockey abilities.

Bill Smith works as a real estate professional. He understood the benefits of owning a property near the U.S. National Team Development Program (NTDP) in Michigan. This innate ability of his foresight played a crucial role in shaping Will’s hockey journey.

What’s more?… Will Smith’s dad founded and served as a principal of Boyd/Smith – a Boston-based luxury housing and commercial properties firm. Although the company held a significant place in their family history, it was eventually sold.

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Will Smith Mother – Colleen:

Smith’s mom, Colleen Smith, was a swimmer during her time at Creighton University. Her experience as a collegiate athlete laid the foundation for her understanding of the commitment and dedication required to excel in sports.

As Will Smith’s hockey career took precedence, Colleen made the decision to join him in Michigan. She left behind her own commitments and personal life to support her son and ensure his well-being.

Indeed, there is no scale that can quantify her motherly love for Smith. While Colleen joined Will in Michigan, her husband Bill remained in Lexington due to professional commitments.

The physical separation presented challenges for their family. However, they found ways to navigate the situation and support each other despite the distance.

Will Smith’s mother took on the responsibility of ensuring that he had the necessary nourishment for his demanding training regimen.

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She followed the recommendations of the NTDP’s director of sports science to prepare meals and recovery shakes for Smith. This played a vital role in his physical well-being and performance.

Will Smith Sister – Grace:

He’s got an older sister who is literally his closest friend. Grace Smith is currently studying Biology at Boston College, showcasing her dedication to her academic pursuits.

As an aspiring student, she is focused on building her knowledge and expertise in this field. Even though her brother is making waves in the world of ice hockey, Grace does not share the same passion for athletics.

Instead, she is driven to pursue her own path and interests in the field she is currently studying. Grace usually plays the big sister role by following her brother to the arena and supporting him from the sidelines.

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Will Smith’s Girlfriend:

Relationship problem is not a challenge that he is willing to face at the moment. Smith wants to fully focus on his career expedition and has not decided to commit himself to any love ties.

Even if he has a girlfriend, he is not keen on displaying her pictures over the internet. The athlete just wants to maintain a low profile in his personal life while focused on excelling on the ice rink.

Quick Facts About Will Smith:

Full Name:William Smith
Date of Birth:17th of March, 2005
Place of Birth:Lexington, Massachusetts, USA
Father:Bill Smith
Mother:Colleen Smith
SisterGrace Smith
Listed Height:6 ft 0 in (183 cm)
Listed Weight:172 lb (78 kg; 12 st 4 lb)