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Baltimore Ravens is a professional American football team that is based in Baltimore and competes in the National Football League (NFL). Over the past few years, the Ravens have made quite an astonishing performance in the NFL. However, only a few fans of the team have complete knowledge of their history. In this article, we are going to present to you a comprehensive History of the young franchise, the Baltimore Ravens.

Baltimore Ravens’ History:

The Baltimore Ravens was founded on the 9th day of February 1996 following the relocation of Cleveland Browns franchise from Cleveland to Baltimore. Early on, Cleveland Browns’ owner Art Modell discussed the possible relocation of his team to Baltimore and reached an agreement with the City of Baltimore. However, on moving from Cleveland, he had to relinquish Browns’ name, history, uniform design, and colors to Cleveland for future replacement team. Hence, the new team that would be moving to Baltimore would record a fresh history from the day of their relocation. Technically, Ravens could be described as an expansion team.

First Coach and First Drafts:

Upon their relocation to Baltimore, Modell who was the owner of the new franchise hired Ted Marchibroda to serve as the first head coach of the team. Marchibroda had actually made a name for himself in the 1970s and 1990s when he coached the Baltimore Colts.

The Ravens made two picks in the first round of the 1996 NFL Draft. They drafted Jonathan Ogden, an offensive tackle and linebacker Ray Lewis at No. 4 and No. 26 overall respectively. Fortunately, the two players went on to play for the Ravens throughout their entire professional career. Ogden and Ray made quite an outstanding performance in their career days hence, they were both inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

In no distant time, the new franchise started to gain popularity in the NFL. With their first two drafts, the established themselves with a highly respected reputation and became known for their ferocious defense. One more interesting fact about the earliest days of the Ravens is that they won their first opening game against Oakland Raiders in 1996.

Baltimore Ravens’ Trophies and Titles:

Since the inception of the team, the Ravens have made a lot of accomplishments as well as won several championship titles. As a matter of fact, they are considered to be one of the most successful franchises since their inception and have qualified for 12 NFL playoffs since the year 2000. Below is a comprehensive title that has been won by the Ravens since their inception.

Trophies and Titles:

Super Bowl Championship Titles: 2 (XXXV & XLVII)
AFC Championship Titles:2 (2000 & 2012)
AFC North Division Titles:6
AFC Championship Game Appearance:4 (2000, 2008, 2011 and 2012)
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Baltimore Ravens’ Net worth:

The Ravens have made a ton of financial revenue throughout the club’s history. According to Forbes, the Baltimore Ravens is valued to have a Net Worth of $2.75 Billion at the time of writing this History. The Ravens made a total sum of $438 million as the total revenue for the year 2019. As of 2020, the NFL team was ranked as the eighteenth most valuable sports club in the world.

Baltimore Ravens’ Stadium History:

Do you know?… The Baltimore Ravens played their first NFL game in the Memorial Stadium. The continued to play several other games at the aforementioned stadium until the team moved to their new Stadium in 1998. The new stadium was initially known as the Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards until it was named PSINet Stadium in 1999. However, the name of the stadium was later changed to Ravens Stadium in the year 2002 following the filing of bankruptcy by PSINet.

M&T Bank soon acquired the rights to the new stadium in the year 2003. Brokered by Team Services, LCC, the Bank signed a 15-year $75 million contract with the Ravens. The M&T Bank Stadium which is situated in Baltimore, Maryland was constructed with the sum of $220 million. Furthermore, the Stadium has a 71,008 spectator capacity. Finally, the M&T Bank stadium pictured below, underwent several renovations worth $60 million between 2003 and 2014 thereby extending the M&T rights deal to 2027.

Baltimore Stadium History
The M&T Bank Stadium. ?: Twitter.

Baltimore Ravens’ All Time Greatest players in History:

A lot of extraordinary players have made numerous appearances for the Baltimore Ravens since the team’s historic emergence. However, out of the so many great players of the team, are a few best players that have made a remarkable contribution to the growth of the team. The list below comprises the greatest players in the History of Baltimore Ravens.

1. Ray Lewis (Middle Linebacker):

It is undoubtedly true that Ray Lewis is the best Ravens player in the History of the NFL. Lewis ended his career with the Ravens with 41.5 sacks, 2,005 tackles, and 20 fumble recoveries, and 31 interceptions. One can not deny the fact that his 17 years of playing for the Ravens have impacted a huge improvement on the team. Before his retirement in 2012, Lewis puts on several inexplicable performances as the middle linebacker on some of the best defenses in NFL history. Lewis has his bust in Canton, Ohio.

Baltimore Ravens' greatest player in History, Ray Lewis.
Ray Lewis. ?: Usatoday.

Major Achievements with the Baltimore Ravens: Super Bowl XXXV, Super Bowl XLVII, MVP of Super Bowl XXXV, and AP Defensive Player of the Year award(2).

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2. Ed Reed (Free Safety):

Another notable player that has stamped his name in the pages of legend is Ed Reed. As a matter of fact, Reed has not only showcased his extraordinary playing capabilities with the Ravens, he has also established himself as a revered player of the NFL. Hardly will any opposing quarterbacks look towards his side on the pitch since they are fully aware of the turnover they would likely face. Reeds ended his NFL career with 64 interceptions, 1,590 return yards, and 7 touchdowns. He played for the Ravens for 11 years.

Baltimore Ravens' Ed Reed
Ed Reed. ?: Time.

Major Achievements with the Baltimore Ravens: NFL’s all-time leader in interception return yardage (1,541), AP Defensive Player of the Year (2004), and Super Bowl XLVII.

3. Jonathan Ogden (Tackle):

Jonathan Ogden became the first-ever NFL draft pick for the Baltimore Ravens with 4th overall pick in 1996. The skills and flexibility of Ogden gave the Ravens a reassurance of making the right decision during the NFL 1996 draft pick. Playing for the Ravens all the way through the 2007 season saw Jonathan Ogden into having a bust in Canton, in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He would forever be remembered in the Ravens history as he and the team’s founding fathers worked tirelessly to build the team over the past few decades.

Baltimore Ravens' Jonathan Ogden
Jonathan Ogden. ?: Twitter.

Major Achievements with the Baltimore Ravens: He was named to 11 Pro Bowl’s and Super Bowl XXXV.

4. Joe Flacco (Quarterback):

As the Ravens worked towards attaining a successful season, they drafted Joe Flacco in the year 2008 with the 18th overall pick. Since the arrival of Flacco to the team, he has made several impressive appearances for the Baltimore Ravens. Less I forget, Flacco throws one of the most beautiful deep balls in the NFL. During his career with the Ravens, Flacco finished with a 96-67 record, throwing for 141 interceptions, 40,067 yards, and 218 touchdowns.

Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco
Joe Flacco. ?: Twitter.

Major Achievements with the Baltimore Ravens: Super Bowl MVP and Super Bowl XLVII.

5. Jamal Lewis (Running Back):

The Ravens are yet to see a skill-position player like Jamal Lewis. Despite the fact that he suffered from several injuries, Jamal still made quite an astonishing performance beyond the imagination of his fans upon recovery. With an unstoppable power and speed, Jamal made an average of 1,300 rushing yards and 7.5 rushing touchdowns per season throughout his career with the Baltimore Ravens.

Baltimore Ravens' Jamal Lewis
Jamal Lewis. ?: Baltimoreravens.

Major Achievements with the Baltimore Ravens: AP Offensive Player of the Year (2003) and Super Bowl XXXV.

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Baltimore Ravens’ All Time Greatest Coaches:

It would be also impossible for the Ravens to have recorded a lot of grand achievements if not for the tactical coordination made by their coaches. Take a look at the greatest coaches of all time in the History of Baltimore Ravens.

1. John Harbaugh:

Even though the Ravens have not had so many coaches since the day of their inception, John Harbaugh has produced an unfathomable result as the team’s head coach. As a matter of fact, he is currently the best coach of all time for the Baltimore Ravens. Taking over the role of the team’s manager from Brian Billick, Harbaugh made numerous efforts to produce great players in Baltimore Ravens History. He even coached the Ravens into winning the Super Bowl XLVII in the year 2012.

Baltimore Ravens' greatest Coach, John Harbaugh
Baltimore Ravens’ greatest Coach in history, John Harbaugh. ?: Nbcsports.

2. Brian Billick:

Of course, Brian has also made a lot of impact on the Ravens as the club’s head coach. That is why he also made it to the list of the club’s best coaches. Do you know?… Brian Billick pictured below also led the Baltimore Ravens into winning the Super Bowl XXXV in the year 2000. His efforts in managing the team saw them into acquiring several remarkable NFL players.

Baltimore Ravens' coach Brian Billick
Brian Billick. ?: Darkroom.

Baltimore Ravens’ Facts:

To round up our Baltimore Ravens History and Club Facts here are more interesting information about the NFL team.

Fact #1: Art Modell was the owner of Baltimore Ravens from the point of their relocation to 2003.

Fact #2: The name of the NFL team “Ravens” was inspired by the poem of Baltimorean Edgar Allan Poe. Surprisingly, fans played an integral part in the selection of the name.

Fact #3: Pittsburgh Steelers are the most prominent rivals of the Baltimore Ravens. Other notable rivals include; New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns, and Cincinnati Bengals.

Fact #4: The fans of the Baltimore Ravens are called the Ravens Flock.

Baltimore Ravens Wiki Data:

History InquiriesWiki Answers:
Team's NameBaltimore Ravens
Nickname:Purple Pain and Purple Murder
Founded:9th February 1996
Founder:Art Modell
Division:AFC North
Location:Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Net Worth:$2.75 Billion
Most Career Rushing Yards:Jamal Lewis (7,801 yards)
Most Career Passing Yards: Joe Flacco (25,531 yards)
Most Career Receptions:Derrick Mason (471 receptions)
Leading Scorer:Matt Stover (1,464 points)
Longest Interception Return:Ed Reed (107 yards vs. Philadelphia Eagles on 11/23/08 set an NFL record)


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