Matvei Michkov Family – Parents, Sister, Brother, And Girlfriend

Sportblis presents amazing facts about Matvei Michkov Father (Andrei Michkov), Mother (Maria Georgievna), Brother (Prokhor Michkov), Girlfriend, and much more.

Matvei Andreyevich Michkov is a Russian professional ice hockey winger who is currently under contract with SKA Saint Petersburg of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) as of June 2023.

He was born on the 9th of December 2004 to his parents, Andrei Michkov and Maria Georgievna, in Perm, Russia. Matvei Michkov began his hockey journey at a young age.

Interestingly, he was 3 years old when he received his first pair of skates. From that moment, he started playing ice hockey in his hometown. Of course, he has been talented since childhood.

Michkov began gaining attention for his exceptional skills in 2014. Being the star among his peers, he consistently set impressive scoring records for his age group.

Matvei Michkov Career Life:

Career life
Let’s share with you the story of his career expedition. Source: Instagram.

In 2015, the winger moved with his family to Yaroslavl to join Lokomotiv Yaroslavl’s youth program. He eventually achieved remarkable milestones, such as scoring 109 points in 26 games in the Russian U-16 league.

This feat saw him surpass Nikita Kucherov’s points record as a 16-year-old in the U-20 division. In 2020, Michkov made a transfer from Lokomotiv Yaroslavl to SKA Saint Petersburg.

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He played in both SKA-1946 and SKA Varyagi of the Youth Hockey League (MHL), amassing 56 points in 56 games. Michkov led the league in goals, scoring 38, and set a new record for points by a 16-year-old in the MHL.

As destiny would have, the hockey starlet made his professional debut with SKA Saint Petersburg in the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) in 2021. Subsequently, he signed a five-year contract with SKA, extending his stay in Russia until the 2025-26 season.

Overcoming his Career Hurdles & Challenges:

During the 2022-23 season, Michkov joined SKA’s minor-league affiliate, SKA-Neva, in the Supreme Hockey League (VHL). Unfortunately, he suffered an injury that kept him away from the rink for two months.

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Despite being considered one of the top prospects for the 2023 NHL Entry Draft, concerns have arisen due to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In December 2022, Michkov was loaned to HC Sochi for the remainder of the season. He had previously played three games with SKA and recorded 14 points in 14 VHL games with SKA-Neva.

Although Sochi was in poor form, Michkov finished fourth in team scoring with 20 points in 27 games, showcasing his impressive talent. Aside from club games, the winger has also excelled on the international stage.

He scored a hat trick for the Russian national team against Germany in the 2021 World U18 Championships. What’s more fascinating is the fact that he was named the tournament’s most valuable player at just 16 years old.

He set records for the most goals scored by a Russian player in a single tournament and won a gold medal at the Hlinka Gretzky Cup.

Matvei Michkov Family & Ethnicity:

Matvei’s parents and brother have been instrumental in his hockey journey. They’ve always provided him with the support he needed from the beginning of his career expedition.

In this section, we present you with interesting facts about Matvei Michkov’s family. But before that, let’s look into his ethnicity. The winger is of Russian descent.

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His roots trace back to his home country, where he developed his skills and rose through the ranks of Russian hockey. Matvei’s dedication and exceptional talent have garnered attention both nationally and internationally.

While details about his family background and personal life remain private, their influence on Matvei’s development as a player cannot be understated.

Matvei Michkov Father – Andrei Michkov:

Throughout Michkov’s hockey journey, his dad, Andrey Michkov, has been a constant presence and a supportive figure. He’s always followed his son to where away hockey took them. They started in Kungur, where Michkov began his hockey career.

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They then moved to the youth sports school of Molot and later became a part of the Yaroslavl Lokomotiv system. Eventually, the winger joined SKA, and his father found a role within the team.

Matvei Michkov dad
His dad has always been an inspiration to his career journey. Credit: Instagram.

Andrei Michkov served as a consulting coach and scout for the Russian national team during tournaments involving his son. He always accompanied his boy to each new team, offering guidance and support along the way.

After their transition to SKA, Andrei became an integral part of the army system, contributing his expertise and insights. His involvement extended to being a scout for the national team.

The Death of Matvei Michkov’s Dad:

Tragically, Andrei Michkov’s life was cut short under unexplained circumstances. The news of his passing was confirmed by the Russian Hockey Federation, who reported that he had gone missing.

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An emergency alert was issued, indicating his disappearance on the 2nd of April, 2023. According to reports, Michkov’s father had left the home he shared with his son, assuring him that he would return shortly.

However, his body was later discovered in a pond near Sochi, where Michkov had spent the second half of the 2022-23 season. The exact details surrounding his untimely demise remain unknown.

Matvei Michkov late Father
The athlete and his late dad. Source: Instagram.

This has left family, friends, and the hockey community in mourning. At the time of his passing, Matvei Michkov’s dad was only 51 years old.

He was highly regarded by those who knew him and was cherished as a wonderful person. The sudden and tragic death of Andrei Michkov is an immense loss to the Michkov family.

Matvei Michkov Mother – Maria Georgievna:

The winger’s mom, Maria Georgievna, actively supports him during his matches. She and his younger brother have attended every of his home games, joining other parents in cheering on their sons.

Maria always applauded and rejoiced when there was a goal or a beautiful pass on the rink. She recalls a beautiful moment when her son’s team faced adversity and was trailing behind in the first two periods.

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They made a remarkable comeback in the third to equalize and secure victory. The intense emotions experienced during these games bring the family great joy and positivity.

Despite Michkov’s exceptional achievements on the ice, his Mother highlights that he remains an ordinary and compassionate child in his everyday life.

Do you know?… Matvei Michkov’s grandparents have also been instrumental in his career growth. His grandmother, Zoya Vsevolodovna and grandfather, Vladislav Pavlovich, usually makes out time to visit him.

Matvei Michkov family
A rare photo of his Mother, brother and late dad. Credit: Instagram.

Matvei Michkov Brother – Prokhor:

Matvei Michkov shares a deep bond with his beloved younger brother, Prokhor Michkov. The two siblings have a strong and special connection that goes beyond their shared love for hockey.

Apparently, the winger often speaks fondly of his kid brother and considers him an important part of his journey. Whether it’s playing together, sharing advice, or cheering each other, the bond between them remains unbreakable.

Sadly, there is little information about Prokhor Michkov at the time of writing this biography. Hopefully, he will also gain fame when he makes a breakthrough in his endeavours.

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Matvei Michkov Girlfriend:

There have been many rumours surrounding the relationship life of the hockey winger. Nonetheless, he hasn’t openly announced or confirmed the veracity of such speculations.

At the time of compiling this Biography, Matvei Michkov has no girlfriend. He is so focused on his career growth that he hasn’t given his love life due attention.

Let’s hope and see what the future holds as he continues to amass fame on the ice. Who knows, on his path to an explosive career success stands the damsel who would become his girlfriend and probably future wife.

Quick Facts About Matvei Michkov:

Full Name:Matvei Andreyevich Michkov
Date of Birth:9th of December 2004
Place of Birth:Perm, Russia
Father:Andrei Michkov
Mother:Maria Georgievna
BrotherProkhor Michkov
Listed Height:6 ft 0 in (183 cm)
Listed Weight:175 lb (79 kg; 12 st 7 lb)