Matty Beniers Facts, Family, Girlfriend, Net Worth and Career Life

Matthew Beniers Facts

Sportblis presents you with some amazing facts about Matthew Beniers. Our article covers his Biography, Family Facts, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Awards and other intriguing Facts.

Matthew Beniers (also known as Matty) is an American collegiate ice hockey player who features for the University of Michigan. He is a talented athlete, ranked as a top prospect for the 2021 NHL Entry Draft.

To help you know more about the centerman, here are 10 Facts about Matthew Beniers that would enlighten you.

10 Facts About Matty Beniers:

1. Matty Beniers Bio:

Matthew Beniers was born on the 5th day of November 2002 to his mother, Christine Beniers and father, Bob Beniers at Hingham, Massachusetts, U.S.

Based on his date of birth, Beniers’ persona is a blend of the Scorpio zodiac trait. Thanks to his parents, the young lad took interest in the ice field when he was a little kid.

Interestingly, his first memory of hockey dates as far back as when he was 18 months old. Back then, Christine and Bob (his parents) took him on a Pilgrimage to a free skating Rink where his drive for the game all began.

Below is Beniers description of his first experience:

“I remember waddling onto the ice, and taking a few steps. Funny enough, I fell when I attempted to take a step. Hence, I waddled back to my mother and complained that it’s too slippery and that I wanted to go back home.

My mom laughed and let me off the ice that day. We came back a couple months later. Behold this time I started to love being on the ice.”

Matthew Beniers childhood

2. Matty Beniers Ethnicity:

Judging by his looks, Beniers is perhaps among the 70.7% of people living in Massachusetts who have got white ethnicity.

His place of birth (Hingham), was named after Hingham, Norfolk, England. This is because it was first occupied by the English colonists in 1633.

3. Matty Beniers Career Life:

As earlier stated, Beniers was introduced to hockey by his dad at a very young age. He was four years old when his father began coaching him into becoming a talented player on the ice.

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Interestingly, Beniers continued to practice under the tutelage of his father for eleven years until he clocked 14.

During those years, the young talent spent long days and nights skating at the pond behind his house when the weather got cold.

The first thing he always does after a long day from school is to jump on the ice and start skating until it was too dark to skate anymore.

At 16, Beniers made his debut appearance with the USA Hockey National Team Development Program of the USHL (United States Hockey League).

His early career life

In the second year of his junior career (2019-20 season) he became the assistant captain for the USA Hockey National Team Development Program and established himself as a prolific goal scorer with 18 goals and 23 assists in 44 games.

Due to the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, Beniers committed to Michigan instead of Harvard in August 2020.

Playing alongside young talents like Owen Power, Beniers recorded a successful freshman year in his collegiate career. His unrivalled performance for the Michigan Wolverines earned him so many accolades.

Moreso, his scouting report shows that he is a formidable player among the 2021 NHL Draft prospects.

Matthew Beniers College career

It didn’t take much time before he was named to the College Hockey News All-Rookie Team as well as the All-Big Ten Freshman Team in 2021.

4. Matty Beniers Net Worth:

Being amongst the top prospect of the 2021 NHL Draft means that Beniers is on the verge of experiencing a financial boost.

Although his Net Worth falls within the $100 thousand of collegiate athletes, we suspect that the numbers are set to increase if he seals a befitting deal with an NHL franchise after the Draft.

5. Matty Beniers Family:

His entire family has definitely had the biggest impact on his life for countless reasons. Of course, they’ve loved and supported him since he was a little boy.

Without his parents and siblings, his career achievements so far would have only ended as a passing fantasy.

Matthew Beniers family

Matty Beniers’ Father:

First, his dad’s name is Bob Beniers. He was the athlete’s hockey coach for 11 years. Beniers’ father played football at Cornell University when he was young. However, he had got a profound love for hockey as well.

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Mr Bob Beniers did all he could to raise his sons into becoming talented hockey players. It was because of his profound dedication to his children’s career improvement that Matty has made it this far.

My dad has taught me almost everything I love and know about hockey. Not only did he teach me how to play, but he also taught me how to love it.

He has been an immense support in everything I do outside of hockey which has tremendously impacted who I have become.

Matty Beniers’ Mother:

His mom (Christine Beniers) has been another important person in his life. She taught him the importance of school and so many other life lessons.

It’s all thanks to Beniers’ mother that he has learned about how to be a happy and loving person. In fact, the athlete considers her as his role model when trying to be a better human being.

What’s more?… Christine Beniers displayed her unconditional motherly love for her son when she moved out with him to Michigan for two years to help him settle on his path with hockey.

Matty Beniers’ Siblings:

The young centerman has two siblings, namely Bobby and Gianna Beniers. These two have been an immense influence on the person he is today.

Matthew Beniers brother and sister
(L-R) Bob, Matthew, and Gianna Beniers.

Matthew’s older brother, Bobby, plays hockey at Williams College. No doubts, he has become a role model for his younger brother, especially as regards hockey.

6. Height and Weight:

Moving on to his physique, Matthew Beniers stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch which is equivalent to 1.85 meters. He’s got a weight of 79 kg (175 lbs).

7. Matty Beniers Girlfriend:

Beniers is definitely not interested in living a celibate life. We’ve seen him take a couple of photos with a beautiful blond named Cameron Frank and posted them on Instagram.

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Although the pictures were posted as far back as 2017, many fans are wondering if Cameron was his first love.

Matthew Beniers girlfriend

As of 2021, Beniers has become too busy with his career life that he isn’t giving anyone a chance for a relationship.

Perhaps there is already a worthy candidate who he wants to be his girlfriend. Or maybe he hasn’t decided to turn towards the romantic aspect of his life just yet.

8. Matty Beniers Religion:

Apparently, Beniers religion is Christianity. Yes, he believes in Jesus Christ and tries to uphold the code of conduct of his faith. Interestingly, the talented skater loves to celebrate Christmas in the square as well as the 4th of July road race.

When I was a little younger, I remember going to Christmas in the Square where I got a lot of huge candy canes. Also, I usually run the 4th of July race every year. Although it takes a tough toll on my body, it is a lot of fun.

9. Matty Beniers Lifestyle:

There is not much information that suggests he lives a luxurious lifestyle. Moreso, Matthew’s Instagram page shows that his life is carefully built around ice hockey, beach vacations with his family and hiking the mountains with friends.

The athlete's hobbies

As I compile these facts about Matthew Beniers, there has been information about his cars or house.

10. Awards and Career Highlights:

We know for sure that the measure of an athlete’s success is based on the number of accolades he has received. On this note we have stated the Awards and Career highlights of Matthew Beniers below:

All-Big Ten Freshman Team                             2021
College Hockey News All-Rookie Team          2021

The centerman's Awards

Quick Facts About Matthew Beniers

Full Name:Matthew Beniers
Date of Birth:5th of November 2002
Place of Birth:Hingham, Massachusetts, U.S
Father:Bob Beniers
Mother:Christine Beniers
Siblings:Bobby and Gianna Beniers
Net Worth:Below $100 thousand (2021 Stats)
Height:6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m)
Weight:79 kg (175 lbs)