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Igor Shestyorkin biography

Sportblis presents you with the Biography and amazing Facts of Igor Shestyorkin, a professional Russian ice hockey goaltender. Our article covers his Biography, Family Facts, Girlfriend/Wife, Net Worth, Awards and other intriguing facts.

Igor Shestyorkin Biography:

Igor Olegovich Shestyorkin was born on the 30th day of December 1995 to his father, Oleg and mother, Elena Shestyorkina in Moscow, Russia. As a little boy, Shestyorkin rooted for the New York Rangers.

Igor Shestyorkin Childhood

Back then, the young lad felt motivated by the exceptionality of the NHL most revered goalie, Henrik Lundqvist. Truth be told, no one would have imagined that Igor Shestyorkin would be attracted to ice hockey at such tender age.

A Childhood Coincidence:

From the onset, Shestyorkin’s parents had not really planned for their son to delve into hockey. This is because his father played soccer while his granddad had a keen interest in volleyball.

Hence, it was impossible for the young Russian to imagine ending up in a hockey arena. The beginning of Shestyorkin’s career expedition came as a coincidence.

It all happened when the young lad accompanied his mother and her friend to watch a game at the hockey palace next to their house in Setun.

During the match, Igor could not contain the excitement that filled his mind as he watched each player display their amazing skating abilities.

After the game, Shestyorkin rushed home to share his experience with his father. During their conversation, the upcoming goalie expressed his interest in playing hockey professionally.

Seeing that their little boy had already made up his mind, Shestyorkin’s parents had him join a hockey section in their neighbourhood.

Igor Shestyorkin Career Life:

Igor Shestyorkin Career Life

Early Career:

Deciding to play hockey out of excitement did not guarantee absolute success for the young Russian. Luckily, his parents hired Evgeny Poleev to coach their son through his early career life.

As destiny would have it, Evgeny quickly saw the makings of a goalie in his pupil and had him focused on goaltending rather than the other positions.

“I was always skating the wrong way, so my coach thought I should try goal. At one time, the team was bad, and I wanted to play forward, but he convinced me to stick with goaltending.”

Deciding to stick to the goal post was a big decision that raised little doubts for Igor’s father. On the other hand, his mother could not shake off the fear that the puck might fly into her son’s helmet.

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It was not an easy decision for his entire family, but they agreed to the coach’s suggestion because Igor himself consented to play goalie.

Beginning of a New Dawn:

It is often said that hard work brings new opportunities. In the same vein, the consistent training of Shestyorkin ushered him into spending his youth career with Krylya Sovetov Moscow.

Sadly, the youth player had to balance his academic schedule with his hockey endeavours. Thanks to the support of his teachers and parents, Shestyorkin was able to meet up with his schedule.

Do you know?… The 16-year-old Igor Shestyorkin was selected as the 43rd overall by Spartak Moscow of the Kontinental Hockey League in the 2012 KHL Draft.

Professional career:

Interestingly, Shestyorkin helped Spartak win the MHL Championship in 2014. His so many saves and outstanding performance with Spartak established him as a rare talent in the hockey world.

Hence, Shestyorkin was ranked as the fifth-best goalie entering the NHL Entry Draft in 2014. It would interest you to know that he was selected by the New York Rangers as the 118th overall, in the fourth round of the 2014 NHL draft.

While showcasing his exceptional talent with the Rangers, Igor also ensured that his country gets a fair share of his goaltending flair.

Igor Shestyorkin professional career

Hence, Shestyorkin was part of the Olympic Athletes from Russia that participated in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Since he was the third choice of his team, he did not play in any game during the tournament.

Subsequently, Shestyorkin made his parents and entire family proud as he represented Russia in the 2018 World Championships in Denmark.

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Facts about Igor Shestyorkin:

1. Igor Shestyorkin Family:

Life feels incomplete without the presence of people the Russian can call his family. With his growing achievements in ice hockey, Igor has not turned away from paying homage to his parents.

Igor Shestyorkin Family

Igor Shestyorkin Father:

Although not much has been said about Shestyorkin’s dad, we are certain that he has supported the Russians through thick and thin.

Shestyorkin’s Father, Oleg, played professional football in Russia but never made it to a renowned club. Aside from soccer, Oleg also enjoyed taking part in volleyball games.

However, when his son decided to delve into hockey, the football professional did not object to his decision. Rather, he fulfilled his paternal duty by ensuring that Shestyorkin does not have to struggle much in his career life.

Igor Shestyorkin Mother:

Behind every champion is a strong mom, whose unconditional love helps, inspires and supports the child. Elena Shestyorkina is Igor’s mother, and she’s often showered him with profound affection since his childhood days.

Igor Shestyorkin Mother

As young as she looks, Elena is a strong woman with a good financial education. Like all mothers, she often prays for her boy and wishes him meteoric success in his career endeavours.

Igor Shestyorkin Siblings:

As of the year 2021, Igor has not disclosed information about his brothers and sisters. We suspect that he might be the only child of his parents. Perhaps Igor Shestyorkin Biography would have been far more epic if he grew up with any sibling.

2. Igor Shestyorkin Net Worth:

Signing a 2-years contract worth $7,550,000 with the New York Rangers has raised Shestyorkin’s Net Worth to a reasonable sum.

His deal, which will expire in 2021 and make him a Restricted Free Agent (RFA) fetches him a total annual salary of $925,000, excluding performance bonuses.

Judging by his salary breakdown, Igor Shestyorkin has an estimated Net Worth of $2.5 million. Certainly, his financial status will increase as he continues to advance in his career expedition.

3. Igor Shestyorkin Girlfriend:

When it comes to matters of the heart, Igor is not left out. Of course, he has a long way to go before he can catch up to the Swedish goalie Robin Lehner. However, Igor has already taken the first step in dating his beautiful girlfriend, Anna Butusova.

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Igor Shestyorkin Girlfriend

Interestingly, Shestyorkin’s girlfriend, Anna, has 300 thousand followers on Instagram, which is about 7-times that of her boyfriend.

To catch up to her statistic, Igor would have to step up his game in the NHL and gather more fans who are likely to be his potential followers.

4. Igor Shestyorkin Lifestyle:

It is no longer news that the goalie has amassed enormous wealth since his rise to fame. As it stands, Igor makes sure he enjoys life to the fullest.

Hence, he lives a luxurious lifestyle and does not deny himself the opportunity to acquire exotic cars as well as a luxurious house.

Igor Shestyorkin Lifestyle

5. Igor Shestyorkin Hobbies:

Like his father and granddad, Shestyorkin also loves to play volleyball. More so, he was amongst the players who won the beach volleyball championship at Rixos Sungate Hotel Beach, Antalya.

On a sunny day, there is no better place than the pool where the goalie can cool off. You could even mistake him as an Aquaman because of his swimming habits. Apparently, he just can’t shake off the thoughts of spending time in a pool with his friends.


With his increasing fame, Igor Shestyorkin looks forward to surpassing Henrik Lundqvist’s track record. We hope he gets to achieve more at the peak of his career life.

Of course, his family (most especially his parents) will always support him as he works towards establishing himself as a revered goalie. Our best wishes are with him. Thank you for reading our Igor Shestyorkin Biography and Facts.

Full Name:Igor Olegovich Shestyorkin
Nickname:The King
Date of Birth:30th December 1995
Place of Birth:Moscow, Russia
Mother:Elena Shestyorkina
Wife/Girlfriend:Anna Butusova
Net Worth:$2.5 million (2021 Stats)
Annual Salary:$925,000 (2021 Stats)