Scoot Henderson Family – Parents, Siblings, And Girlfriend

Scoot Henderson Biography

Sportblis presents amazing facts about Scoot Henderson Father (Chris Henderson), Mother (Crystal Henderson), Siblings, Girlfriend, and much more.

Sterling Freeman “Scoot” Henderson is an American professional basketball Point guard who plays for the Portland Trail Blazers of the NBA.

He was born on the 3rd of February 2004 to his parents in Marietta, Georgia, U.S. Henderson is the sixth of seven children born to his dad and mom.

The young lad who was nicknamed ‘Scoot’ from childhood was exposed to sports from a young age. Apparently, his parents, Chris and Crystal Henderson, were deeply involved in the basketball world.

While Henderson’s father served as a coach and trainer, and his mother worked as a healthcare administrator. The point guard’s family once lived in Hempstead, New York, before his birth.

Scoot Henderson Career Life:

During his high school years at Carlton J. Kell High School in Marietta, Sterling Henderson showcased his talent on the basketball court. In his freshman season, he played alongside his older brother C.J.

As a sophomore, the youngster made a significant impact by scoring a career-high 49 points. His outstanding performance led Kell High School to the semifinals that season.

Scoot Henderson’s skills were recognized when he was named Class 5A Player of the Year. As a result, he earned a spot on the first-team 5A All-State by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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The ensuing years of his career saw him dominating the court as a junior. On the 22nd of January 2021, Henderson scored a remarkable 53 points in a convincing 94–64 victory against Osborne High School.

This feat became a new single-game and career scoring record for his school. Throughout the season, he averaged an impressive 32 points, seven rebounds, and six assists per game.

His outstanding contributions earned him the Class 6A Player of the Year award, among other accolades. Opting to forgo his senior season, Henderson decided to pursue a professional career.

Making a Life-changing Decision:

Scoot Henderson career life
Scoot Henderson’s career life. Instagram.

Sterling Henderson’s remarkable talents did not go unnoticed by college basketball programs. As a consensus five-star recruit, he caught the attention of numerous NCAA Division I schools.

By his sophomore season, he had already received scholarship offers from esteemed institutions like Ole Miss, Florida, Florida State, and Georgia Tech.

However, Henderson made a surprising announcement on the 21st of May 2021. He revealed his decision to reclassify to the 2021 class and join the NBA G League Ignite, a professional team in the NBA G League.

In doing so, he declined offers from Auburn and Georgia, solidifying his commitment to pursuing a career in the world of professional basketball.

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Do you know?… The point guard became the youngest player in G League history (as of 2021). His deal with the NBA G League Ignite was a two-year contract worth over $1 million.

Unfortunately, Henderson began his NBA G League season sidelined due to a rib injury. However, on the 17th of November 2021, he made his highly anticipated debut.

As expected, the athlete contributed eight points and six rebounds in a victorious 115–103 game against the South Bay Lakers. He was selected as the 3rd overall pick by the Blazers in the 2023 NBA draft.

Scoot Henderson Family & Ethnicity:

Scoot Henderson family
Scoot Henderson family. Source: Instagram.

The point guard’s family is known for their athletic track record in sports.  His parents own and operate a training facility known as Next Play 360° in Marietta, Georgia.

Growing up in a family where basketball was the center of everyone’s discussion, Henderson fell in love with the game. He was also supported by his older siblings, who were already knowledgeable and experienced in basketball.

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Guess what?… Scoot is the quietest among the chatty souls in his family. But as the quiet types often do, he was soaking up every lesson and adopting the best pieces of his siblings’ games.

He thoroughly wrote down their expertise: China’s jump shot, Diamond’s fadeaway, CJ’s hesitation move, Onyx’s footwork. Scoot even picked up some shooting techniques from Moochie, who he considers his family’s finest long-distance sniper.

The Point Guard’s Ethnicity:

Judging by his birthplace, Scoot is a bonafide citizen of the United States of America. However, his family origin is miles away from the US.

A look at his complexion shows that he’s got mixed ethnicity. On this note, Scoot Henderson’s ancestry is of Afro-American descent.

Scoot Henderson Father:

As mentioned earlier, the basketball player’s dad, Chris Henderson, is a coach and a trainer. Scoot’s father used to play on courts in Long Island during his early years.

He was also responsible for training all his kids at the beginning of their career expedition. Chris Henderson first trained Scoot to play youth football before he eventually delved into basketball.

Funnily enough, he did go easy on his young son during their training sessions. Scoot’s father would wake him up very early in the morning and ask him to head to the court for training.

Thanks to his wealth of experience as a coach, Chris, alongside his wife and family, opened a gym – Next Play 360 – in November 2018. The gym was near their home and specifically made for academic and athletic development.

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Scoot Henderson father
Scoot Henderson’s father. Credit: Instagram.

Scoot Henderson Mother:

Scoot’s mom, Crystal, is a healthcare administrator. She is a caring mother who raised her seven kids to love and support each other. Crystal Henderson often told her children;

“Our goal is to stick together. If you each have a dollar, you’re going to starve and die. But if you put your dollar together, you got $7 and you can eat and be very successful.”

Apparently, Henderson’s mom was an excellent basketball player herself. She desired to ensure that he achieved his dream of playing in the professional league – the NBA.

On this note, Crystal and one of Scoot’s four sisters, Onyx, moved west to live in a house in the ritzy suburb east of Oakland, to manage Scoot’s daily affairs. The athlete is overjoyed to see his parents and siblings support him.

Sadly, his mom and sister only stayed for a while before leaving. As a result, Scoot Henderson sometimes becomes homesick. He often lamented that he missed his family and mom’s cooking – especially her macaroni and cheese.

Scoot Henderson Siblings:

The talented player has two older brothers, three older sisters and a younger sister. That means Scoot has six siblings.

Scoot’s sisters Onyx and China played college basketball at Cal State Fullerton. On the other hand, Diamond explored her potential on the court during her time at Tennessee Tech and Syracuse.

Their youngest sister, Moochie, wasn’t left out of sports. She is one of the top-ranked point guards in the class of 2023. Back in the day, Scoot often played basketball against his siblings.

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“All seven of us would be out there to one, two o’clock in the morning, going at it, crying, arguing, fighting. My dad would have to referee us a lot of times so that we didn’t kill each other.”

The indoor activities of the siblings were always intense. It didn’t matter whether they were playing or racing to the door. Sadly, Scoot Henderson’s older sisters couldn’t excel beyond the levels of college basketball.

All three of them (Diamond, China and Onyx) fell into the pitfall of career-altering knee injuries in college. Despite these setbacks, they got their degrees and adapted to a new lifestyle devoid of professional sports.

Scoot Henderson sister
Scoot Henderson with one of his sisters – China. Photo: Instagram.

Scoot Henderson Brothers:

The athlete’s brothers have long been involved in basketball. They had already developed into excellent players even before he was born. Scoot’s oldest brother, CJ Henderson, had an outstanding basketball career at Kells High School.

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He was a serious-minded man with a large appetite for knowledge. CJ eventually focused more on his academics and succeeded in the real estate industry.

With determination and perseverance, he has accumulated nearly a decade of experience in the real estate business. Do you know? The second son of the Henderson family, Jade,  took a different path from his siblings.

Jade was the only one of the seven siblings who chose football over basketball. He was quite skilful in his own right and went on to play football throughout high school and college.

Although his football career was filled with triumphs, Jade’s dreams of playing in the NFL were not realized. Following his unsuccessful attempt to secure a spot in professional football, he decided to live a private lifestyle.

Scoot Henderson’s Most Talented Sister:

The athlete believes that his younger sibling, Moochie, is “definitely the most skilled”  of them all. He always calls her the best shooter in the family.

Despite being 5-foot-6, Moochie surpassed Scoot as Kell High School’s all-time leading scorer during her junior year. She amassed more than 2,300 points.

Moreso, she’s been named to Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s first team in each of her high school seasons. Moochie was barely 2 when she started dribbling a full-size basketball with one hand.

Of course, her athletic prowess used to freak people out. She kept improving in her game week in and week out. The ensuing years of her career saw Moochie engaged in regular workouts with her dad.

She settled on wearing No. 30 as a homage to Stephen Curry, who she considers her idol. Her sisters, who sometimes train with her as well, say they wish they could have been her formal on-court teammate.

Competing head-to-head with her NBA-bound brother additionally improved her ability to battle stronger players. But while Scoot went off to play in the G-League, Moochie had to play at home.

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Scoot Henderson Girlfriend:

Being a rising talent in the basketball world, there is no doubt that fans have been curious about the point guard’s relationship status. It appears that Henderson has no girlfriend at the time of writing this biography.

Of course, he is not going to stay single all his life. But there is no indication of the athlete entering into any relationship anytime soon.

Quick Facts About Scoot Henderson:

Full Name:Sterling Freeman "Scoot" Henderson
Date of Birth:3rd of February 2004
Place of Birth:Marietta, Georgia, U.S
Father:Chris Henderson
Mother:Crystal Henderson
Brothers:CJ and Jade Henderson
Sisters: Diamond, China, Onyx, and Moochie
Position:Point Guard
Height:6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Weight:195 lb (88 kg)