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Sportblis presents you with the History and intriguing Facts of Manchester United FC. This article gives a full coverage of Man United’s History, Trophies, and Achievements, Net Worth, Stadium History as well as the club’s Greatest Players and Coaches.

It is no longer news that Manchester United FC is the Most Successful English Football Club on the planet. Read on as we present you with intriguing information right from Man United inception to date.

History of Manchester United FC:

Manchester United FC was founded in the year 1878 by the Carriage and Wagon department of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway depot at Newton Heath. At the time of creation, the club was named NEWTON HEATH L&YR football club and used this name as a trademark until it got a new name – Manchester United – in the year 1908.

The newly formed club participated in playing football matches with other departments in their company. With time, they progressed into organizing football matches with rival railway companies. Soon, the club joined different football competitions most notably, the Football Alliance, and made several campaigns in the competitions.

Manchester United FC First Club President and Achievements:

Do you know? Man United FC joined The Football League in the 1892/93 season. After playing for two seasons, the club got relegated to the Second Division. Unfortunately for the club which had gained relevance and independence from the railway companies, Newton Heath L&YR Football Club soon amassed too much debt. They accumulated a debt of  £2,670 (equivalent to £290,000 in 2020) which almost led to the winding up of the club. Luckily, four businessmen each invested about £500 and saved the club from folding up. Hence, they became the club’s first presidents and named it Manchester United FC on the 24th day of April 1902.

A few years after gaining a new name, Man United made a remarkable performance by finishing second in the 1906 Second Division competition. Hence, they were promoted to the First Division and won their first League Title in 1908. Subsequently, the English club continued to register numerous accomplishments which include winning their first FA Cup title in 1909. Fast forward to date, Manchester United FC has become one of the Most Biggest Football Clubs on the planet.

Manchester United FC Trophies and League Titles:

Since the time of their inception till date, Man United have won numerous awards in both national and international competitions. As a matter of Fact, Man United alongside Liverpool are England’s most successful club in History. Moreso, The Red Devils have won more national titles than their rival Liverpool. On the other hand, The Reds (Liverpool), have recorded more international titles and trophies than The Red Devils. Below is a table that shows the total trophies won by The Red Devils.

Trophies And League Titles:

UEFA Champions League:3
English Premier league:20
FA Cup:
League cup:5
European Super Cup: 1
Europa league:1
First Division Titles:1
Second Division Tittles:2
Community Sheild:21
FIFA Club World Cup: 1

Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Player of the Year:

The Red Devils are not only known for their grand gameplay on the football pitch. They are also known to have produced great and historic footballers who have made grand achievements during their careers in Man United. Hence, Manchester United FC has produced 1 FIFA World Player Of the Year namely; Christiano Ronald (2008). Furthermore, the club has also nurtured and produced four Ballon d’Or winners throughout its history. The four Ballon d’Or players are Denis Law, Bobby Charlton, George Best, and Christiano Ronaldo.

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Manchester United FC Net worth:

According to Forbes, Manchester United FC has been ranked as the third most Valuable Football Club on the planet. Their Net worth was valued at about $3.808 billion with an estimated annual revenue of $795 million. Notwithstanding, the club is working hard towards taking up the spot of the most valuable club on the planet. It is only a matter of time and commitment before The Red Devils can attain such achievements.

Manchester United FC Stadium History:

In the earliest days of Man United, the club utilized a field on North Road close to their railway yard for their football matches. The pitch had a 12,000 spectator capacity but underwent some expansion in 1887 and 1891 as the club grew bigger.

Being evicted from North Road by its owner, Man United soon procured a new ground – Bank Street ground – in Clayton. Unfortunately, their new ground had no stand. This means that Man United had to spend a huge sum of money to fix bank Street and deemed its functionality adequate for impending competitions.

Man united second home ground, Bank Street
Man united second home ground, Bank Street.

After rallying from one ground to another, Man United finally purchased a new land for about £60,000 in February 1909. Without wasting time, they developed the new land into a gigantic stadium and named it Old Trafford. The Stadium pictured below, remained the home ground of Man United to date. In recent times, Old Trafford is considered as the 11th largest stadium in Europe with a spectator capacity of 75,879.

Manchester United FC Stadium, Old Traford
Manchester United FC Stadium, Old Trafford.

Manchester United FC Greatest players:

The Man United players listed below have made an astonishing and unparalleled impact in the club’s history.

1. Ryan Giggs:

The outstanding Man United player made his debut in the club at the age of 17. Surprisingly, Giggs spent most of his youthful age in Man United and played his final game for the club at the age of 41. During his football career with The Red Devils, Giggs made 963 match appearances. Hence, he broke the record of Man United Most Capped player in the Club’s History.

Man United most capped player, Ryan Giggs
Man United most capped player, Ryan Giggs.

Major Achievements with Man United: Premier League (13), FA Cup (4), League cup(4), Champions League(2), Intercontinental Cup, PFA Player of the Year, and FIFA club world cup.

2: Sir Bobby Charlton:

During his career at Man United, Sir Bobby made a lot of tremendous efforts to help the club grow. In his era, he held the record of most appearance as well as the highest goal scorer of the club. However, after so many years, Wayne Rooney and Ryan Giggs broke his records respectively. Sir Bobby was also one of the United players who won the Ballon d’Or awards during his football career.

Man United goal machine, Sir Bobby Charlton
Man United goal machine, Sir Bobby Charlton. ?: Manutd.

Major Achievements with Man United: First Division (3), FA Cup, European Cup, and Ballon d’Or.

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3. George Best:

Another Ballon d’Or winner in Man United is George Best. During his career, the Manchester United winger has made several mind-blowing performances for the Red Devils. Making almost 500 appearances for Man United, George scored different kinds of unmatched goals that left Man United fans in awe. His style and skills of handling football are unparalleled and unique.

Man United Ballon d'Or winner, George Best
Man United Ballon d’Or winner, George Best.

Major Achievements with Man United: First division (2), European cup, Ballon d’Or, and First Division top scorer.

4. Eric Cantona:

Purchased from Leeds in 1992 at the sum of £1.2 million, Eric is another talent that is worthy of recognition in the History of Man United FC. His effervescent display and football skills are impressive. As a matter of fact, many fans chose to watch Man United’s matches just to see Eric do his tricks on the pitch.

Man United's exceptional player, Eric Cantona
Man United’s exceptional player, Eric Cantona.

Major Achievements with Man United: Premier League (4), FA Cup (2), and PFA Player of the Year.

5. Paul Scholes:

The brilliant performance of the Englishman is not only praised by fans but has also captured the eyes of many other professional players. Truth is, Paul Scholes appears to be a mathematician on the football pitch. His method of calculating and analyzing each game is second to none. As a matter of fact, Scholes has recorded an outrageous amount of completed accurate passings in his football career. Famous players including Pep Guardiola, Zinedine Zidane, and Xavi did admire Scholes for his astonishing football talent.

Man United great play-maker and passer, Paul Scholes
Man United great play-maker and passer, Paul Scholes.

Major Achievements with Man United: Premier League (11), FA Cup (3), League Cup (2), Champions League (2), Intercontinental Cup, and FIFA Club World Cup.

Manchester United has also produced many other great footballers whose name would remain imprinted in the mind of football lovers. Some of these players include; Denis Law, Duncan Edwards, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, and Roy Keane.

Manchester United FC Greatest Coaches:

1. Sir Alex Ferguson:

Everyone who has the slightest interest in football will be aware of the outstanding success story of sir Alex Ferguson. It goes without saying, that so many managers have been swallowed and cast into the shadows by the brilliance and luminance of Matt Busby’s achievements.

However, Sir Alex Ferguson who exhibited every character of Sir Matt Busby recorded an even more glorious accomplishment with Man United. As a matter of fact, his 26 years of coaching United saw him winning numerous trophies and league titles. Hence, Ferguson is the greatest coach of all time in the History of Man United.

The greatest manager of Man United, Sir Alex Ferguson
The greatest manager of Man United, Sir Alex Ferguson.

Major Achievements with Man United: UEFA Champions League (2), Premier League titles (13), FA Cups (5), League Cup (4), Community Shield (10), Super Cup (1), World Club Cup (1) and Cup Winners Cup (1).

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2: Sir Matt Busby:

Sir Busby’s arrival to Man United has always been considered a great blessing in the club’s history. Unfortunately, Sir Busby experienced one of the most tragic events – the Munich disaster – in Manchester United FC History. The aircraft conveying United players back from an away quarter-final match crashed. Busby lost 23 personnel including 8 players and had to suspend coaching for a while as he recovers from his injuries.

Do you know?… Sir Busby holds the record of the second-longest serving coach behind Sir Alex Ferguson. Even though he experienced tragedy with United, his zeal and spirit to take the club to a greater height remained unbroken. He went on to rebuilds the club by bringing in young players to play for Man United.

Man United second long serving Coach, Sir Matt Busby
Man United second long-serving Coach, Sir Matt Busby.

Major Achievements with Man United: First Division (5), FA Cup (2), FA Charity Shield (5), and European Cup (1).

Matt Busby once said: At Manchester United, we strive for perfection and if we fail we might just have to settle for excellence

Manchester United FC Facts:

To round up our Manchester United FC History and Club Facts, here are a few Facts that would help you get a clearer grasp of the English Club’s History.

Fact #1: Man United Rivalries:

Manchester United’s greatest rival in history has always been Liverpool FC. The rivalry between these two great clubs is known as the North-West Derby and is considered to be the greatest rivalry in English football. Aside from Liverpool, man United fans also consider Manchester City, Chelsea FC, and Arsenal as major club rivals.

Fact #2: The Treble:

Manchester United became the first English club to win the Premier League, Champions League, and FA Cup in one season. The Red Devils made this achievement which is also known as “the treble” in the year 2008.

Fact #3: Man United Biggest Premier League Win:

Man United has recorded quite an intrinsic goal margin defeat with big clubs. In the club’s History, Man United has defeated rival clubs with outstanding performance and enormous goal margin. Recall that outstanding 9-0 win against Ipswich at Old Trafford on the 4th of March 1995? It remained indeed their biggest Premier League win in that season.

Fact #4: Fandom:

Manchester United FC disclosed that the club has got more than 200 officially recognized fan base (Manchester United Supporters Club) world wide. Furthermore, The Red Devils have more than 75 million fans worldwide. As a matter of fact, Man United also recorded the third-highest social media followers (behind Barcelona and Real Madrid) with over 72 million Facebook followers.

Manchester United FC Wiki:

Below is a table that gives you comprehensive details of the Manchester United FC in a concise way.

History InquiriesWiki Answers
Club Name:Manchester United FC
Nick Name:The Red Devils
Founder:Carriage and Wagon department of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway depot
Location:Manchester, United Kingdom
League:English League
Stadium:Old Traford
Net Worth:$3.808 billion
Most Capped Player:Ryan Giggs
Highest Goal Scorer of All-TimeWayne Rooney
Longest Serving Coach:Sir Alex Ferguson
Current Manager: ‎Ole Gunnar Solskjær


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